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Other than my own experience, the only citation I can give is my friend Pir. He owns the store next to mine. Whenever we have a problem with our computers we call him. This was his advise to me. I don not care what anyone uses. But I seen MSE suggested and threw in my 2 cents. Thats all.
On a side note, this is a good game.  :D

Microsoft Security Essentials do not detect smbfix as a virus, either on my computer or on virustotal.
I've had horrible experiences with MSE. I had it installed twice. One on my home pc,and on my work pc. Both times they got infected with the same virus. That god awful "windows XP virus scan" crap. I later came to find out that MSE is one of the worst protections you can have. That it is actually a target for new programmers. So I hate it. Be careful man.

Thanks. I paused the protection and everything works fine. The smbfix was what was getting virus alerts.

"Microsoft's Security Essentials"
lol...yeah sure.

My virus protection(kaspersky) keeps preventing me from downloading this. Anywhere else I can download this?

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