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Glad to see that you changed your mind, if there's a new version just send it my way and I'll continue my playthrough with it.  :thumbsup:

I don't know when someone will approve my posts, but I made another list with issues that I found, so scroll back up a bit if you didn't see it.

Don't let these comments get under your skin, your mod's almost at 30000 downloads so there has to be quite a lot of people that do want it. If it's a line that was changed then I think you should be open to feedback and other's opinions, but with that being said you've already given your viewpoint on the bear/bodybuilder thing and if you've decided that the line is final then you can just ignore any further feedback on it and leave it as is. I think the line is fine given what you were going for.

I'm sure pretty much everyone that posts in this thread thinks you've done a great job on the mod even if they don't actually say it, so don't get upset about people popping in and dropping their 2 cents on whatever is being discussed (including me :o). They don't mean any harm by it and there's nothing wrong with you ignoring them if you don't care for what they have to say, or if you've explained yourself already.

As for people complaining about pointless crap like how often you're updating your mod, you should definitely just ignore them and do your thing. There's always going to be someone like that around that loves to complain about every little thing since they have nothing better to do with their time.

I see the mod is still up for now (and I hope it can stay that way), so I'll go ahead and post what else I've found on my playthrough.

heaven should be lowercase here I believe

checkpoint can be 1 word

Clockmaker can be 1 word

This line is fine I think, but Kefka's soldiers during the assault on Figaro Castle at the start of the game would say "Sir" capitalized. After thinking about it I'm pretty sure it should be lowercase, but either way it should be made consistent.

jump-rope is usually just 2 words without the hyphen whenever I've seen it

Another capitalized Sir

judgment is the usual spelling

Having this guard say cometh is kind of strange imo since Cyan is usually the only one to do the ye olde english thing.


seems like it should be til instead of till, since it's short for until

description says "gloves" plural, but name of item is a singular glove


hyphen can be removed for "still life" I think


Hey, just got done with the first little part of my playthrough so I'll post what I've found so far. I haven't been around or read through the rest of the thread, so I'm sorry if I repost stuff that's already been mentioned before.

I assume it doesn't fit, but "Rmove" can't be "Remove" on the equip menu?

MBlock% to MEvade% to match Evade%?

Pendant item description has "Magitek Armor", but armor is usually lowercase in dialog?

I figure the debate on whether to use abbreviations or not has already been had, but for MagitkMissile, there's a M-TekArmor enemy so I don't think "M-Tek Missile" would be a bad compromise and it would look nicer imo.

Mine Shaft is usually one word - Dialog by Biggs/Wedge before entering said mineshaft at start

Poisoned Wererats from Bio Blast repeatedly gain and lose 2 hp, like they are both poisoned and have regen on. Can't remember if it was like this in base game or not.

new-found can be one word as well - in Gestahl's flashback speech after Terra falls at the start

"Gauntlet allows you to hold a weapon with both hands for more damage.." - From the moogle in south figaro who gives the relic tutorial. Ellipses in this game are usually 3/6 dots, so is it just supposed to be a period?

TelportStone to Teleport Gem or TeleportRock maybe?

Slight inconsistency, not sure if you'd care or not - Antidote has "Cures poison.", Poisona has "Cures poisoning"

Dialog seems unnatural to be coming from a kid. Something like "The richest guy in town lives in a house to the north." seems better imo.

"nevers seems"

hometown can be 1 word

Not to try to take away any woolseyisms here, but I'm not sure if there'd be any gyms in the world of FF6...

That's all for now, I'll add more later.

I was going to wait until the final version to give it a try, but I'm willing to do a playthrough of this last revision as well if you'd like me to.

Personal Projects / FFT: Prime
« on: July 16, 2019, 03:08:04 pm »

Hey guys, I figured I'd make a topic here for any issues/suggestions regarding the hack.

Hopefully I've managed to find all the problems left over from Complete v.50, but if there were any typos/unchanged text/dialog stretching past textboxes that managed to slip through the cracks then let me know. Note that some of the unchanged text like the Options menu on the world map seemingly can't be changed through the FFTactext editor though, so I won't be able to do anything about it in those cases.

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