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Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: March 07, 2019, 03:26:15 pm »
I might be able to make some more "grounded" suggestions if I know the capabilities of the editor/hacking tools.  I don't intend on becoming a rom hacker myself, so I don't really have time to look into the systems.  What I can assume right now is:

- You can add new 'Rooms' to the game. Room in the sense of 'place to explore,' not limited to the indoors.

- Existing rooms have a hard limit to how much dialogue is can be present (you mentioned this when talking about End of Time scenes)

- There's a tile-based map editing that's probably a huge pain in the butt to work with, I assume because while going through Schala Project, the vast majority of new ares were very primitive and repetitive.  But that also means copying and pasting existing areas is a viable option when making new rooms.

- There are ways you can 'Teleport' the player from one area to another. I saw it done in Schala Project, and though I've never played Frozen Flame/Crimson Echoes, I think they do it too.

You might have to explain some of the mechanics to me, particularly how 'Room Teleporting' is achieved and how custom scenes where player A) cannot move, or B) isn't present are made...but if it is possible, these could lend themselves to some creative workarounds.

- Going up and talking to a character in the End of Time 'Teleports' you into a graphically duplicate room, with none of the script dialogue from the dialogue from the original room.  There would be an abrupt fade-out -> fade in effect before extended character dialogue takes place, but as fans of JRPGs, I'm willing to bet that it wouldn't seem too out of the ordinary.

I had a second dash-idea, but it occurred to me that you may be referring to 'script' as in executable code, not dialogue.  If that's the case, you could disregard the suggestion.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: March 02, 2019, 04:10:02 pm »
Next item. I did have more than one, but that last one took awhile. Better to spread them out, I say.

Characters In Their Element

You switch a character from your party in the Y menu. Normally, they just disappear, and you can find them again in the End of Time. Well not anymore! (kinda)

Characters who are currently in your party, whom you swap out, will (temporarily) show up in a different location in said time period, where a scene might play out. Again, this depends largely on game events.  Once you travel to a different time, said character will just return to the End of Time.

I'm gonna organize this by time periods, based on how much thought I've put in.

600 A.D.
She goes to talk to Queen Leene.

She goes to the house where her obvious ancestors live.

(Before Cyrus Tomb quest is complete): he goes to his little hole in the ground and reflects.
(After Cyrus Tomb quest complete): Maybe he hangs out at Guardia Castle. The obvious answer would've been the tomb, but I think the point of that event is that he's done with that place and is ready to move on.

(After Fiona's Quest): In Fiona's house, trying to explain to a baffled Fiona how he can be two places at once. He learns a valuable lesson about telling people what they need to hear, in terms that they could understand (Even if it bends the truth).

Guardia Castle kitchen. Always.

(Before beating Ozzie's Fort): Nowhere. He has no reason to be anywhere at this time.
(After beating Ozzie's Fort) - Ozzie's Fort.

1000 A.D.

(Before defeating fake Chancellor): Crono's house.
(After reconciling with King): Guardia Castle, either in her room. Or maybe talking to King.

(Before saving Lara): Lucca's house, talking to dad.
(If Lara is saved): Lucca's house, talking to mom.

I dunno, Porre? Medina after Ozzie is defeated?

Millennial Fair Jurassic Rock area. "No no no!! They do it all wrong!!"

Zenan Bridge, watching people go by.

(Before Frog visits Cyrus) Toma's grave. He likes to stand on cliffs looking out at the sea.
(After Frog visits Cyrus) Cyrus's grave. Could he be showing a shred of humanity?? You won't find out, because he just says something like "What are you doing here?"

2300 A.D.

Probably one of the domes, showing sympathy and trying to help.

Probably one of the domes, showing sympathy and trying to help. Maybe at that computer where they first saw the Lavos video.

I don't know. Sewer?

Probably one of the domes, showing sympathy and trying to help.
Maybe it changes after beating Mother Brain.

Keeper's Dome, because Belthasar was there.

65,000,000 B.C.

Most characters would probably be in Chief's Hut.

Meeting site, seems like a good place to study the human race.

Magus: Dactyl Nest, 'cause he likes cliffs so much.

12,000 B.C.
I dunno.

Oh, I almost forgot. You could probably stick Crono somewhere. Maybe he's sleeping in whatever free bed is available for each time period.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: March 01, 2019, 09:07:52 pm »
Thinking out loud again...there are a few good moments of character interaction in CT, but a large amount of the dialogue is written to be party-agnostic.  At the beginning of the game, you get some great moments with Marle, Lucca, Lucca+Frog, Marle+Lucca...then, around the time you get Robo, the very nature of the party's dialogue changes. Instead of it being, "Marle talks to Lucca," now it's "Marle says something about the situation. Lucca then says something about the situation, in a way that doesn't acknowledge the previous speaker whatsoever." -- because the previous speaker could be anybody. Not everybody gets to know each other, and yet somehow, people on the B-Team know everything that's going on, as if they were there from the start.  I've thought of a few things that could, at the very least, add some fresh new dynamics to the cast.

End of Time Conversations
In The End of Time, characters talk to each other. No longer do they simply ask to join your party, then get upset if you say no. Some examples:

- Marle, asking Frog about her great great great great grandmother.
- Lucca, reconciling with her initial fear of Frog's appearance, and coping with the idea that "Magic" is a thing.
- Marle and Lucca talking about Chrono, while Chrono sits silently at the opposite end of the room (if he happens to be alive).
- Frog, feeling mesmerized by this large talking suit of metal armor that the others call "Robo."
- Lucca, fixing up Robo and Robo asking something existential.
- Frog and Ayla, talking about loyalty and protecting the weak.
- Marle, Lucca and Ayla having a conversation that isn't what you think.
- Robo, having an awkward conversation with Marle about Provoke/Allure, and how illogical of a combat tactic it is.
- Robo, in his ongoing quest to learn about humans--nay, humanity--asking questions to Ayla that are way over Ayla's head.
- Ayla, showing absolutely no trepidation, going up to Magus to say what she thinks of him.
- Lucca, curious about Ancient Zeal technology, making an inquiry to Magus that is met with "Why are you asking me? Go talk to one of the Gurus."
- Marle, approaching Magus in a very "You poor, tortured soul! Let me fix you!!!" sort of way, with no success.
- Robo, in his ongoing quest to learn about humans--nay, humanity--deeming it only logical to have a conversation with Magus. Magus is surprisingly open, answering most of Robo's questions. Robo makes note that he's talked more with him than any other living being, Magus sharply responding that he doesn't consider Robo a "living being."
- Chrono, talking to Magus. Chrono says nothing, while Magus tells you it's rude to interrupt a private conversation.

I've detailed the logistics of this system, realizing now that it may very well exceed what you are capable of doing in a rom hack.  But I don't want it to go to waste, so here's what would need to be done:

- All secondary party members would need to be removed from the End of Time, and "replaced" with a regular-old NPC object. (If you want to change party members, press Y)

- Every NPC Object would have a Default State, which includes the coordinates they normally spawn in at, and some generic dialogue. This is where everyone who is not a part of a custom conversation would go.

- NPC Objects would also have a Conversation State, wherein they have custom coordinates and dialogue (Both, based on what conversation is taking place).

- In Default State, the character's dialogue can change depending on game events, and who is in the lead position at the time. (Just for a little flavor)

- When you enter End of Time from the Epoch or a Gate, a check will take place to see if a "Conversation Event" will occur. NOT when you enter from Spekkio's room, if possible. NOT after you exit the Party Menu.

- A "Conversation Event" occurs if these conditions are met:
- - - Members A, B (and sometimes C) are not in your party.
- - - A prerequisite in-game event has occurred. (Optional)
- - - A special flag, specific to each conversation, is not currently set. (More on this soon).

- The game goes with the first conversation that meets the aforementioned requirements, preventing multiple conversations from occurring at once. Using a queue would allow you to check if members of Conversation 1 and 2 AREN'T shared, in which case both conversations could execute...but that's going above and beyond.

- During a Conversation Event between two or more characters, all participating NPC Objects will initiate the same dialogue when spoken to. (i.e. Talking to Marle or talking to Lucca will always lead off with Marle's line)
- - - It may be necessary to lock player movement during these dialogues.

- After seeing the conversation through to completion, a special flag would be need to be set to indicate the end of this particular conversation, preventing it from occurring again.
- - - Members of the conversation will have different dialogue, when talking to them immediately following the conversation. A 'closing statement' of sorts. You only get one chance to read this text, so it's fairly inconsequential.  Check for ("In Conversation Event" == true and "This Conversation Is Over" == true)

- If you swap out party members in EoT while a Conversation Event is active, and one of those characters is a member of said conversation, then "cleanu" occurs. Members in Conversation State (Custom position and dialogue) return to Default State.
- - - (So, you'd need to do a check if Player closes party menu, and is also at the end of time).

- Anyone you swap out from your party while in the End of Time should automatically enter Default State.
- - - For some extra spice, you could have them be in "Benched State," where their dialogue matches what they would have said if you told them "No" to joining the party.



Simple, right? This might be approaching "If you want the feature, you'll have to create an illegal remake of Chrono Trigger" territory.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: February 27, 2019, 09:46:01 am »
Glad you enjoyed the tracks. I'll probably remove the links just for the sake of identity-protection.  Not a lot of other ways I can support, other than encouragement. Keep up the good work, and drop me a line when you get to the next stable-ish version of the patch.

Another suggestion that you may have already acted upon: Additional areas on the 1000 AD map that serve little-to-no purpose. Nothing dungeon-sized, just more places to go.  I never really felt like there was enough going on in the "Present" to keep me coming back to it, and I know that's probably just my mind playing tricks on me. What I mean is, it felt the least unknown, and didn't necessarily provide that urge to explore places unknown on the map.

So for example: an entrance to the forest in 1000 AD where the cathedral was located 400 years prior. It takes you to a small forest area, where maybe you fight some stronger monsters that would kick your ass at a lower level.  Or an entry to the mystic cave. It has a smaller layout because A) let's say nature happened before Frog opened it, and there's a tiny alcove you can go into, or B) nature happened after Frog opened it, and because of a landslide, there's a tiny alcove you can go into.  Inside, you fight some bats and there's a guy you can talk to who says something interesting.  While I like the idea of going all-in for 1999AD and adding sidequests, sometimes it's the smaller, inconsequential additions like that, that can really boost the sense of freedom.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: February 25, 2019, 05:12:16 pm »
Okay, gonna cool my jets for a bit.  I have a tendency to get overly eager to help whenever I stumble upon a new intriguing project.  I haven't yet heard the Chrono Symphony tracks, but I imagine they're in WAV or FLAC format.  For the sake of consistency, you probably wouldn't want to deviate from the existing soundtrack, but if you are ever interested, here's some older stuff I wrote that I think has a little bit of that Chrono sound going on. More Cross than Trigger, though.

(Edit: took out the links. They've served their purpose)

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: February 22, 2019, 08:41:26 am »
Oh cool! I like the way you think.  In a few days, I'll have time to com over some of the content (I may have to cheat just so I can see it faster).

When I get back home...I could also look into some of the music tools available for doing custom SNES music.  I am (probably) in no way capable of even half the genius of the CT original soundtrack...but it's one of the game OSTs that's had the biggest influence on my writing style.  If anything, I could try my hand at some cover/variation themes for 1999 AD content, if you think that's feasible.  I could PM you a link to my soundcloud if you're interested--it's higher quality sample-wise, but the nice thing is that when you go from writing 24-bit orchestrations to SNES tracks, content output speeds up drastically (that's even considering all the hoops you'd have to jump through to export/import stuff).

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: February 20, 2019, 12:37:47 am »
Not sure I'd be a reliable source for good ideas, but I'll certainly keep some "Editor's Notes" when I go through the latest version.  Since I just came off of the Schala project, I'll probably take a short Chrono Break before diving back in.

If I were personally working on a project that aimed to fill an unmet need...I've always felt like the main game was lacking in moments that involved the entire party.  Really there was just the one forest scene, where the gang was all together.  The rest of the time, it felt like there were the two characters who got to enjoy the majority of the adventure, while the rest of the remaining party members were left out of the loop.  Such an endeavor would probably set the project back a dozen months, but I think it'd be interesting to add some additional 'whole party vignettes' to the main game.  One that springs to mind, that wouldn't violate the rule that not everyone can leave the End of Time, would be the scene where you approach Gaspar after Crono dies.  I could picture a scene where the entire group chimes in, maybe lifting some lines for their dialogue if they had happened to be one of the three in your party.

Okay, don't want to toss such a huge task at you.  For the most part, I'd be happy if I could just go through and fix typos/suggest rewording.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: February 17, 2019, 11:10:20 pm »
I just caught wind of this project, and I am intrigued.  Although in truth, the 1999AD stuff doesn't interest me as much as say, some of the additional things that have been added in earlier versions.

Anyway, I just finished running through the Schala Edition hack, thinking to myself, "this introduces some things I like....but I don't care much for the writing. I wonder if there are other projects with similar aims..." and that's how I found this one.  I have to admit, the extra pieces of flavor text, and the addition of new character comments, made going through a game I've played through dozens of times feel quite a bit refreshing.  Would you consider adding those kinds of little touches to the project?  Say, if you had someone with a firm understanding of what gave SNES dialogue that special "charm," who could emulate said style?

That's not a shameless self-promotion, by the way. I'm just curious if that's a thing you'd consider adding.

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