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I've been wanting to make a red/blue hack for a whilebut need to learn how to do a few things first. Does anyone know how to

A) Edit enemy trainer battle sprites/ overworld sprites

B) Make a new area in the game? E.G. a new route or city

C) Edit original game text/ add new text?

D) Make new events? E.G. Rival appearing, saying something then challenging you to a battle?

Any and all help is appreciated :)

Gaming Discussion / N64 Rush 2: Extreme Racing
« on: January 29, 2019, 02:57:33 am »
This was one of my all time favorite games growing up. I have replayed this game countless time. Getting all the collectibles and unlocking everything all over again just because I loved it so much. So now that I am a bit older, I am going back to some childhood favorites of mine and I came to this game and beat it all over again.  Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire

Hi all,

I am currently doing Harvard's online programming unit CS50x through EDEX. I am currently up to the first problem set where you have to program mario.c and greedy.c. I am struggling with it. I understand all concepts so far mentioned in the lectures (iterations, conditionals etc...), but when it comes to programming something, or solving a particular problem, my brain just stalls. I make a good start, but when it comes to putting it all together (FOR loops especially) I fail miserably. I cheated, and had a look at someone else s mario.c program, and after reading it, I understood everything, and it all made sense. What do you guys recommend I do to develop my mind to think more like a programmer, and to be better at solving problems with programming? Algorithm study? Does this problem solving ability just come with experience and exposure to programming?


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