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So the game uses 4 byte pointers which point to "RIFF" "files". The RIFF files contain "src code" "jump" and script data. Quite an interesting format. It's no wonder the game was never fan translated...

In any case, the src code junk is not a big deal, however, I need some more info on the "jump" data. I tried No$GBA's debugger, and ARM7 is much different to 6502. It's more similar to Intel processors which I don't have much experience with. I hypothesize that data after "JUMP" contains embedded pointer data. I know for a fact the game uses embedded reads, but I need some more info on it.

By the way, your tool doesn't dump / insert all dialogue in the game.

After 1 year and a half postponed my mod, I finally get another gem here, thanks for FCandChill finally I able to understand about the pointer of this game (maybe not all but i'm sure it has quite same rules). I don't know about SRC CODE and many things in ASM but I found the way we extend the dialogues by understanding the RIFF pointer and STR pointer.

I'll try to explain here but in the end of this post I share a link of my spreadsheet for better understanding.
so the pointer is pointing the RIFF, I take an example of Sock Hook dialogue because it can be tested really early in the game. the RIFF started at x2DDE5C. After the RIFF code, there will be a number of RIFF length, for this case writen B1 03 00 00 which we know it's big endian, so it's mean 03B1 = 945 bytes of RIFF file which ended at x2DE20C.

For String code STR start at x2DE120,
followed by the length of the string, for this case x2DE124: E5 00 00 00 which mean 229 bytes of SRT sequence
then followed by the number of strings, for this case x2DE128: 09 00 00 00, so there will be 9 strings,
then the next set of bytes indicate the "pointer" of the strings
1. x2DE12C: 00 00 00 00 -> byte 0th
2. x2DE130: 16 00 00 00 -> byte 22nd
3. x2DE134: 33 00 00 00 -> byte 51st
9. x2DE14C: B2 00 00 00 -> byte 178th
then x2DE150 is the start of strings, which now we know, 1st string is at byte 0th, x2DE150, 2nd string is at byte 22th, x2DE166, 3rd string is at byte 51st, x2DE183, 9th string at byte 178th, x2DE202.

so, to extend the dialogue, we can repoint the RIFF pointer, x2DDE5C which found at xF8F5C (5C DE 2D 08) change the value to our new pointer (ex: 00 D0 75 08 pointing x75D000), change the dialogue, calculate then repoint the strings' pointer, change the length of RIFF and STR.

here the spreadsheet for example

Of Course to translate the game we need decent information about how the dialogues printed, and we need to do many experiment to make the letters printed well.

I'm not professional coder so I can't make the tools for editing, I mod manually in the hexacode. So if anyone want to make the tools, I really appreciate it. In this post, I share my knowledge from digging this ROM before, you guys can use it freely

My tool was updated! I made some improvements which can help in your project.

after trying pinguimbozo's program, what I wrote above is not efficient. pinguimbozo program is more efficient by "jump" some offset directly from STR sequence than my method which make a new RIFF that consume more memory. brilliant idea pinguimbozo  :thumbsup: I'll add another information to the spreadsheet about how pinguimbozo make a jump

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Harvest Moon - FoMT GBA Hack?
« on: August 15, 2019, 11:32:12 am »
Have you tried using ghidra?
I never heard about it. Thanks for giving that information. I'll try to learn it.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Harvest Moon - FoMT GBA Hack?
« on: August 13, 2019, 02:28:14 am »
Quite literally all I want is a GBA remake of Harvest Moon 64. Sadly I don't know how to make rom hacks. And i don't know where to get the tools for FoMT.

Sorry, I haven't played HM64. So I afraid I can't make the guide to do HM64 Mod.

I also would like a hack of this game, once I tried to make modifications, but I could not. I wanted to add more characters, items, animals and decorations as an example these images:

there was a person who managed to change some things in this rom, how to change the color of the character's clothes and other things. has some tips on how to modify the rom on this site:

The problem is no knows how to edit this game's event. If you just want to customize character's appearance. It's still possible. But not their event. Change the dialogue is possible with limited action.

The Newbie Package of REQUIRED Material FAQ: You ask, we answer! Getting Started Section: Newbies Go HERE! Documents Section!
How to ask questions the smart way.
On the Essence of ROM Hacking
Talk with experienced people in our IRC chat and ask specific questions there.

Yes sir, So far I search in this forum, the only way to edit HM FoMT's event is learning ASM. And I still unable to learn ASM

Uhm... Can I Help with the modding?? I have tons of Ideas you should add and also I'm good at Pixel art if it's needed! I'm also practicing programming so I want to try programming a Rom too.

Sorry for the long wait of reply, My job at real life made to much burden in these months.
If you already know how to Mod, you can try to mod from what I post, then show your work to us.
If you don't know how to mod, you can send private message to me. I'll gladly share my knowledge (of course most of it is about Mod in HM FoMT)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Harvest Moon - FoMT GBA Hack?
« on: March 05, 2019, 01:00:55 am »

But yes, I'd enjoy seeing people mod FoMT.
Looking forward to what you (and anyone else, for that matter) discovers about how the game works.  :)

For my own project, I adjust the price to real price standard to make the game more challenging.
Base on my research, 1 G in HM FoMT almost same as 1 Japan's Yen.
So I made some adjustment like price for cow is 200,000 G beside chicken price is good at 1,500 G (original price).

I still try to "dig" the hexa to find out more interesting things.
I'll upload the spreadsheet and hexa mapping later, after I make it more understandable.
If anyone have another research in HM-FoMT, I gladly to help your own project too.

March 11, 2019, 11:24:38 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
This spreadsheet is my documentation about what I found while reading the ROM's Hexa.

some interesting in recipes section are:
-we can put poisonous mushroom in miso, curry, and some recipes which give "bonus" SR:-60 FR:+20
-almost all edible things can tossed in curry and stew recipes
-Elli Leaves, which is legend for us that give SR 100 FR -50, can be improved by second recipe (Elli Leaves + colored grass) which I found that the maximum recovery is SR 190 FR -100 (I wrote the combination in the most right of recipe's child sheet).

Feel free to do the experiment by what I share, you can message me if you need to ask some question (of course about what I shared), and if you found something else that we can improve this series hack better.

For NPC Sprites, I haven't done address mapping of each character, so I'll share it later.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Harvest Moon - FoMT GBA Hack?
« on: March 04, 2019, 06:51:45 am »
I'm a newbie modder that currently trying to mod Harvest Moon FoMT.
I read some thread about HM-FoMT and some people leaving this series because it's too complicated to hacking this ROM since we can't find the pointer table for dialogues. I face the same problem. I think ASM knowledge is required to mod the story.

What I found just some adjustable parameter listed here.
-edible items (id, drink/eat, stm recov, ftg recov, pointer for name and description)
-non edible items (id, pointer for name and description)
-shippable items (id, sell value)
-horse race medal exchange (adjustable amount of medal)
-shops (buying price, buying item/tools but not all ex: I can't mod ore needed to upgrade, making jewelry, switch cow and chicken buying, and other non-direct item/tools buying)
-NPC displayed name and their birthday
-Recipes (id, stm recov, ftg recov, required utensils, ingredient sets)

anybody have same interest to mod Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town?

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