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Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger: Complete
« on: January 08, 2020, 03:17:48 pm »
found some typos:

Should probably read as, "I am defective...?" or "I am a defect...?"

"OUT" should be replaced with "OUR"

Wow this looks great!  :thumbsup:

Hehehe, all good; it's an easy mistake to make!

New version submitted to the main site, but for the early-birds: Super Star Stacker 1.1.

Real big congrats on release! You all did so much work, and it shows in how professional everything looks. :)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy VI: Retranslated
« on: July 30, 2019, 04:37:03 pm »
I could do without lines like that.

I prefer Son of a sandworm! from the GBA version.

Can't you already select Zion Williamson from the Others roster? Why did you include him as a cheat code?  :)

The Trials of Mana title screen hack got updated!

I'll let you know if it works on the SNES Classic.


Can't speak for a SNESC, but runs splendidly on an archaic Super UFO ;*)

So far it works great on my SNES Classic!  :laugh: Thanks for all of the QOL updates you included; they make this game much more tolerable to play in 2019.  :woot!:

I made a quick boxart for anyone who wants to use this on their own SNESC or other emulator.

Is it possible to take the uncompressed logos from the official ToM ROM and transplant them into the 2001 fan translated ROM in the same manner?
There's already a team working on it. I messaged them earlier this week, and they said it would take a couple more weeks. They want it to coincide with the release of their German re-translation.  :thumbsup:

As a loyal subject of the British Empire, I am sworn to honour and uphold The Queen's English and the proper spelling therein. =P

can't argue with that  ::)

Testing would go a lot faster by going through these scripts and editing! For example, just by scrolling through:

Code: [Select]
[caption #2602]
I'm an Imperial Trooper! <D>
Probably, the last of 'em_

You don't need a comma after Probably

Hopefully I'll have some time over the weekend/next week to go through these thoroughly, and hopefully other users will use that time to do so as well. Then, all that'll be left will be playtesting!  :thumbsup:

Thanks to you all, I was able to introduce this game to my gf and now she's been kicking my butt at it.  ::)

Anyway, 2 minor things from when I was playing (beta 14)

Wouldn't it make more sense if it were LOSS rather than LOSE?

Practice vs. Practise? Are we going by British spelling conventions?

Well considering he used TWUE as a base ROM (which should be noted in the description and Read Me BTW), he probably is using the updated canon names for spells and such. So Firaga, Cura, etc. But if you really want to bring this to a direct LoL translation, you probably should rename all the items and such to be closer to Japanese despite what Square currently calls them in English.

So Terra, Sabin, and Cyan should be Tina, Mash, and Ceyenne respectively.

Phoenix Down should be Phoenix Tail.

Crusader to Jihad

Moogles should be moglies.

Katarin should be Catalina.

And perhaps you might want to remove ALL of the Woolseyims too to a more direct translation, if you haven't done so already in later revisions. Even though Slattery used some of them, Kitase loved them too (he even said they were better than the Japanese, especially with Kefka) they should be closer to the direct Japanese here.

You've probably read my thread recently and everyone has noted which ones everyone here doesn't like including "Son of a Submariner." That should be the straight forward "Argh. Dammit."

Two others I don't know if you changed yet or not is when confronted Kefka at the end. "Self-Help book" is a Woolseyism, as is "Monument to non-existence." Suggestions "All this back talk. You people make me sick." and "I'll destroy everything and make a world of death!"

The soldier that laughs about fire should have his Beavis and Butt-head like speech reverted to "Burn to death!"

But what you do of course, is your own choice.

I don't think his intention was to necessarily erase some of the previous localization choices. Sure, the script inconsistencies were ironed out, but the more interesting dialogue that still made sense is kept, because the goal is to create a good script that reads well for every player, I think  ;)

Something that i would really like is if someone restores the original seiken densetsu title screen

A couple of patches like that exist: 1/2

Now, another idea for a hack: a translation patch for Columns on SNES would be cool. I think most of it is menu stuff, as there's actually quite a bit of English text in the game.

Personal Projects / Re: Grimm Translations Project Megathread
« on: July 26, 2019, 01:49:45 am »
That Shiren GB2 project has me excited! Can I ask: what makes your translation of Pokemon Trading Card 2 different from the 2012 patch?

Getting the text formatting to look its best is always a good thing, so I'm open to fixing it up some more.

I actually did use asterisks to denote coughs and other sound effect words when I was writing the script, but for some reason when I saw how it looked in the actual game, I found I didn't quite like it.  I'm not sure why, but I guess it's something about the font that makes it look a bit off to me.  It seems okay without them because I think it is understood that the characters are not actually saying them as words.  For the spelling of Daryl, Mato indicated that her name in Japanese can be rendered into English any number of different ways, so I just picked the one I thought looked best and used it consistently.

I think there was some kind of copy/paste error in the project description when it got moved from Translations and into the Hacks category, so I made a fix for it this morning as soon as I saw it, and also added a mention of bug fixes at the same time.  Hopefully that shows up soon.  It looks like the submission queue is filling up again, so I might have to wait a bit before making any more updates.

@Dzumeister: Thanks for the great review!  I wasn't expecting any this soon, but that definitely made my day.

No problem! Thank you for all the work you put into this hack!

As for sound effects, I think they should always be differentiated from the dialogue with parentheses/asterisks/symbols, even if it is generally understood that the characters aren't actually saying those words. It just keeps things consistent.

SNES9X and Canoe are pretty different, dude

I've yet to download this hack, because when it comes to romhacks, I prefer to have final/ultimate versions of said patches with great reviews and no future updates (except for addendums). I've yet to know if I should download this, or keep waiting.

I will admit this though, I have never played (or played beyond) any of the first six Final Fantasy games, which is weird because the first time I tried playing them, I went with Dawn of Souls for GBA, but over the years many purists had kept saying that the GBA remakes are "bad remakes", and that I should play the originals. They mainly say this because of the audio, which is ironic because audio patches for the GBA remakes exist in here. (I don't even know what's everybody's opinion on the Final Fantasy PSP remakes.)

I honestly feel like the GBA remakes are really good, as they were my personal introduction to the series. I really don't think that the audio patches actually help, a lot of songs actually sound worse last time I played them. The audio honestly isn't that bad, though yes, the SNES version is superior.

What do these patches do? Are they for compatibility with Canoe?

Thanks!  It’s great to see it up there after working on it for a long time.

This version actually contains 185 bug fixes (!) from a master patch that was compiled not too long ago.  Sketch, Evade, Vanish/Doom, and a whole bunch of others I’d never heard of are all included.

I think the Gil thing happened because of what order the patches were applied this time.  I’ll have to go back and check so I can make sure to get it right next time.  I was hoping there wouldn’t be any need to update again for a while, but I guess it’s easy for little things to creep in.

Anyway, I’m glad it’s out there, and I really hope anyone who plays it will find it worthwhile.   :)

Does that mean when it gets updated with the Gil patch, that'll make it 1.2?  :P

this is b.s. Leonard is on clippers..... I know he got traded but f*ck....

The rosters are accurate for 2019-2020, hence the 2K20 title! Also, from a gameplay perspective, this helps out a lot of the teams, as more of them feel more balanced. You won't go into a game feeling outmatched/overpowered, vs. say... 2K17 Overtime Edition where a team like the Warriors could potentially sweep everyone.

Thanks for being so thorough with your documentation, eskayelle, it really helps for newbs like me  :laugh:

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