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I appreciate the feedback.

-I can in fact look into expanding how many tiles of map adjacent to you are revealed simultaneously. enough to reveal an entire default sized chestroom without perimeter walking just by standing at aforementioned chest in center.

-it would be easier to make legends2 decision-friendly tbh, 1 has too many things require the previous things to function, and i know the storyflags are very unfriendly, you can softlock simply by not talking to an npc at a doorway you're expected to in certain situations

-most people like the mines usage, just not that it's so early game overpowered. Other weapons are weaker, and the fact some are neigh useless compared to primary weapon is definitely an addressing point. Drill is strong in mml2, i can make it similar strength. blade i can try to add i-frames and movement distance at least. shield i can try to add perpetual kick-reflect hitbox to, and possibly add more projectiles interact with kickable state (bullets and the green blasts). Kicking automatically changes projectile's "team", as in what it can damage, so that's exciting. Machine buster, i might just add free bullets along with spread (and thus extra damage) or i might instead add piercing bullets. Not sure about regular grenade, considered giving it higher initial arc and better default range and maybe better bounce physics and better collision detection radius and more damage. Grand nade would still have wallbreaking as well as wide aoe going for it, even if both did nearly same damage.

-The game at one point in beta appeared to have support for 2 special weapons, i'm not sure if it's in my ability to handle that but it's an idea.

-I'm already adding abundant rapid-boost stats to buster parts, which when present makes shutter-firing actually slower, and it makes some parts and builds valid since i'm also making it harder to boost attack without sacrificing energy and by default attack and energy not being both maxable simultaneously without easy-mode BusterMax (which also won't max by start, but can max everything in combo with 2 other parts).

-The linear map suggestion, did give me the idea just now, to add more destructible walls to dungeons perhaps. They load to ram in every non-story dungeon, i can put them in several places, and maybe in the case of the explodable ones add weapons that can break it.

-I also considered if i get to making a randomizer, having a setting that might outright change what specweps do. Make missiles single-fire, make cannon homing, make gun fire grenades, make one gun do the green charge blast thing (would honestly be difficult to use if the animation for it's windup is long), and ect.

...and now the bad news: due to a reoccuring crash i cannot trace to any particular issue nor can i compare to vanilla game, i'm likely to leave the quizschool romhack down for an extended period of time. I'm sorry, it was really exciting for me to work on too, just to actually complete it and it be unuseable.

I was considering that next actually. More specifically, chatting with fellow community member Kion about having a patcher that can patch any format of file and apply parts of the patch optionally and possibly shuffled by seed.

He suggested javascript's "node.js" to code. Just instruct it to look for strings unique to legends game code, and replace, with possibility to instruct it to take a list and populate another list of unique strings.

All this was literally next on my plate, before the texthack I was working on suddenly started invoking crashes. Maybe cat walked across keyboard when wasn't looking and I saved it foolishly. I'll just start taking chunks and applying them to a clean copy to see if the problem migrates with it.

Sorry for not getting back in a while.

Voices might be a stretch. Voice files were the one thing the disc used a lot of space for. Models and Textures were wastefully duplicated throughout the game and some japanese fonts exist, but Audio is a hard one. While one or the other can work if they fit in same timeslot (and thus same memory footprint), having both simultaneously steps on toes.

I'm also posting because I updated MMLegends2 Quizschool On-Topic romhack download link. It's not a major romhack, but it by itself is basically complete, no text bugs, nothing wrong, it just works, and the link comes with both a NUPS patch file for ".img" format SLPS_011.41 MMLegends2, AS WELL AS a ePSXe SaveFile at the QuizSchool (the quiz is loaded just so long as you don't leave the building).

EDIT: WELL, I DID fix all the text mistakes, but there's a lingering less-easy to fix bug because it's so catastrophic it causes reliable crash I can't quite trace why. Will work on it, but it's a shame to fix the text and then this happens.

Long time since touching base here.

Another community member, Kion, has been handling graphical data and building browser-hook tools for viewing and exporting models and textures... AS WELL AS now import-patching for character color palette. This also means we can likely patch gameplay data the same way, I'll be trying to get his involvement with his permission. This thread is some of his work, along with a quick picture. Despite thread-name, it's for PSX.

Ask for me, I am going to spend time polishing this, but have also been working on unrelated projects like video and MN9-dummysource compile-build.

HOWEVER, I do have a recent idea and contribution to MML1. Door modifiers. I had the idea, to shuffle around which direction doors take you. Maybe uptown in the east, oldtown in the west, main gate behind city hall, yass plains south of old town, ect. Change door tiles to represent. I found the entire door-data to load at C3560, 0-3 is new X location, 4-7 is new Y, 8-B is new Z, C is 03 to load and 00 when not, D is always 00 (unused), E is ST#, F is Room#.

So, going from Downtown to Old Town, E and F go from 05 00 to 19 03 (the standard walking area of old town isn't 00, it's 03, the bonne fight is 00), and changing that much will usually cause you to fall out of map on map transition, but now knowing to change the rest will allow a door to take you to another door without falling out the map as your character's proper XYZ will be set.

There may be a few valid configurations of various ruins that can use this. Jynn's 2 subruins doors, some doors between rooms within Gates/Ruins, different subcities from different town section, subruins in a slightly different configuration. Exciting idea, at least I thought.

Sorry about the long pauses, but there's potential in this for sure.

Paid Vacation was this week. Had time to finish up this Megaman Legends 2 QuizSchool TriviaSwap.

This is a .img patch, as well as savestate while standing in quizschool and questions loaded to ram, that injects real Megaman franchise trivia into the Legends 2 QuizSchool.

Questions were provided generously by Twitch (Gilleum) of ReploidRevo (YTChannel), and adjusted by me to fit into code.

DL link in Main Post.

EDIT: some bugs in text, nothing devastating yet but ill test the whole thing and work them out.

I know I can see the practicality in utilizing more of the map, when such a complex map as Awakening had so few things per screen (compared to Oracles anyway). I'll certainly appreciate playing a more gold version of Link's Awakening.

I know it should be obvs btw, but I take it this is applied to ye olde Link's Awakening and not DX? I'm cool with it either way, just curious is all.

Personal Projects / Re: Ghostbusters Remastered (GB1, NES)
« on: June 26, 2018, 04:04:49 am »
This is still a massive improvement on a game that everyone remembers but mostly as a game that originally feels like a chore to play (most the NES library come to mind).

The following post was created by Trege of MegamanLegendsStation, in collaboration with my own self:

So me [Trege] and ShadyRounds have a treat for you guys today.

Most of the credit goes to him for finding paprika's npc interactions, all I did was convert what he found into a usable Gameshark code, he's currently figuring out how to restore the scene in the rom itself, but for now we have a gameshark code for it. [the suggestion of a gameshark rig and the entirety of designing it was all Trege btw.]

Thanks also goes to TAU for his debug room code I had to use it as a fail safe to prevent the game from crashing in other areas.

- E00C356E 0005 If Area is downtown
- E00C1B61 0000 if Subarea is 0
- D209FCC8  3A98 if distance from paprika is less than 0.15000
- D209FCCA 0001 if distance from paprika is less than 1
- D00C3584 0005 if NPC08 is on the pole (AKA Tron)
- D00989F3 0080 If Trigger kicks
- 8009FC50 0007 Launch paprika

This is for the NTSC-U Version of Megaman Legends 1 on PS1.
I haven't tested it on real hardware yet, but it does work on the gameshark plugin.
I need to find my PS2 and test it on that.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Help with newest NES Sonic The Hedgehog patch
« on: April 26, 2018, 12:40:57 pm »
I too am interested, but wonder why no thread. EDIT: Oh, it's offsite and based on another fully build port of a game. That does make sense, I'll make sure to test them both out in that case!

Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 60 days.
Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic.

Guess it's been a while. No new patches to report, but I do have a new thread related to how I have made the currently-existing Legends1Remix patch. Hopefully useful for inspiring beginners.

Oh, and a new video for Legends1Remix gameplay. Added to top-post.

April 30, 2018, 04:23:46 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
As requested in the instructional videos, someone wanted faster player turning speed, faster camera turn speed, ect. I made a patch for just that!

Added to first post in thread. Same rules apply, patch to a legends.img slus_whatver.

Use No$PSX to break/trace, and I even have created a thread on new tutorial videos I just did for tracing values to addresses so you have somewhere to start if you want to change literally anything. (also, how to even use no$psx, as it's very finnicky over syntax)

Unbiased, I heard good things about psx1.13, pcsx-trace, and xebra or whatever. This method specifically works for my Megaman Legends project, as the game crashes in most those others and psx1.13 crashes for me on breaking which is a lot of restarting. Probably all "me" problems though.

Feel welcome to update us with how you proceed or if my demonstration of No$PSX was useful at all. I just made it and it was a bit of a snafu to record but there's little video documentation on how to use no$psx so I wanted to make something. Would be impeccable if it was well-timed to help you just as you were looking for it.

ROM Hacking Discussion / PS1 No$PSX Romhack Tutorial (Megaman Legends)
« on: April 25, 2018, 09:38:14 am »
Made videos demonstrating my methods to romhack Megaman Legends for the PS1, using CheatEngine, ePSXe1925, No$PSX, and others listed in video. Hope it helps startup projects.

I won't lie, don't know if/how to embed these.

Personal Projects / Re: PS1 tools
« on: April 25, 2018, 09:21:10 am »
Coming back about the text tool. So you're saying, I can hex-edit, your tool, so I don't have to do as much hex editing? That honestly sounds tempting. One last question. It supports A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and .,?!/(), but would it support weird symbols in any way you think? I'm talking really weird, it doesn't have to portray the symbols accurately, just one that the text doesn't use like ` or ~, because what I actually need are spots for α and Ω (you'd know what game if you recognize them)

Personal Projects / Re: Super Castlevania IV Drunklevania II (DemoCastle)
« on: February 11, 2018, 03:00:39 am »
I'm rooting for ya.

Personal Projects / Re: Team CV3 Dawn of Sorrow Hack
« on: February 08, 2018, 02:56:27 pm »
Good ideas, but really I wouldn't care too terribly much if he used the Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate.   :crazy:

Personal Projects / Re: Team CV3 Dawn of Sorrow Hack
« on: February 07, 2018, 02:18:05 am »
Exciting stuff. I didn't like 3's gameplay for stiff reasons, the layout felt like I wanted to like it though so getting it in another engine might let me stress-test that theory.

Same excitement from me toward this project. Always fun to play something beloved made new again.

So I was making notes on what's to come when I do focus my attention on MegamanLegends2:

1) No keyitem specwep, and no plotadvancing specwep, so the entire pool can be shuffled.
2) Busterparts work slightly different, but it only means rebalancing wold be more useful.
3) There is a 100 question Trivia Quiz for a BladeArm part, that asks numbskull shit like US Presidents and how many eyes some bugs have. I am changing it to an actual MEGAMAN related trivia, because fuck yeah I am. That's probably, like, the first thing I'll be changing and patching.

None of this is in the immediate workload to come from me, there will still be a break between my MML1 Remix patch and my work on a MML2 Remix patch, but it's good to mention nonetheless.

I have a playable version published, downloadable at the original top-post.

I've been struggling with the more complex text examples, switching them has been a pain and they are probably still buggy.

I never found a solution to the junkstore reward beside equip the specwep and let the player develop the real item later.

Other than that, it's entirely playable. There's nothing I'm aware of that should break progression, softlock the game, or cause difficulty with any special weapon other than the splashmine which is essentially removed for now.

Changes as of now:
-starting morality is closer to dark
-buster part powers have been balance-adjusted
-specweps are found in a better order; some specweps have new ingredients
-significant items have been moved to new locations
-mainmenu starts with difficulty options exposed

Thank you all for your patience. I'm only nearly a month late as of now, but it's good to finally provide this game with a player-mod. Hopefully I can continue development and expansion.

My next plans include enemy location and enemy-types, dense fog, and working on MegamanLegends2 which won't have any problems with a keyitem specwep like MML1 has had, or even items breaking progress either, so it can be a more chaotic shuffle. To be honest, I have ideas for an animation project in there somewhere, so Legends2 may take the remainder of the year to really get anything out to show for it. I'll probably add it to this thread when it does become a work in progress.

Personal Projects / Re: PS1 tools
« on: January 07, 2018, 03:11:40 pm »
Didn't read so sorry it this is covered, but what about games that use texture fonts that don't match the native hex alphabet? Megaman Legends letters are between 1B and 4F. Some special characters in the 80s. Does it support thingytable translation? Also, what about snips of hex in the text, such as MML uses an item hex for the game to auto fill the item name, and some hex will just color all text afterwards, so what about nontext within text.

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