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Personal Projects / Mega Man Battle Network 2 Spanish Translation
« on: January 08, 2020, 05:42:31 pm »
Hello, we have translated Mega Man Battle Network 2 to Spanish. You can download the translated patch file from here:

This version has the added bonus of the GateSP and Gospel chips which you can get by talking to Dex on the first scene.
If you find any errors please report to the facebook page.

You can visit our facebook for information and other projects:

Personal Projects / Megaman Battle Network Spanish Translation
« on: April 09, 2018, 03:01:07 pm »
Hello, we just translated the first game of Megaman Battle Network for the GBA into Spanish and are planning to translate the rest of the series. The translations is nearly 100% we just left some names and words in English but the story, most menus and chip descriptions are translated. Our group's name is MNTWFL TRASNLATIONS. You can visit our facebook page to stay updated:

Let us know if you liked our translations and if there are any errors please send us a personal message with a screenshot so we can fix it.

Here you can download the patch of the translation:

To apply the patch first get the rom of the game, then just use Lunar IPS to apply the patch. Just open Lunar IPS and click on "Apply IPS Patch", then select the patch file which is called "Megaman Battle Network(Español)V1.1.ips" and then select the rom of the game, and that's it the game will be patched and translated.

Yeah I use translhextion for editing the text, the sepcial spanish letters have similar codes to the normal letters. For example the letter "z" is 92 and the letter is "ñ" is 93 in hex. I don't do the unicode thing you are saying, I just edit the empty tiles near the original letters and because they are next to them they would be the next hex code, so if I edit the tile next to "z" which is 92 it will mean the tile next to it is 93. And yeah "new game" and "save" are kind of obvious things so they don't really need translation, but I don't know, if I find a way I might  edit them. And yeah I know "esta bien" is the correct term, I am a Spanish speaker myself, but "Ok" is so used in Spanish nowadays that pretty much everyone who speaks  Spanish understands it, so that's why I added it as well as because I wanted to avoid adding more calculations to the recalculations of pointer.

Yeah I already did. I modified empty tiles and added spanish characters. I aslo solved the pointer issue. Here you can see a beta version of the project where I translated the first scene:

Ok, after lots of tries, I finally figured out what that number 12 is. It turns out that number 12 is actually a pointer that indicates where the first sentence starts. So the first sentence is "Lan, wake up!", so the number 12 is the pointer for it and the same is true for the 2F that comes after the 00(which is a space to separate the pointers). 2F is the pointer for the second sentence that displays "...". And 01 as well as 02 are also just separators really. So the pointers for the dialogue are 12, 2F, 54, 97, BC, 3A, 63, 44, and 93 because there are 9 sentences in the first dialogue so those are it's 9 pointers. In Megaman Battle Network, the pointers are above each dialogue. Hope this helps anybody with similar issues. If you have questions you can contact me.

Sorry for the late feedback I was testing new things, I did what you said and it worked perfectly, I found the pointer of the intial text :D so thank you very much!. I tested it by modifying it and putting another pointer location I created by expanding the size of the game(it took me a while figuring out how to properly do it) and it worked, the intial text changed. I found the 957208 but at the beginning it has a 4C which is part of the pointer as well, so the pointer is 4C957208. But I am not sure if I found the pointer table. I also wanted to see what the 4C957208 was pointing at, and I found out that it was pointing at a number 12, I modified it to 11 and then I run the game and what happened was that the game displayed the character before aswell so let's say the text is "A1Lan", when it's on 12 it would display "Lan" but if you change it to 11 it would display "1Lan", and the same rule applies to other numbers, for example with 10 it would show "A1Lan", but if you increase  it to any number higher than 12 then the text box disappears altogheter.

Here you can see what the pointer 4C957208 shows:

This is the 12 that the 4C957208 pointer is pointing, which is the offset 72954C:

This is how normally the text is displayed(with the number that the pointer pointed being 12):

This is what happens when you change it to 11:

Newcomer's Board / Can't find pointer for Megaman Battle Network GBA
« on: March 27, 2017, 02:29:20 pm »
Hello, I am trying to do a translation(to spanish) for Megaman Battle Network for GBA but I am struggling to find the pointers. If I am not wrong the offset of the first word of the game script is 729562(as you can see on the image of translhextion). So the pointer should be 62957208 right? I tried searching the pointer with WindHex, on the WindHex I went to "Search" and then "Hex Search" and I searched 62957208, but it couldn't find. Could someone please tell me what's wrong?

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