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There's warping in the level design.  I'm just about done with an update that actually removes some of the warping that was causing a lot of confusion.  For example one particular warping puzzle was designed in a way to make it very simple but when I saw a few play throughs I noticed a common trend of the players attempting to reenter from the exit side.  There was no way for them to realize that was the exit part of the puzzle without a large amount of frustrating trial and error.  Other warps are there for convenience, if you go deep into an area and locate an item or beat a boss I didn't want to make the player have to back track all the way through the entire area, so I made shortcuts.  It can be disorienting at first but most people seem to appreciate that addition to the design once they figue out what's going on.

Ah thank you, good to know, i thought something was wrong with my patch.
Me and my 4 year old son play Metroid Rogue Dawn, every evening, on the Mini NES, it is so addictive, i love this game, thank you !!!

Hi, i am new here but i wanted to know if anyone has this problem with Metroid Rogue Dawn.

There are a few rooms, that when i fall down, i keep falling 2 or 3 screens and end up, a lot of rooms above the initial room.

For instance, the room where you get the boots, if i drop 2 screens, i fall, and end up very far above that room.

The same for the room in the plant level, at the far most left, you can bomb through the floor, when i do that, i fall down 3 screens, and end up in a room next through the room i felt through.

I'm thinking it might be the emulator on the NES mini that is not really understanding the rom, but i want to know if more peopl have this problem.

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