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Takeshi's Challenge legit had 'Grilled Mormons' in the Japanese and English fan translation. He put it in there to be a really dumb pun on 'Grilled Hormone' which is a common Japanese fast food place. It was a quick, cheap laugh and I don't think Beat Takeshi actually had any ill feelings toward Mormons when he wrote it, nor do I as a practicing Mormon take offense at it. I think it would be wrong to ascribe any malicious intent to these creators.

Is there a possibility your friend is misreading it? Japanese phonetic renderings of foreign words are pretty ambiguous.

Personal Projects / Re: Primal Space (PC-98) English Translation
« on: January 31, 2019, 09:46:54 pm »
Actually this forum is full of translators, and we especially like it when someone says 'hey I've got this whole game hacked, have the script, and can re-insert English text into the game, will someone translate it for me?'

I'm not offering myself since I have my hands full at the moment but if you put up a request with some screenshots or video to show you can actually hack the game and insert the English text I'm sure someone will bite eventually.

Don't use machine translation. If your intent is for English-speakers to really enjoy this game you should put in the effort to get a good translation for it.

I'm taking it as a list of bad things happening, with the revival of the great demon lord being held as kind of the crowning event. Like:

'The fortified city that was once the heart of the kingdom fell to Balmer, Master of the Dead, the dwarfs were buried by the might of Gailam and his giants, the great dragon Belflame danced in the darkened skies and even the legendary demon lord Krimut was summoned back from his grave.'

Or something like that. Basically 'all these bad things happened, and to top it all off (the まで) they even brought back the demon king'

He calls the male and female ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ and the other two ‘auntie’ and ‘uncle’. Celine wants to be called sister because auntie makes her sound (slightly) old.

But you’re going to need to put in a different gag. This whole thing is a joke that doesn’t translate directly to English. Find a different way to get across the same information.

Edit: Oh and the question at the end is ‘are you an adventurer?’

This is an excellent project to translate because the game is unplayable even to people studying Japanese. All text continues automatically so there's no time for you to parse the text at all before it moves on to the next bit of dialogue.

I've got a lot of translations on my plate at the moment so I can't offer to help with the actual translation, but I'd be happy to help with any Japanese stuff you're stuck on. You can PM me here or hit me up on Discord at Getsuya#8541

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Baroque (Saturn) Translation, general hacking
« on: December 12, 2018, 07:44:50 am »
Do you have a translator lined up already? If not keep me in mind and let me know once you have the script dumped.

I’m dying to see this game translated and I actually started a translation back in the day so I’m familiar with the content. I’m also pretty good with Japanese and parsing Japanese pop culture and comedy. I’ll check it over for you.

Incidentally when I was working on it we had trouble dumping the English back into the game. Has that been solved or are we just focusing on finishing the script for now?

Help Wanted Ads / Re: [Japanese Translators][Saturn] Sakura Wars
« on: June 21, 2018, 11:40:37 am »
PM’d you. Hopefully there’s enough room for 3 translators?

Also would it be possible to set up a Discord for the project? It’d make coordination easier and with multiple translators it would be good to have a lot of communication.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Wild Arms 2 Script Dump
« on: September 27, 2017, 05:34:22 am »
Hey there!

Another translator buddy and I are very interested in re-translating Wild Arms 2 because it deserves a better translation. However, neither of us are script savvy, so we're not sure where to start with getting the script to translate.

I know there is a Spanish translation, which means there is a tool out there for dumping a script back into the English version, which would work just fine for us once we have our version of the script translated, but first we need to get the Japanese script dumped.

Could some kind soul either grab that script for us or point us in the right direction for doing it ourselves?

Personal Projects / Re: Gokinjo Boukentai Translation (SFC/SNES JRPG)
« on: January 21, 2017, 04:42:30 pm »
Simple bump to let folks know the project is still creeping along. I'm aiming to clear the first 1000 lines on Sunday.
I have realized, though, that the script will require some editing. I wasn't sure of the character limits per line going into this, and now that I know them I'll either need to go through them myself or have someone else go through them and re-cut the line breaks so that each one fits within the character limit. Places where we can't squeeze them in will have to be marked so we can hack in another line of text at that location.

But, again, for now first priority is just getting everything translated. Once we're there we can do whatever we want with the translation.

Personal Projects / Re: Tengai Makyou Zero translation project
« on: January 17, 2017, 12:20:11 pm »
Sign up on Something Awful and post a screenshot Let's Play. The games popularity will explode. It's happened multiple times before. Just make sure to lurk and learn how to make an acceptable screenshot LP or you might not get many views. It's 100x easier (though more time consuming) than trying to make a good video LP. And even if you can't get video you can get screenshots right?

Plus if you have a full script in hand it'll make doing a screenshot LP laughably easy. No transcribing required.

This isn't a joke suggestion. Dangan Ronpa got localized because SA lit the whole internet on fire about it. It has a lot more pull in the Internet in general than you might think.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Help needed with font hacking!
« on: January 16, 2017, 12:07:26 pm »
Aww I was kinda excited as a VN and Marmalade Boy fan. Maybe by the time you get back around to it I'll be free to help out with translation or something. Keep me posted in the future.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy Write-A-Review! :D
« on: January 13, 2017, 12:19:15 pm »
Chocobo Racing - Best PS alternative to Mario Kart. The unlockable characters made it even better.

Chocobo Tales - Fun and addictive card game though only against friends since the AI is idiotic. Some fun mini-games, some not fun. Awesome remixes we've come to expect from Chocobo Games.

Theatrythm - Curtain Call is a must. Awesome selection, addicting gameplay, broken vs mode that punishes you for being good but not perfect. A must for all FF music fans.

Dissidia- 012 has all the original content plus more so skip the original. Fun combat but getting each character to 100 is monotonous, especially the villains who don't have a story mode. Crazy intense when you play against someone at your same skill level.

Crystal Chronicles DS - Best DS alternative to Diablo for LAN parties. Magic system is dumb but other than that a super fun game with friends. Boring as sin alone.

Crisis Core - More enjoyable than 7. Play it on ppsspp to see its true potential. No loads and better graphics? Incredible. Too bad the leveling system was stupid.

Dirge of Cerberus- Hilariously bad. Great game to play with other FF fans so you can laugh at how bad it is.

Type-0 - Best story told the worst way. Bad gameplay design and a severely crippled first play through turn what could have been an awesome FF into something you have to slog through. Best opening music video ever though. Play it just to hear the beautiful acoustic version of Zero.

There. Have a few good spinoff reviews.

From what I understand, Japanese doesn't really have the concept of "swearing".
You can be rude by using words of inappropriate politeness.

(although I know there are games with language filters, including at least the later-gen Pokemon games)

There are absolutely censored words in Japanese. They're just not the kind we would consider 'swear' words.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Nintendo Switch details
« on: January 13, 2017, 09:40:13 am »
Unless it's the Gameboy Advance. Castlevania Circle of the Moon was awesome.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Nintendo Switch details
« on: January 13, 2017, 09:16:24 am »
Disgaea 5 and Dragon Quest Heroes 1&2 are launch titles. I mean yeah they're ports but for a guy like me who isn't planning on getting a PS4 this is a great opportunity!

And no region locking?

Sign me up.

... In about a year or so when it has more games.

Personal Projects / Re: Gokinjo Boukentai Translation (SFC/SNES JRPG)
« on: January 11, 2017, 09:26:20 pm »
Hmm. I poked around with Atlas and some of the table creation programs but I just can't seem to figure it out. It doesn't help that I just don't have much time on my hands. Translating the game itself will take a lot of the free time I already have each night, and it seems like learning how everything works together will take time I don't have.

I think I'd better fall back to my original intent with the thread of eventually finding someone else who is actually knowledgeable about this stuff to handle the programming side of things. If anyone's remotely interested in poking around and seeing if we can get some preview images up so we can start a project page I would happily send the script as it currently is to anyone who wants it. For the time being I'm just going to focus on the translation.

(Also I noticed a lot of the utilities don't play nice with my computer, either because it's 64 bit, it's Japanese Windows, it can't run DOS, or some combination of those three)

Personal Projects / Re: Gokinjo Boukentai Translation (SFC/SNES JRPG)
« on: January 11, 2017, 12:07:52 pm »
It depends. First, do you know the hex encoding used for the characters? (E.g. If you open the ROM with a hex editor and find where the dialogue is, あ might be represented in hex by "4A", い might be  "4B", and so forth).

If you do, you can at least do in-place editing. Change the hex code for each word/dialogue so that it spells out an English word instead. As long as it's the same size or smaller compared to the original Japanese, you can translate it that way. It's a pain though, haha.


If you also have the table file (basically a text file with the full set of あ = 4A, い = 4B rules in it), you might be able to use Atlas to automatically reinsert the script into the game. The script file you described sounds like an Atlas script, so you may be able to just run it that way. :)

Thanks! I'll try that out tonight and see what I can do.

Isn't that "No idea" image a school crossing sign?

Like this one:

That could be it! I was trying to figure out what kanji it was supposed to be but it could easily be a normal pedestrian crossing/school zone sign. The ones in Japan are very similar to those in other countries, from what I've seen.

English translation of things japanese is usually "dumb" in my opinion. So many games and anime (dont watch it but i've seen) just say things no natural english speaker would.

"so its YOU"  no english speaker has ever used this as a greeting. FUCKING EVER,
"DON'T TELL ME..." god stop this one please

just mundane things that could greatly use a rephrase that any english speaker should feel awkward about saying.

In the English version of Summon Night 5 a character calls you 'senior' as in 'Hello senior!' With the intended meaning of 'hello guy who used to go to school with me and is older than me'. Forget Woolsey, that is literally the worst official translation decision I've ever seen. Yes, everyone knows 'senpai' is hard to convey in English, but no one in their right mind would just give the straight dictionary translation and call it good.

Best part? It's voiced. Hearing an English speaker try to make 'how ya doing senior' sound natural is hilarious.

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