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I know other translation have two-version patches. For those that want a good translation with original names. honorifics and all that and those that love (for some odd reason) WD/Woolsey/Butchered versions of translations localizations and I do mean LOCALizations. (Seriously everything Japanese in the original Woolsey/WD/Other translations burned anything Japanese to the ground and salted it with a giant mayo jar of Americanism ._ .)

Is there a guide on setting up DXwnd for this game specifically? It seems to be the only way to play the game on Win 10 and when I run it everything looks messed up. Also is there a way to get rid of the "Disc not in drive" error?

I've notices a mis-translation concerning "Lady" Marid. I assume it's Marid-sama and an assumption was made on gender probably based on atashi/watashi/watakushi or just something else. Anyways Lady should be Lord based on this art.

Maybe confused her with Layla Layl

Another blue djinni

I looked into commenting on the translators page, but it looks to be all in Japanese and/or was changed to someone else's blog?

Font displays fine for me on both my japanese OS and non-Japanese OS running Applocale. Not sure what that could be. Are you talking about the names of custom characters?

For the windowed thing just make a shortcut, right-click "Properties" and in the target field after the exe directory (outside of the quotations) put -w

Well the font was getting the bottom cut off in some situations and in the naming screen the capital letters would move when hilighted and wouldn't appear in the box however afterward it'd show up as a fixed width character with the variable width lowercase.
Seems there's a new patch though I'll try the -w and the new patch and see if it works. I know I did some "fun" things to various fonts in my fonts directory because certain games would use a really crappy font as unchangeable and default so thought it was that.

OK tried the new patch now EVERY LETTER is.. all weird now and it's still displaying as fixed width.
Image of 'n' floating in space

I'm having a hard time getting the font to display right. I tried using Applocale but you didn't state what locale to run it in and it won't run it in Japanese as I have my system set to Japanese, even so the font doesn't display when ran normally. Also how do you run this in a window and I don't like games that take up my whole screen.

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