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Hey LuigiBlood, I saw your name a few times when I looked around for romhacking BS games. I like your method of just patching the long address rather than including the assembly opcode. I was just copying a pasting from snes9x and changing the address  :-[

The patches look similar, we got tons of long addresses, the 16 bit ADC address, and the MVN. I didn't patch any two player stuff either, and mine does work in a single player playthrough. I don't think I've ever used that many savestates before lol.

Additional snes hardware always interested me, and now I know a little bit more about why BS games may have issues in older emulators, fullsnes has a lot of BS info, plus emulator source code. I hope our work can help others figure out what needs to be done to convert BS games. I think I did see some reads from the BS bios, but I didn't follow up to see what they could do. Snes9x geiger was just popping up reads and writes from unknown registers so that helped a lot. I wrote a quick program that searches for long addresses and shows them. It does show more addresses (and surely some false positives) in the game so there is more patching that can be done. Thanks for your good work!
I did not use logs initially for this, I just searched through the hex (thanks to regex) and managed to find every single address. The only exception was the ADC and MVN one. In theory it should work for everything.

Basically anyway it's just about relocating BS-X SRAM which uses $10-17:5000-5FFF. At least most of the time because you will not be able to make Treasure Conflix work easily, for exemple, because it's a game that makes use of BS-X's font data, and also the BS-X PSRAM, which is relocatable too, that one would be insane work, for real.

I did a full single player playthrough of my patch of Special Tee Shot to the Gold Course and watched the Staff Roll. I did not see any issue. I haven't tried multiplayer, that might be worth checking out but so far everything is good.

Okay so somehow I did the whole patching job for Special Tee Shot by myself without knowing of any similar attempts in the past.

Here's the source code of the patch (EDIT: It's very crude compared to the other one 2 posts earlier):

BPS patch file:

And also, recently, a copy of the prototype of the game was found (dated 1992, and it's quite different gameplay wise to be considered as a different game, despite having the same graphics), and a Vidpro card of the game was being sold on eBay, so I made a Photoshop edit of the photo which you can find here:

That said the Vidpro card WILL be scanned properly soon, so expect to change the boxart at one point (maybe to play the prototype at some point? ;) )

I must also say it's not fully tested, I did do a proper playthrough of Beginner course and did see no issues.
EDIT: I reached Extra 1 and didn't see anything weird.

To use it on Higan/bsnes-plus (which I recommend more) or perhaps sd2snes, use the *.bs extension. It's the extension for BS-X Memory Packs.

It should work on Higan. You need the BS-X ROM (which as a reminder, that I made a translated patch of it years ago).

News Submissions / Re: Utilities: GBAMusRiper released
« on: August 13, 2012, 05:22:22 pm »
I tried this tool, it certainly works, but I got a few problems.

First of all...
When trying it to Mega Man Battle Network 6 (U), it works, but the Soundfont just crashes my players, editors, converters...
It has WAY TOO MUCH instruments and I can't even convert it to DLS for other uses.

The only player which actually worked, timidity++, the MIDIs didn't play right.

I tested it on Mother 1+2 (which for some reason... only finds Mother 2 songs, also MIDIs doesn't play right too, the SF2 is fine though) and Mother 3 (no problems with this one, could even make songs: ).

Other than the notable problems I got, it works just fine. But as a request, I'd like to have separated SF2s for every voicegroups (with the offset to that voicegroup) instead of having all in one. Also maybe folders for each voicegroups with the SF2 and MIDs that uses it.

I think that would be better to have.

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