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Gaming Discussion / Re: SNES/GEN vs. GBA list
« on: July 23, 2017, 04:01:48 pm »
Final Fantasy IV is better on the GBA, except for the sound being off, and this bug which allowed characters to attack two times in a row, making the game very easy.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Conker's High Rule Tail
« on: March 06, 2017, 04:27:05 pm »
I just played through the first dungeon. What can I say, this hack is really impressive. The amount of work that must have gone is amazing.

Newcomer's Board / Re: YY-CHR in Wine
« on: January 21, 2017, 04:21:27 pm »
I tried out Tile Molestor, it seems to want all the setup files in my home directory, rather than reading from the directory that the jar file is in.

I guess I will just stick with the older version of yy-chr.

Newcomer's Board / YY-CHR in Wine
« on: January 21, 2017, 05:41:03 am »
I got a new laptop last week, and I thought it was high time to upgrade some of the tools I use as well. I must have been using a really old version of YY-CHR before, because the way it loads the English language file appears to be different in the last version of it. I looked at the (vague) instructions of loading the language file:

Code: [Select]
How to use a language file
if language file is exist, it load automatic.
the language file must be named extension that is 3 charactor system locale .

1.Check your system LOCALE 3byte charactor.
    English(UK) >   eng
    English(US) >   enu
    Japanese    >   jpn

2.Rename language file extension.
    Language file   >   yychr.eng
    English(UK)     >   yychr.ENG
    English(US)     >   yychr.ENU
    Japanese        >   yychr.JPN

Both "yychr.ENG" and "yychr.ENU" exist, but when loaded in Wine, it isn't loading, just a bunch of boxes and other assorted characters indicating that it is still trying to load it in Japanese. Anyone have success with this?

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: New Hacks Added to the Database
« on: October 16, 2016, 05:09:52 am »
The Donkey Kong Country Competitive Edition isn't a really hack, it is just and IPS of the regular competition version, with exactly 3 bytes changed:

Code: [Select]
Comparing files Donkey Kong Country (hack).SFC and Donkey Kong Country CE (U).sfc:
0000A295: 0A 05
0000FFDC: 60 65
0000FFDE: 9F 9A
End of both files.

Two of those bytes are just the internal checksum, adjusted to take into account the change at 0xA295.

You can get around it by loading the game with the unpached ROM, retrieve the Rolando, then reload the save in the patched version. Unfortunately, there are side-effects to this, as the game still thinks you don't have the Rolando.

Of course, you can just skip the place where Rolando gets sick and nothing will happen.

Gaming Discussion / Re: What is the definitive version of Star Fox 2?
« on: March 22, 2016, 10:28:48 pm »
Wasn't there a version with a 3D arena Vs mode or something? I remember something like that.

There was a 2 player mode in the alpha version that was leaked back in 2000. However, it isn't really that playable.

The definitive version of the game would be the bug-tested version that exists in Nintendo's vaults. Alas, the person who leaked the game did not have that version. The best we can do is the Aeon Genesis translated version.

Gaming Discussion / Re: crazy prices for NES games
« on: January 18, 2016, 11:14:23 pm »
You know, badinsults. It kinda makes you wonder if those people who treat collecting NES games like a typical Pokemon game and if that is the case the situation would be a game collector's equivalent to a Pokemon battle.

MewTwo, without master ball: Nintendo World Championship
Legendary Pokemon: Stadium Events, sealed copies of the rarest games
Final Bosses: Little Samson, Flintstones - Surprise at Dino Peak, Hagane

Level 100 grinding: getting the games with box and instructions

Missingno: out of print reproductions/bootlegs (these often exceed the price of most legit games)

Gaming Discussion / Re: crazy prices for NES games
« on: January 18, 2016, 12:01:16 am »
If you are wondering why NES prices are so high, just take a look at this site (especially the collecting forum).

Basically, there are a bunch of people who treat collecting NES games like a game of Pokemon (gotta collect them all). Since there are a lot of collectors, this has pushed the prices up really high. However, I think it will eventually peak out, because there are a limited amount of people who will be truly nostalgic for the system. At some point, many people will get out of collecting (due to family obligations), or their collections will reach the level that they are satisfied with. When prices stop going up, so to will the incentives for those who treat it as a speculative market (i.e. resellers). Once the resellers get out, I think prices for most of the common games will come down.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Nightmare Busters!
« on: November 30, 2015, 11:44:23 pm »
The Super Fighter Team release of Nightmare Busters was a huge debacle. It took them about two years from announcement to get it out, and they didn't even make a single modification from the prototype version that was leaked years ago! The prototype version of the game was pretty much complete, but it is a grossly unfair game, with unavoidable hits. There are better games out there.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Happy 25th Birthday, Super Famicom
« on: November 25, 2015, 08:15:56 pm »
I got my first Super Famicom... yesterday. Stupid RCA cables I got don't work, though. I had hoped to buy my Super Famicom on the 21st to celebrate the anniversary, but the store I went to was sold out. I have a pile of games here, ready to go.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: What if... General Leo had lived?
« on: October 23, 2015, 12:32:28 pm »
Just out of curiosity, what is the technical limitation that prevents adding an extra character? I seem to recall there was always two extra slots when changing characters in the airship.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Shadowhawk , unreleased SNES game!
« on: October 18, 2015, 06:51:50 am »
Prior to RoseColoredGaming putting out this repro, there was another guy (Piko Interactive) who did try to get the rights. Basically, the companies involved were in no way interested. He then passed it off to RoseColoredGaming, who obviously had no problem releasing this without getting the rights. I mean, on the surface we can say it wasn't exactly nice of the IP owner to send the cease and desist without coming to a deal, but all evidence suggests that there was never going to be a legal way for this to be released.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 07, 2015, 12:41:10 pm »
This hack looks interesting, but I think that creating an artificial limitation so that it works only in a specific emulator is pretty silly. Since I got my SD2SNES, I hardly ever use emulators for playing SNES games. It is pretty shocking that hacks are still being made that do not conform to hardware, especially given that accurate emulators exist now, and flash carts to play on real hardware are easy to get.

-More unpredictable bird AI

...just...eff. You evil genius, you.

I suggest you try Captain Novolin. The unpredictable donuts are maddening.

Very happy to have this project out. I was using an old version of bsnes for debugging, but with the latest version of Linux Mint, it was not possible to compile it without changing the source.

Sorry about the bump, but I have been trying to extract the script for Lufia 1, and was wondering if there was any new progress on this. I have a prototype of the game which has an unpolished version of the script, and it appears that has a different length, so just applying a direct hardcoded event addresses is not going to work.

I have done some investigation on the dialogue window close bytes (0x04). As far as I can tell, dialogue closing is controlled by two bytes, 0x04yy, where yy is the type of dialogue window closing. For example, 0x046C is for closing a dialogue box in the opening scene (which has no background for the text). I'm guessing the mess before each dialogue is a mixture of information related to the type of background box, the way the text scrolls (automatic or user input), where the text box is display, justification, font type, etc. I haven't fully investigated that yet, though.

Edit: it seems that this is only partially true, because some dialogue closings are three bytes (e.g. for dialogues where the next dialogue is a yes/no option, it is 0x040C20)

Edit 2: As originally suspected, the excess bytes control things like the time the message is on screen and stuff. The game basically loads the script chunk as a subprogram, and the extra bytes contain commands that tell the game how to output the text. So in reality, it is not possible to read the text as one huge chunk with a program like Cartographer. You would need something far more involved, which is probably beyond my skill level.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: New Hacks Added to the Database
« on: May 07, 2015, 03:40:36 pm »
I tried the Top Gear 2 MSU-1 hack, and all I am getting is a black screen (using Higan 094). The readme says there should be an emulator specific IPS file, but it is not included in the file hosted by RHDN. At any rate, I copied all the included files into the Higan directory, and it doesn't work.

Edit: Got it to work, you have to change the name of the ROM image file in the Manifest to "program.rom", because that is what it is called in the Higan folder.

Gaming Discussion / Re: The Fall of Gaming, the Modern Crash
« on: May 01, 2015, 12:10:57 pm »
I don't think that there will be a world-wide crash, but I would say that the Japanese video game market has pretty much bottomed out. Aside from Yokai-Watch and maybe some of the latest Wii U games, there is pretty much nothing as far as marketing towards traditional console and handheld games. There are plenty of advertisements for freemium smartphone games, which is likely what most people play. Let's face it, there is not really a huge market for video games amongst people over the age of 18 in Japan anymore. Last time I was in Japan (March), I went to Tsutaya, which is a large entertainment store that sells cds, DVDs, manga, books, etc. The video game section of this four floor store was shoved in the back corner of the top floor. They had a shelf each for the major consoles (Wii U, PS4,  3DS, Xbox 360/One), and that was all. There was a Vita section off to the side, but the sun faded used Super Famicom section was nearly as big. To me, it didn't seem like any console was getting any traction, except for the Wii U, and that was predominately based on existing Mario-based franchises.

That said, it isn't like video games are going away, they are just shifting towards simple smartphone games. In North America and European markets, there is a far larger audience for "AAA" games, which allows companies in these regions to keep putting them out. Try to be someone at Konami Japan advocating for the release of a PS4 exclusive Metal Gear Solid game, when the console has hardly sold a million units after over a year in Japan. That is no way to make their money back in their home territory. Don't be surprised at all if big name franchises like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy moves to smartphones in the future. I just can't see anything that big coming out exclusively on consoles anymore.

I think the markets outside of Japan are far more resilient, but I think there will be a decline in the amount of big budget games as people switch to cheap mobile games.

This hack looks pretty good, but I stopped playing after a few levels because I can't stand the fact that everything is ice. Why? I admit that I would probably do better using a proper SNES controller rather than a crappy Logitech pad, but even then, the first and third levels give you almost no time to spare, even if you proceeding through the level at a fairly good clip. There is little room for error. Also, I thought the boat level was truly bizarre, where the toads kill you if you touch them (aren't they the good guys?). Plus the hit detection on the birds in that level was off, I often found myself getting killed without actually touching them. The final moment where I gave up was this part on the level inspired by Mega Man, where you had to jump out of the water onto several single block platforms made of ice. There is just no way I could get past that without a good controller.

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