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As far as where their community currently is, a good bet is to try
In the past there was a lot of drama between different branches and splinters of Zelda64 communities, and the end result was driving interested people away and tying up info in particular cliques.  It looks like all of that's blown over, but to be honest it isn't clear where the community is at any longer.

To add to the community question, the most active Zelda 64 community probably is part of The GCN at - It's not strictly a Zelda community, more like general gaming and such, but most of the still active OoT/MM hackers are on there and projects, research, etc. related to the games make up a big part of the forums. That said, spinout's wiki at is still one of the most important resources regarding documentation, even if the forums are kinda dead.

(Also, I'm really quite glad that it's finally spreading that the worst in terms of drama is behind us. Finally shedding that horrible reputation we've had since ZSO.)

In theory, this is all very much feasible; in practice, it's a bit of work. The model format (or the graphics commands that make up the F3DEX2/F3DZEX microcode the game uses) is rather well understood, there's a few model importers/converters, the game's file system (yes, it has a file system) is known, etc., but with the current tools and knowledge, you will need to read up on this stuff - excluding the detailed stuff about the microcode - and do a bunch of stuff by hand.

Also, on the subject of websites: - which is somewhat more active than Maco, although not by much, I guess.

Newcomer's Board / Re: ZELOOTMA/Kafei/Dark Link/Zelda's Birthday Patches
« on: August 12, 2012, 11:01:39 am »
Considering that to my knowledge, ex. none of the tools used for editing OoT/MM ROMs (UoT, OZMAV2, SO, spinout's, etc.) even support byteswapped ROMs... I don't think we're creating patches against those?

Missing or glitchy textures everywhere, including in unchanged levels, also result from using Jabo's D3D plugin v1.6 with the Debug ROM. It should work with most other plugins, including Jabo's 1.5.2 and 1.6.1.

* xdaniel dusts off his account here, as well as his work from, uh... up to 9 years back if the "last modified" date on ex. the Japanese table is to be believed...

In this case, the tilemap comes right after the actual tile data, same as in D-1 Tamers come to think of it. Tile data begins at 0x114DA8, after that, at 0x1159A8 follows the tilemap's width and height (or that's what it looks like; "1A000C00", so 26 tiles wide, 12 tiles high, tho I never tried to change this), and after that, at 0x1159AC, you have the map - two bytes per tile, I believe simply as per WSTech, which Spikeman posted an excerpt of.

Here's a screenshot showing the whole thing; the modified tiles, the map data selected in the hex editor, and the end result:

(...kinda makes me wanna pick up D-1 again, tho I'll just end up abandoning it again after a week or so -.-)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Gameboy/ Gameboy Color Gameshark code format?
« on: February 17, 2011, 01:59:01 pm »
Like 0115D8CF?

01 = ?
15 = byte to be written
D8CF = byteswapped address (thus here it's CFD8)

And it modifies RAM.

RT-55J: Yeah, 2 has been made by someone else, that's for sure... Hell, recoil damage to Mega Man is already quite different, so I'm not gonna look into it any further for now :P  As for the others, I believe I've found the level headers in 3 (made the first stage a row smaller than normal, which made Mega Man spawn to his death), but I didn't get to work on it much yet.

Naruto: If 2-5 are anything like Wily's Revenge, adding support for them should be easy - haven't looked into them, tho, so I don't know yet. Rockman & Forte might be interesting, but I don't really know much about the SNES/SFC and such, so... anyone else? :P

As for Wily's Toolbox, I've been working on something else the past week or so, but I'll be back to this here over the weekend or so.

Bumping this because of v0.5.1 being released a few days ago, see first post, and a few new screenshots of features not yet public. Hope that's okay.


Here's what the disabled menu entry "Show structure" is supposed to show once it's done - a representation of the current level in tree form. It's not yet showing objects, doesn't allow editing (not sure if I'll even implement that) and has a few bugs, so it's still a while off.

Block editor is nearly done, although the UI isn't exactly pretty and it still has some visual bugs.

Also interesting is the level-specific ASM code, which is responsible for things like conveyor belts or insta-kill spikes. It's pretty easy to make blocks with custom behaviours that way, as long as you know your way around GBZ80 assembler somewhat - like a block that, when stepping onto it, turns Mega Man invincible for a few seconds, by manually setting the invincibility counter in RAM that's used after being hit by an enemy.

RT-55J: They're, for the most part, not as inaccurate as you may think - also, they gave me the starting point to look at for how room exits/entrances work. Still haven't figured them out all the way yet, but that's hopefully just a matter of time. So, thanks for the notes! :D

Also, two new screenshots, showing optional collision highlighting and some graphical gimmicks to make the UI nicer (ex. map/objects fade out in the opposite editing mode):

EDIT: Incomplete object properties editor:

Current version: Wily's Toolbox v0.5.1


Usage: Start the program, load a ROM and edit away! Levels are selected via the menu, toolbar or F-keys, segments (each level has a few, basically stretching between the respawn points - you'll see when you use the program) and individual rooms in those via menu or F-keys.

Switch the editing mode to either edit the map or the objects; "drawing" maps works like in any paint program, select a block to draw either from the palette on the right, or by right-clicking on the map itself, then draw that onto the map by using the left mouse button. Objects are selected and dragged around by using the left button; a panel that allows changing of which object is selected, and that object's type and variable appears over the block palette when in object mode.

Display of collision/solidity can be switched on and off, and while technically the game appears to set what which collision type does per level, blue generally marks open space, green are solid blocks, yellow half-height solid blocks (meaning if there's empty space next to Mega Man, and a full-solid block above, you can't move there, if the block above is half-height, you can) and red insta-kill blocks (= spikes, which don't work in Cutman's stage, and are the reason why I believe this is level-dependant).

The game properties window, accessible by menu or toolbar, allows changing of both object and weapon properties; like an enemy's health, or a weapon's inflicted damage. Quite a bit of data there is still not yet fully understood, like of course the "unknown"s and "flags" - the latter determine, in the case of an object, ex. if it's soild. Also I don't yet know which weapon is which, besides the very first, which is the Mega Buster, so you'll need to experiment to see if you're editing the Rolling Cutter or whatever else. The last one might be the Time Stopper, seeing how it's damage is set to 0.

That's about all in terms of documentation at the moment, as I haven't written a proper Readme or anything yet - that thus makes the "Documentation" menu entry under "Help" useless for now, sorry :P

(Original first post below...)

I guess the thread subject and screenshots already say most of what I could say at this point :P  Anyway, this is an editor for Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge for the Game Boy, called Wily's Toolbox. It's written in C# - a first for me, ignoring some minor experiments - and still a work-in-progress, but already capable of simple level editing for the four regular levels. There's also a bunch of bugs still, which is why I'm not providing a download yet (hopefully soon), and it's still missing some features I'd like to get in prior to release. Also, if anyone has any kind of documentation about this game, feel free to throw it my way - I've been researching and coding this on my own so far, and while I've figured out much of ex. the level format, things like sprite animation or how/where level segments connect to each other are still a mystery.

Ah, and finally, here's how the above looks in-game:

I'm finished with this one.

<3 - Thank you, that's perfect! I've inserted it into the ROM earlier and, after fixing up the rest of the tilemap, I think that I'll open up a thread in Personal Projects and post some stuff - mainly Kururin, I guess - in there :)

12, that any better? The blue border around the letters is somewhat irregular and the orange one is missing some shading at the edges, same for the Helirin (the flipper thingy), but it's getting somewhere, I think... I also haven't tried to copy the ダ's stars over yet - the Helirin was difficult enough because of the original logo's applied filtering, and the blurred outlines that resulted in -, and I'm not sure if I should keep the Helirin where it is now...

Any other suggestions?

Besides finishing the actual translation and hacking work itself, there's something else that somewhat bothers me with Kururin Paradise - my pathetic try at making a translated title screen for it:

My version on the left, original Japanese on the right. I tried to make it look better - with suggestions I've recieved quite a while ago in this very thread even - but failed so miserably that I didn't even try to reinsert it, as my skills in graphic editing programs aren't up to this kind of thing... Thus I'd like to ask if someone with better skills, and in case he/she's got some spare time, could make a better title logo for this project than this failure of mine. Below this is the original logo alone, cropped from a VBA tilemap shot:

Just a note on N64 hacking: Some editors are either already released (ex. F-Zero X, GoldenEye, as seen/available right here) or are in progress and especially Ocarina of Time has seen quite a bit of progress over the last, uh, year I guess.

Several tools for OoT have already been released - most of them only working on the MQ Debug ROM for now because of its decompressed nature -, such as Zelda Edit and recently ZLE (a very interesting, albeit not very user-friendly, map editor) and a version of ZAV (Zelda Actor Viewer) capable of ex. editing object types and placements on maps. Also, some of the first big level modifications and even a custom dungeon (a remake of the first dungeon from Zelda 1) have been made these last weeks. Some of these tools and hacks are still kinda buggy but considering the system that OoT runs on, all that's been done up to now is highly impressive work from everyone involved and OoT (or MM for that matter) hacking is just starting out.

Links: & (Game Hacking & Programming forums at the Zelda Coalition forums), (OoT Hacking forum at Z64 Station), (hacking tools section at Zelda's Secret Ocarina), (former OoT hacker Cendamos'/Cadohacan's website)

(Hope I forgot nothing and that my ramblings make sense... just check the links if they don't ^^")

Newcomer's Board / Re: Introduction Topic
« on: June 22, 2006, 04:30:02 pm »
Hi there, I'm xdaniel, 19 years old and from Germany. I'm a mediocre-to-okay ROM hacker, trying his hand on translating games way too often, which, as of yet, resulted in around 30-40 or so "translations" with a completion status in the single digits.

As for finished projects, there's only my Megaman Zero (GBA) English to German translation. Some other projects that really are in progress somehow are Kururin Paradise - also GBA, just found the motivation to work on it again - and Monster Gate - Dai Inaru Dungeon - Fuuin no Orb (what a title) - that's GBA as well, a partial script dump is done thanks to a custom dumper made by a German hacker on another forum, but insertion could prove to be a problem because of the game's text format/compression.

Also, Gideon Zhi might remember me as the guy asking for permission to do a German translation of his English Rockman & Forte one, even getting all the necessary files from him, but - which he most likely doesn't know - still not having released anything yet, despite starting 2 years ago. Sorry about that ^^"

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