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Personal Projects / Re: Lazy Shell v3.5b - Super Mario RPG Editor
« on: April 13, 2011, 11:25:23 am »
Well, I'm going to try the new version, see if I can make Syrups cause Mute now.

I've actually got a feeling that certain conditions are hard coded as not able to be self-inflicted

You can, but you have to set "Effect type" to Inflict, "Inflict Function" to {NONE} and the "Inflict amount" to 0, which pretty much removes all of the unique properties of a Syrup item. So yeah, they're hard-coded unfortunately.

Personal Projects / Re: Lazy Shell v3.5b - Super Mario RPG Editor
« on: April 01, 2011, 11:12:58 pm »
Download LAZY SHELL v3.5 BETA

This is not a final release; it is a BETA release. I am releasing only in the hopes that any users will use this opportunity to post any bugs or annoyances you find in this version, and also because I can't really think of any more improvements I could possibly make. Additionally I am getting quite sick of working on it and am finding that it is eating up too much of my time. I will give people ONE month to make any reports, after which I will release 3.5 ALPHA (in the beginning of May).

The number of fixes, additions, and changes are very numerous. The most important ones are the addition of a hex editor, battle scripts have been moved into the monster editor, you can reset an element (undoing any changes made since last save), and you can click/drag single solidity tiles. There are so many more important additions and fixes that you'll have to look through the changes listed below to see all.

I also want to emphasize that the levels now save entirely with no problems.

Here is the complete list of changes:

General changes:
*Changed target framework to NET 2.0
*Closing editors w/o making any changes no longer prompts for save
*Drop-down list backgrounds now drawn with game's menu background graphics
*Model class now more easily accessible static class
*Most panels are now Fixed3D appearance
*Reset option in many editors to undo all changes to a current element
*Search field in most editors now visible by default
*Searching now has match case and match whole word options

Editor-specific changes:
*Animation Scripts: text dump now tags scripts with names of spell, item, etc.
*Battle Scripts: moved battle scripts editor to monsters editor
*Event Scripts: command category now just one listbox, saves space
*Levels: color gradient effect on object fields and solidity map
*NPC Editor: can now search for NPCs w/sprite w/o modifying current NPC sprite
*Scripts: command color-coding for event and battle script editors is lighter
*Solid Tiles: solid tile searcher and viewer now far more versatile & superior
*Space analyzer: now one listbox, easier to manage and clearer

***Hex editor with typical features like search, fill, copy/paste, etc***
*Animations: added a few more descriptions for commands
*Clearing: option to clear unused graphic sets
*Damage Calculator: calculate damage of spells or an attack based on stats
*Event Scripts: right-click-go-to options for jump to/run event commands
*Graphic Editor: fill/paint bucket feature, contiguous and non-contiguous
*Hacking Tools: auto-hack creation tools, like raising/lowering monster stats
*Levels: export/import level architecture allows porting maps from other games
*Levels: can now see how many bytes left for NPC's, events, exits, overlaps
*Levels: can export a selection (one layer only) as a battlefield
*Levels: can now edit solidity properties of a tile
*Levels: NPC, event, exit fields display information tags next to field on map
*Levels: jump to destination, event or formation on right-click of objects
*Levels: option to lock tileset editing; avoid annoyances w/accidental moving
*Levels: auto-update option and manual update for tileset editing
*Levels: export all images with option to crop to mask edges
*Levels: can now toggle view of priority 1 for solidity map tiles
*Levels: click/drag solid tiles makes editing solidity map remarkably easier
*Palette Editor: import/export palette feature added back on
*Previewer: option to set (ie. raise) level of party members from 1 to 30
*Previewer: option to set equipment of party members
*Settings: option to remember and load last viewed level
*Sprites: export all molds of each sprite as individual sprite sheet images
*Sprites: added back option to incrementally adjust X,Y coord of tiles

*Allies: XP needed wasn't updating if Mario not selected
*Battle Scripts: cut icon off of spell names b/c were showing box character
*Clearing: clearing current for solidity and battlefields not working
*Dialogues: couldn't draw to lower-right region of overworld font characters
*Dialogues: battle dialogue search crashing b/c casting instead of ToString()
*Effects: cancelling import into tileset threw exception--reading null image
*Graphic Editor: clear function (right-click) wasn't even written at all
*Levels: graphics weren't saving after editing in graphic editor
*Levels: graphics weren't saving to ROM b/c edit flag not set
*Levels: palettes and graphics were saving when choosing not to save on close
*Levels: moving tiles in tileset was resetting edits within tilemap
*Levels: scrollbars were resetting when changing window focus
*Levels: free space calculation for objects confused memory of current object
*Levels: issues with toggle off for selection and pasting
*Levels: event goto button for NPCs wasn't disabling if battle trigger type
*Levels: copy/paste then enable solidity or objects shrinks inside selection
*Levels: undo/redo not working for solidity map editing; stack not updating
*Levels: copy/paste tiles in tileset not updating pasted tile's internal index
*Levels: erasing w/edit all layers simultaneously not always working
*Levels: using wrong updating bool for individual properties
*Levels: priority 1 tint not updating after undo/redo
*NPC editor: search button wasn't doing anything
*Previewer: was loading level exit source and not level trying to preview
*Previewer: edit flags being reset, so issues with previewing more than once
*Script Editors: editing script no longer causes blinking/flickering
*Search Solid Tiles: selecting item in results listbox threw exception
*Sprites: dragging tiles past boundaries threw an exception
*Sprites: palette num, index, graphic set offset were not saving
*Sprites: issues with auto-copy function; shouldn't flip copied tiles
*Sprites: clicking tileset outside of index limit threw exception
*Sprites: cancelling import into tileset threw exception--reading null image
*World Maps: not saving wasn't resetting the map points

I was far more diligent in documenting the changes this time which is part of the reason why the list is so long. This is not an April fool's joke by the way. Download the editor and see for yourself.

I wrote a .NET program which draws and displays the levels in Seiken Densetsu 3. It's a WIP build, and unstable so don't try to edit anything. You can move between level indexes with no problems, though. All 1114 levels draw flawlessly as far as I know, and you can export all levels as images too. I'm only releasing this if anyone out there is willing to reverse engineer the decompression code and make recompressing and saving maps possible. If it never happens, no big deal. In case anyone can expand on this, they're welcome. I'm probably not going to work on this anymore because it's just way too much work, way more than I should be willing to invest time in (more than I already have, at least).

Here is the ROM map. Almost all offsets documented are level-related.
Here is the build:
Here is the source (the reason for this thread):

Note that this is a WIP build, not even a beta, so it is not capable of saving. I put an architecture exporting feature which lets you export all the elements of a map into a single file and import it into another game. Lazy Shell v3.5 has the import option available (not released to public yet). Video demonstration of architecture porting.

The decompression is in the Comp.cs file (in the Static folder). SD3 has at least FOUR different compression formats (one each for level graphics, tilesets, solidity, and tilemaps), and possibly more but only these four are used in levels. Ignore the compression code at the beginning of the file (it's for FF5); the 4 SD3 decomp functions are obvious (marked by _SD3). Commented lines are the ASM addresses converted into C#; some functions are named based on the offset of subroutines used by the 4 decomp functions. DP_## variables are named based on the direct page registers in the 65816 asm. The buffer array is where the decompressed data is stored and used by the program. I tried simplifying the code from the ASM to C# conversion as much as possible.

News Submissions / Re: Utilities: LAZY SHELL v3.4 released (2011-01-23)
« on: January 26, 2011, 11:16:15 am »
Did you also make FF6LE the Level Editor? If so, do you intend on doing any future modifications it it?

Yes, I was the author. And if I were to make any changes in the future the GUI would need to be completely revised like Lazy Shell. Also, I just realized that Lazy Shell v3.4 has issues with modifying and saving tilemaps and tilesets in the Levels editor (yes, again, as usual). I've fixed the problems as far as I know. Believe me, it's as annoying to me as it is to anyone else. That's what happens with nobody to beta test all of the features. If anyone is willing to test v3.4.1 (BETA) send me a message and I will give you the program.

News Submissions / Re: Utilities: LAZY SHELL v3.4 released (2011-01-23)
« on: January 24, 2011, 10:53:06 am »
I actually just put it at 1GB because that's probably the safest minimum amount of memory to run it on, but it should run fine with 512MB provided you don't have every single window open and are not switching between indexes in memory-heavy editors like Levels and Sprites simultaneously with reckless abandon.

Look at Mushroom's stats (the Mushroom that causes Mushroom, not the regular one) for comparison.

Make sure Inflict Function is set to {NONE}. Also, try unchecking other properties that you think might interfere with it.

That Exits and Overlaps saving problem was annoying, I know. It has been fixed in v3.0, which is nearly finished right now.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm currently working on v3.0 of the editor right now. It will be a reworking of control integration and the editors will be far more user friendly and less esoteric / cryptic. Editors will be separated into individual forms instead of being bunched together on separate tabs. The effect and sprite editors especially will have their assembly changed to something more organic and flexible. Now that my knowledge of C# has advanced considerably, I've found more efficient ways of arranging things. Here's what the finished portions look like:

Sorry you had such a :banghead: experience with the hack but I guess it's my fault mostly. I should put in an in-game strategy using the dialogue that guides the player to certain parts of the levels, or away from. I never thought the first monsters were that menacing--I was worried they'd be too easy (I thought they were push-overs, but I knew exactly how to beat them).

The monsters shouldn't be hard at all if you follow the strategy in "strategy.txt". Monsters give you a lot of XP to hasten leveling up since this is much shorter than the original game. The strategy file should help with following an easy leveling-up process. When you first get Mallow, don't head straight into the sewers. Do what the .txt file says and level up in the forest first. I was able to beat the hack without using save states or cheats.

You can only import images (jpg,png,gif) into the main title logo for now.

I am currently working on finishing v2.6b. It will fix all of these errors, and add importing/exporting support for those things that don't have it. Also, since importing images into the main title L1 and L2 takes extremely long (as you've probably noticed), it will show you the active progress of the importing and you'll also have the option to cancel the process if you start losing patience.

It's up now, thanks for the heads up.

Version 2.5b has been released. Download at the same location above. This version lets you import images into the main title (do this in the world maps tab of the sprites editor). Here is an example I did using the editor:

Also, this version fixes the problem with map point name letters. They now draw using the keystroke table which they didn't before.

Personal Projects / Lazy Shell v3.5b - Super Mario RPG Editor
« on: June 01, 2010, 04:37:40 pm »
Lazy Shell v2.5b has been released, along with v2.0 of The Bob-omb Mafia. The DL location for Lazy Shell provides the source code, too.

Lazy Shell is a third party .NET application written in the C#
programming language which is capable of editing a wide range of
elements within the Super Mario RPG (US) ROM image file.

I realized the old version(s) had many many flaws and much room for improvement barring major additions. There are many improvements, fixes, and minor additions to v2.4b. See the file "changes.txt". Remember that this is only a beta version and there may be unknown bugs that will surface later. A more comprehensive readme.txt is included too. I'm still not taking any requests for additions so please don't ask for a music editor, menu graphics editor, etc. Only bugs will be fixed.

Most notable changes in this version are:
* (almost) everything is in decimal format now to avoid confusion.
* options for backing up ROMs on load and/or save
* SNES9X support in the previewers
* a new notes format which organizes everything into only one file in a database
* items, attacks, spells and monsters are drawn using a sophisticated keystroke table like the dialogue
* said keystroke tables (3 total, for menus, descriptions, and dialogue) can be modified, exported and imported via .txt file
* importing and exporting is more organized with a small form for each
* you can clear a range of elements, the most useful being clearing a specific range of dialogues to make room for space
* copy/paste support for NPCs
* dec <> hex helper (press F2) in each editor, shows dec/hex for when mouse is moved over number



Every element of this hack was designed and modified exclusively with the editor. No other applications were used.

Features of the hack include:
* 35 entirely new levels   * 50+ new overworld events   * 100+ new dialogues   
* 12 new bosses   * several new items   * 2 new spell animations   * actual game strategy

This hack most predominantly demonstrates the capabilities of the level editor and event script editor portions of the editor.

The 1st version of TBBM was rife with bugs, bad scripting, terrible game strategy, and obnoxiously horrible dialogue. The new version has all (I think) bugs fixed, actual gameplay, the dialogue is cleaned up, and in addition to these revisions there are also several additions. A world map is used, and a new boss is added as well as a secret area. Two new spells, several new attacks for the final boss, and a puzzle room were added. Several elements (such as levels) were rearranged for strategic purposes. The hack's game strategy is much more balanced and actually presents a challenge this time. If you decide to play it and end up getting frustrated, I included a strategy in the .zip to help with progressing through it. If you want to use cheats, I'm not encouraging it but it doesn't make any difference to me anyways.


Also, if you post the password given when you beat the hack here I'll post a special version 1.1 of TBBM of which the only difference is several weird spells and attacks (mostly by red thwomp and the forest boss).

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