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Personal Projects / Re: Super Pitfall NES (improvements)
« on: September 05, 2016, 10:16:25 pm »
Hi!  My first time posting on these forums.  I'm rockman_X_2002 over on the Famitracker forums, as well as Atariage, and a few other places, and cross_bearer_02 in other places, and I'm the rockman_x_2002 who did the original NES version of the Pitfall II theme song and version of "Over the Waves" that was adapted and used in this ROM hack.

I just wanted to say congratulations to nesrocks and the rest of the team that made this ROM hack possible.  When nesrocks contacted me about using some of the tunes I had worked on to fun in his project, I was extremely honored to be a small part of this little project, and was excited to hear about it.  I've had an opportunity to download and play it today, and I'm extremely impressed at how the game has turned out.  I played Super Pitfall many years ago as a kid, and found it very difficult to enjoy, and felt that it paled in comparison to the original Atari 2600 games I knew and loved so much.

I am very pleased to say that the improvements made here make this game a worthy installment in the Pitfall! series, and so glad to see the amount of love and attention given to making this game so much better than it originally was.  I can happily say this is a game that I will enjoy diving into and playing through extensively!

Again, congratulations on an excellent ROM hack, and for vastly improving a game that so badly needed it!  Really enjoying this one!

Cheers!     ;D

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