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Gaming Discussion / Re: FF4 Soundtrack question
« on: Today at 06:30:47 am »
He's not the only person who remembers it that way because apparently no one pronounced the name correctly
None of the pronunciations the Nerd suggest is even remotely correct for the "-stein" suffix. In german this means "stone" and is an extremely common suffix for jewish and german names. I do not know how to explain how to pronunce it in english, but it's something like "shtayne".

I have no idea about the ethymology of a -stain suffix though, nor do I know if it comes from an english deformation of the german "-stein" or if it is something completely else.

The Berenstain bears do not appear to be popular in the french speaking world, so I never heard of them before the AVGN episode.

Gaming Discussion / Re: FF4 Soundtrack question
« on: Today at 02:05:05 am »
This remembers me some other recent thread...

To be honest, I am disapointed at you Disch. If you were going to prove that something sound different in 2 different versions, you should at least come up with some evidence. Just saying "I remember something different" is a void and pointless statement if you cannot prove that what you "remember" exists at all.

Also remembers me the recent AVGN video about Bernstain Bears and he remembering it being spellt "Bernstein" even though that spelling never existed.

PS : Also if you want to have accurate MIDI representation of SNES Final Fantasy music you can either use VGMTrans (if you don't mind it not being Gerneral MIDI compatible) or GBAMusRiper on the GBA ROMs with my sound restoration patch applied (the songs are edited but are as General MIDI compatible as possible).

General Discussion / Re: Good and Bad console names
« on: October 23, 2016, 07:39:56 am »
"This isn't like the DS ... the DS's name is actually "DS", it's not "Dual Screen"."

again, an abbreviation. the full name is Nintendo Dual-Screen but NDS sounds better and is much easier/quicker to say.
The Nintendo DS was always marketted as the "DS", and it's what is printed on the console and on the box in which it is sold.

On the NES on the other hand it says "Nintendo Entertainment System". "NES" abbreviation is only found in cartridge and hardware's Nintendo code, but aside of that is not used as such in any documentation from Nintendo as far as I know.

General Discussion / Re: Good and Bad console names
« on: October 21, 2016, 04:04:56 pm »
In the french speaking world, as far as I can tell it was the same. The 1st console was called "Nintendo", the 2nd "Super Nintendo", and the 3rd "Nintendo soixante-quatre".

Only at a later time the accronym NES and SNES (pronunced "ness" and "sness" - never the individual letters) became known, mainly through the internet and primarly English speaking communities. Today the accronym is used the most often for the NES, because using just plain "Nintendo" refers to the company as a whole. The other consoles however continues to be refered to like they always were, such as "Super Nintendo".

I also like the "Super NES" compromise, sort of the best of both world, but it doesn't seem very used.

* pops in *

So, we all agree that Trump is part of a democrat conspiracy to get H. Clinton elected despite her numberous shortcomings, right ? Since she appears to be the only remaining "real" candidate. How lovely democracy is...

It'll end up like France where there is an elected president technically but he's got 8% popularity and litarally everyone in the remaining 92% hates him with passion.

* pops out *

Gaming Discussion / Re: Will Nintendo target [b]here[/b] next?
« on: October 09, 2016, 06:00:48 am »
It's funny RHDN is hosted in Italy. I had absolutely no idea it was located just next door to where I live :)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Games you want to love but can't
« on: October 09, 2016, 05:58:07 am »
Anyway, I kinda wonder if our friend Breg just needs to play RoB again. It may not change his opinion of the game but it sounds like he's "misremembering" a few things.
I definitely neeed to play it again. Since my expectations are not lower than they initially were, maybe I'll finally enjoy the game.

Because of the wording here I would like to point out that in CV this sort of concept is never taken to the idiotic extreme of the NES Ninja Gaiden games where it sometimes feels like you are required to memorize every inch of some of the levels since some of the enemys are impossible to react to quick enough unless you already know they are there.
*hem hem* CV1
(also some later stages of CV3)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Games you want to love but can't
« on: October 08, 2016, 12:58:30 pm »
Stage 3 has a horrible, horrible section where you're jumping from column to column, and there are skeletons and medusa heads trying their damnedest to knock you into a pit. You get knocked in, you lose the best ending. Period. It's horrible, it's too soon in the game to be pulling that crap.
I agree, it's horrible. I absolutely lohated that part until I used savestates. Also don't get me started on the final boss fight...

You are putting words in peoples' mouths. No one (to my knowledge) thinks Drac X Snes is a "terrible piece of shit."
The person I was responding to, which happens to be SunGodPortal, said it's a "cheap piece of shit". Sure I changed a word, but I don't think it's too much of a pervertion of what he said, or that it makes so much a difference.

It baffles me how you can consider the stripped-down, pastel, MIDI-quality version a superior game to the Turbo CD
You are putting wods in people's mouth. No one (to my knownledge) thinks that MIDI-quality version of Dracula X on the SNES are supperior to the Turbo CD version.
What I said is that the music was the same , not that music quality is the same. And Dractula X has excellent music quality for SNES standards. It's not CD obviously because that wasn't technically possible - but it certainly sounds good and close to the best of what the SNES can technically do. Unfortunately, the other parts of Dracula X are, as we already discussed.... arghh...

You are very much on the wrong side of this argument.
I wasn't arguing anything in the first place. I was just stating my opinion that Rondo of Blood disapointed me, and that I wanted to love this game but, alas, couldn't. That does not mean I consider the game to be bad, just average. When it was supposed to be incredibly amazing masterpiece people told me it was, this is quite a disapointment.

9 out 10 people throughout the game's history have utterly gone against you, that's what I mean. History is formed by opinions, you know. The saying goes "The winners write the history books."
I am not getting what you are trying to tell me nor what this has to do with History, but if what you meant is that 9 out of 10 people think Rondo of Blood is an amazing game, then I agree with you. This used to only add more to my expectations - and to my disapointment, just like I said.

You must rescue her in Stage 2, and complete the level. That's it. You don't have to beat the game.
That's probably the part that made me rage quit the game, since doing that was almost impossible. You had to race against a giant monster (which is also present in Dracula X) and get a key item without loosing it, ever (something which also exist in Dracula X), and which is frustrating as you are obliged to use the horrible CV1 whip.

Castlevania Dracula X has such a short amount of recovery time that you can get hit multiple times by the same enemy and even knocked into a pit.
Is there any difference between the 2 games in this regard ?

Gaming Discussion / Re: Games you want to love but can't
« on: October 08, 2016, 09:01:01 am »
History does not agree with you in this regard.
What do you are anyone else's personal opinion have to do with History ?!? If you guys like the game, it's great and all. I just personally was disapointed with it, and wanted to indicate that to the OP which was seeking games people wanted to love but couldn't. For me Rondo of Blood is exactly that, and I forgot to mention it in my 1st answer.

You guys constantly repeat some of the things that are actually cool in the game, such as being able to play as Maria (only after having beten the game though - while CV3 allows you to play as several characters and switch between them almost immediately) and secrets (sure they're cool but CV2, 3 and SCV4 had them too). However nobody mention the fact the game is extremely retrograde and has controls just as bad as the original CV1, and also has the same stupid difficulty as this game - perhaps even more because it starts being stupid difficult at level 2 already, when at least CV1 has 3 easy levels at the begining.

Drac X for SNES is a cheap piece of shit. At least it has good graphics and sound, I guess.
Drac X is at least 50% exactly the same as Rondo of Blood, so I hardly see how one game could be a masterpiece and the other be a terribble piece of shit. They have the same graphics, music and bosses. They have the same totally retrograde and utterly shitty controls and are both stupid difficult. Only the levels themselves differs, and the fact you can't play as the girl after having beten the game, but since you're unlikely to beat any of the games without cheating anyway...

There was a save function
In the case of a traditional non-metroidvania game, I do not see how this can be a good thing in any way. It prevents you to reach any level when playing, while password system allows that once you get your collection of passwords. SCV4 has 12 levels and uses passwords, explain me why saves would be necessary for a 6-levels game.

Even if this was a good feature it's nothing new - the orignal CV1 on FDS had it.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Games you want to love but can't
« on: October 07, 2016, 05:16:14 pm »
I absolutely love LoD because it takes the old Castlevania gameplay and expands on it without adding anything that doesn't need to be there just like Rondo of Blood did for 2Dvanias before SotN cursed all 2D Castlevanias to build upon Metroid.
It's good you mention it, because personally I found Rondo of Blood extremely disapointing. It should definitely be added to this thread's list.
Just like you it's mostly bias - I was expecting the missing unplayable gem left in japan and unreachable for so many years, so it automatically had to be epic. Also it was supposed to be much better than Dracula X for the SNES, but in fact both games are approximately the same just with different levels but same graphics, bosses and both are a big step back after Super CV4 and even CV3 as they're very linear and boring.

I think Michiru Yamane makes the best levels music ever, but the worst boss music ever. It doesn't matter as I don't pay attention to music during boss battle, and just skip them on the OST. Now imagine a game where Michiru compose level music and Uematsu boss music... now THAT'd be a killer.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Read strange rumors about Breath of Fire IV
« on: October 07, 2016, 02:12:27 am »
I remember my sister bought a PC version where it was written on the box it was in french, but the game was in english only... so she returned the game. Which sucks because now BOF IV is the only game in the collection I don't own, I'll have to find one PS1 version used somehow but they're expensive.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Games you want to love but can't
« on: October 07, 2016, 02:00:06 am »
I wanted to love the Castlevania games for the PS2
I loved them personally. They have their flaws, obviously, but if you accept the fact they're different from other CV games and were designed to be closer to Devil May Cry than to older CV games, then they're great. They have awesome music and aren't too ridiculously hard.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Origin of video game character's name
« on: October 05, 2016, 06:28:37 am »
Shanoa - http://www.babynology.com/meaning-shanoa-f6.html (???)

I've never really heard of this name outside of CV before. It could be a rare name used in the newer parts of the Anglosphere.
I wonder whether this source is reliable at all. It seems the page for this particular name is mostly empty. (EDIT : Just checked again more in detail, this site is a huge mess and mostly bullshit it mixes up all origins together completely - for instance 80% of so called "French names" aren't french at all in the 1st palce)

To me it souds like a deformation of the jewish name Shana or Shania (they added a 'o' somehow).

Gaming Discussion / Re: Origin of video game character's name
« on: October 04, 2016, 11:45:07 am »
"dorf" addition meaning "someone who lived in a village"
Dorf means "village" in German language. Also many villages ends in -dorf in Germany, and some even ironically became huge cities (i.e. Düsseldorf).

Sonia - Russian (huh?)
Shanoa - Australian (wtf?)
Source, please.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Origin of video game character's name
« on: October 03, 2016, 03:10:50 pm »
Some Transylvanian Saxon ancestry, not complete ;)
Definitely. Transylvanian Saxons and Maygars formed the upper, ruling class while Romanians and Gypsies were the lowest classes. I cannot possibly imagine the belmonts being from any of the lower classes.

Also German culture and language is much, much more well known and widespread arround the world than Maygar/Hungarian culture. This probably explain the German names for most Belmonts : Not only Richter, but also Ralph/Trevor from CV3 (he has 2 names but both are german names), Reinhold from CV64. I guess Simon and Sonia can be a given names in many languages, including German ("Simon" is definitely of Jewish origin, "Sonia" could be too but I'm not sure). Juste and Julius however I don't think it can be a German given name - please correct me if I'm wrong.

Morris as a family name is I think of British origin (with that spelling), obviously it was given as a reference to Quincey Morris from the original Dracula book.

Charlotte Austin seems to have a french given name and family name as well.

I'm unsure about the origin of Soma Cruz, I belive Soma is a japanese given name and that Cruz is a spanish family name, please correct me if I'm wrong. Mina Hakuba is obviously japanese.

Dimitrii and Dario (the names from the vilain in Dawn of Sorrow) seems to be Russian given names, I wonder why they picked them.

I wonder about the origin of the given name Shanoa (from Order of Ecclesia). I cannot possibly have any clue where this name's from. I tought it could possibly be jewish, but it doesn't appear to be the case.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Origin of video game character's name
« on: October 03, 2016, 06:27:23 am »
I was thinking that the Belmonts had some Transylvanian Saxon ancestry, considering one of them is named Richter.
But transylvanian saxons started to colonize Transylvania from Germany only in the 12th century, but the earliest Castlevania game (the PS2 game) takes place in the 11th century. Also I believe the concept of family names in the Christian world didn't even exist before the 13th century or so, thus...

Gaming Discussion / Re: Origin of video game character's name
« on: October 02, 2016, 04:04:59 pm »
Concerning Castlevania and the name Belmont, it is certainly not a French name, because its katakana transcription is "berumondo", whereas in French, the final -t of Belmont is not pronounced and it would certainly be written as "berumon".
Personally I never pronounted the "t" of Belmont in any Castlevania game, as a french native. So either the japanese transcription is incorrect, or the latin transcription is incorrect. I'd bet on the former, japanese guys were looking at french names, and transcribed it in katakana without knowing the final "t" is not pronounced.

I'll also add that before 1860, the border between France and Italy (or rather I should say - the border between the French world and the Italian world - Italy wasn't founded yet) were not properly defined. There was an independent country named Piedmont-Savoy which was part of what is today southestern France and northwestern Italy, and it was bilinguial. Most people spoke hybrid dialects that were neither french nor italian, but sort of in-between. The modern Italian state of Aosta valley is still French sepaking, although it has been vastly italianized during the XXth century, particularly under Mussolini. All place names and most people's family names are in French there, even if most young people have Italian as a mother language. (Only in more remote places - and this valley is full of them - people still speak French or a French dialect at home, but before WW2 everyone did).

Some villages in western Piedmont just next to France are in a similar case, I guess, but they have been italianized more quickly because they were not part of an unified french-speaking region within Italy.

Again, since the games are supposed to take place in Transylvania, the name should be in Romanian, Hungarian or German since those are the 3 ethnies who populated the country between the middle ages and the second world war. Also family names appeared between 1200-1500 BC so earlier Castlevania games heroes shouldn't even have a famiily name at all.

EDIT : Also, most family names in europe were not required to have one precise orthography before the end of the 19th century or the begining of the 20th century. The concept that "it's wrong if it's not written exactly like that" is fairly recent in comparison to the history of family names. So having an orthography oscillate between Belmont, Belmond and Belmondo randomly actually makes perfect sense in regard to real life.

I just had pizza.
Even if pizza is an italian dish, it was popularized by american-italian and not by italian-italians, so pizza is actually more from America than from Italy in some sense.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Origin of video game character's name
« on: September 30, 2016, 12:47:53 pm »
Well, yeah. The name John comes from the Hebrew name Yohanan, which became Ioannes in Greek. That eventually led to names like Ivan, John, Juan, Joan, Johan, and Giovanni.
Also Jean in French. Both Hans and Johan are in German shorcuts for "Johannes" which is the full gospel's name. It took me awhile to understand that :)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Origin of video game character's name
« on: September 30, 2016, 10:14:13 am »
I just found out that your screen name originates from Tolkien.
Indeed. (I didn't remember that much about the character itself, just that I picked up an Ent's name I liked randomly)

As for "Aran," the wikipedia article said it was a piece of the soccer player Pele's birth name that they saw, and clipped off. It also seems to be an island chain off the coast of Ireland, though.
Aran is a small village not very far to where I live, although it's most likely pure coincidence.

Mario is an Italian proper name.
Obviously, and so is Luigi. However, Wario and Waluigi were most likely made up. :) Yoshi is a genuine japanese surname (or is it a family name ? Or both ? I'm not sure).

The origins of names and words is a subject that fascinates me no end.
I also am fascinated by this.

There are a number of sites that some people use for looking up their family trees (genealogy).
Indeed, there is this site for example : http://worldnames.publicprofiler.org (note : use a fake email-adress or you'll be spammed).

However, it only works for family names and not for surnames. Also it does show the modern repartition and not origin, so migration will bias names a lot (as a random example, some Danish names might be more common in Canada than in Denmark due to former migration more than 200 years ago). Finally, it is lacking A LOT of countries, so its incomplete.

In this case it seems that Aran is an existing family name in Catalogna, no idea whether it's what they picked up when developped Metroid or not.

EDIT : There is also forebears which covers family names in most of the countries of the world. But again it is only for family names (I think), and how they got the data is questionnable, and probably very different for different countries across the world. Most of the time phone books are used, which comes with it's pros and cons as a mean to get count of family names per country (and do not necessarly indicate their origin).

Gaming Discussion / Origin of video game character's name
« on: September 30, 2016, 06:24:21 am »
I wonder if there is somewhere a centralized place where we can find where the video game character's name comes form. It's possible some names were simply made up, but many of them are real surnames or family names from various countries. Some names could even have been made up, but happens by coincidence to be an actual surname or family name in some country. Some names might also be common name from various languages.

For example "Seifer" in FF8 is a common German family name. "Tina", the original name of the heroine of FF6, is a common German female given name. "Belmont" is a real family name in France, etc...

I wonder if there is someplace where they checked the origin of names from many video game characters.

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