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News Submissions / Re: Translations: Laplace's Demon v2.00
« on: September 17, 2018, 06:15:35 pm »
Walkthrough of game doesn't mention how to get the Sword out of the Ice: Use a Vial of Holy Oil on the statue of a Fiery Haired man to be able to melt it (You get the Psy Condenser item when you ignite the torch of the statue). The statue is directly below the room where the sword is in

For those who are confused about how much EXP it requires to get to 10 for a skill, you need a whopping 9,000 EXP.
The Demon Door in the manor or the Dread Knight are the easiest ways to get EXP and money via photos but the EXP in general is divided between party members; Dread Knight can be found after getting the Compass and Bow needed to manually control the ship in the castle. You can fight it over and over again until you use the Silver Crucifix on it which you get from the Catoblepas in the lower level of the castle.

Personal Projects / Re: Translations of early Famicom games
« on: August 31, 2017, 10:45:18 am »
What about Famicom Mahjong

There are so many Famicom Mahjong games it would make your head spin.

Maybe a hack of Hydlide which allows you to change the music to the Hydlide 3 (NES) themes, to at least get rid of that grating Indiana Jones ripoff riff.

* Overworld
* Caves
* Final Dungeon

What about a complete overhaul of FF5 Advance to make an GBA version of FF3 NES?

It will be one hell of a project to pull something like that off.

I'll assume some of the Robopon are inaccessible due to only the Sun version being localized and not its companion Star?

Yeah, it shares the same traits with Pokemon, you cannot get the others unless you trade. That is not too much of an issue compared to the internal clock and remote issue I pointed out.

I noticed we're sorely lacking in Megaman Battle Network hacks, and I believe most of them excluding the DS version of 5 would do well to have new revisions for the fans.

For example -

Fighting Mistman.exe AND Bowlman.exe in the same game for Battle network 3. Also if I'm not mistaken there was a lot of Japanese-exclusive Battle Chips too.

I already said this in an earlier post here, the idea was to include a way to get all the battle chips without having to trade or have to bust viruses over and over again to get a specific one. Concept was a whole black market in the Undernet that could be accessed, and more kinds of chips would be more accessible as the story advanced or a special chip trader like the ones at Higsby's shop (Input 3 chips, get a random one) that dispenses Chips not normally found in the version you are playing.


Well a proper hack to Robopon would help that fixes the internal game clock so that it doesn't go beyond 23:00 whenever you start it up. You literally have to reset the damned clock every time you start up the ROM because if the game's clock isn't set properly, random Robopon won't show up. Also a way to get the Teardrop of Morris and other items that require a TV remote to access.

Maybe a complete overhaul of Stargazers to make it more bearable (Faster overworld movement speed, proper enemy clusters, better music, etc)

Maybe a Hack that gives the Zelda Games in general the Broadcast Satellaview Heroes to play as instead or something like it (SNES already has this so no real need for replacing those). Instead of the Destined Hero of Hyrule, a generic male or female would be the hero. It shouldn't be too hard for some sprite and script replacement, the real bottleneck would be the cutscenes in some of the games. (There would be 2 versions, one male and one female, much like the Broadcast Satellaview versions of Zelda 1 and LTTP).

Mega Man Battle Network 3-6

Those games require you to get all the chips from both games to advance in the optional dungeon either via chip catalog or Program Advances or some other method.

So why not have a Black Market for that stuff in the Undernet? The further you are in the game's story, the more that become accessible. Hell even a Black Market in general for all the games would help instead of having to constantly bust a certain virus to get the data for the chips. (I'm looking at you Battle Network 1's Dropdown)

Given that I played the original and Legends I can give you some advice:

The Six Moon Stone Colors which are the attributes of spells and enemy types

Red is that of Fire
Green is that of Nature and Healing
Purple is that of Ice
Blue is that of Water and Wind
Yellow is that of Electricity
Silver is that of Life and Death

- You have a paltry amount of SP early on, Focus may be a necessity.
- Do not battle the Loopers until you have something that can assure a 100% Hit Rate (Either it be a skill or piece of equipment), there are also 6 versions of them; each based on an element.
- In Legends there is a bounty hunting system, those bosses do give good loot and equipment, so it does help out, especially here in this version where the difficulty is increased
- One of the Biggest roadblocks in this game is early on against Bleigock, keep a handy supply of healing items due to the fact it can inflict poison on your party, if you obtained any Pyri Boxes before hand, use them. Also go back and save immediately after defeating Bleigock as you will fight ANOTHER boss battle.
- Moonberries are your go to for learning S.Moves, try and get as many as possible, learning all the S.Moves makes the game much easier to deal with. (Especially Delta Shield; This makes the South Ocean easier to handle as the Gravers are the most dangerous as they cast Eterni; Instant Death Spell)
- In Airship Battles; The colors represent the amount of damage the enemy will inflict next. Red being more serious than Yellow and Green.
- Invest heavily in Purple Magic early on due to the fact it has the cheapest SP cost of all of them and can be useful in a pinch against most bosses.
- There are stat boosting seeds you will find, later on if you perform the right conditions, you should be able to buy them for 5,000 Gold a pop.
- Never neglect Increm/Incremus, Quika, Silenis, or Driln/Drilnos. In Later Ship Battles you should be able to use Magic laced shots to silence Magic using creatures and Driln to weaken enemy ships. Increm/Incremus and Quika help bolster the ship's parameters in battle.
- In Airship battles, also carry a supply of repair kits, you only have a limited supply of MP, even with healing spells, you still should conserve MP for Buffing/Debuffing.
- The Swashbuckling Rank easily goes up if you say the right thing during dialogue choices (Generates a noise if you chose the right option). Running away too often causes it to go down.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Introduction Topic
« on: February 22, 2016, 03:23:19 pm »
I go by the username Ryan914

And yes, I am THAT Ryan914 if you are curious. Been registered to post on this site for a while, just didn't get around to it.

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