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Gaming Discussion / Re: The lead male character in Final Fantasy.
« on: August 27, 2017, 08:01:02 am »
FF1 didn't have any lead, unless you want to count the "Warrior of Light" from Dissidia. If so, he has no name. FF6 had no male lead. Terra and/or Celes pretty much top that list, and they're both ladies. There's also a severe lack of Benjamin from Mystic Quest, Ramza (as previously noted), and Vaan from FF12 on your list.

Please stop using Photobucket for images due to their recent stances on 3rd-party-hotlinking. Find an alternative such as imgur.
Ummm, imgur disabled third party linking for the most part as well. You have to request to be whitelisted, which they don't have to grant.

Gaming Discussion / Re: ALL Controller announced
« on: August 07, 2017, 11:30:21 am »
The name is even misleading, as it can't connect to any retro console. RIP PS2, PS, SNES, N64, XBox, Genesis, Dreamcast, Master System, NES, and Atari(s).

Programming / Re: Help with closing file in Visual Studio
« on: July 26, 2017, 12:55:16 pm »
Your OpenFileDialog has no check to see if opening the file succeeded or not. In other words, it's always continuing as though it succeeded when it may not have.
Something like this may work:
Code: [Select]
if(!OpenFileDialog()) return;
// your block of code that continues

Programming / Re: Mega Man X3 FastRom Issues
« on: July 25, 2017, 09:04:00 am »
The specific check for $20 when detecting the Cx4 is just a heuristic that bsnes (and possibly other emulators) use to make sure it doesn't get falsely detected for ROMs that don't actually use it. I could modify said check to support $30 as well, but trying that might make it inconsistent with other emulators.
Why would the state of other emulators even matter? Why bring it up at all? It's irrelevant. It's up to them to keep up with the times. Not your responsibility to abide their laziness.

You just don't want to do it.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Mega Maker (Mega Man Maker) released!
« on: July 21, 2017, 02:53:06 am »
Starting at the beginning, this guy up here is completely ineffectual, you should move him somewhere else, as it is, he just drops into the pit and poses no threat, I do like how you have just enough time to kill that bot and get off the platforms before they go though.
He's mostly useless, but not entirely. Most players will try and get their bearings, and will likely wait, or if they're impatient jump and get hit to their doom.

This platform kinda sucks, these spikes are also harmless unless you put something here to trick the player into jumping on them.
Actually, the spikes are a prevention method to keep players from jumping down and meeting their doom in the clusterfuck. Could've just made the whole thing solid, but it looked kinda bland.

This room is just a clusterfuck of instant death and stun-locking, it sucks hard and you should redo it, I am also aware that you can use the kick to get over, which brings me to the next pic.
It only appears overwhelming at first. Granted, it's not the best design, but I felt like keeping the player on their toes. I've been too nice of a designer laterly!  :crazy:

When the player lands on this platform using the kick attack, they get attacked by several enemies at once, this will most likely lead to cheap deaths as they careen over the edge trying to defend themselves until they learn to swap back to M.Buster quickly to dispatch them, easily fixed by redoing the layout of the previous bit.
Potentially, yes. That Metool is far more dangerous alive than dead, though!

This guy up here, his placement is kinda bad, there's also a 50/50 chance of him offscreening himself if he goes the other direction, making him pretty much harmless.
I tried tweaking that a bit, but in the end I wanted to go with another enemy altogether and forgot about it.

This one here (whatever it is), is in a bad position, its quite easy to blow it to hell before it can even launch an attack, you need to put it somewhere where it's harder to hit.
That turret is generally kinda easy to kill no matter where it's positioned. Anyone with quick enough fingers can mash it to death before it hits you.

At first I thought this was too hard, and then I realized I have the wide-range buster-charge making these trivial to get to, you should make players work for these kinds of pickups by putting them somewhere that requires skill or risk to reach.
Super easy with charge, and if a player tries to charge a shot. Some will, some won't. You will take damage by dropping down, otherwise. I've noticed that lives are completely useless, as well! E-tanks are...not really needed?

Last picture, the placement here is bad because it's too easy to knock a player into instant death here, giving the player more room to dodge might make this more fair, it's also painful to die right here inches from the checkpoint.
That's the main reason I went with a delayed platform, and not one that will quickly kill the player. Best setup? No, clearly. But I tried to be as fair as possible.

I also thought the boss arena was pretty bland compared to the rest of your level, the boss was also tough to beat with only the M.Buster
I tried changing it up, but Plantman's AI breaks horribly with any kinds of obstacles. A new boss entirely would be needed. And yeah, regular shots are terrible. Charged shots are much better, but still not the fastest.

Thanks for the review. The first level is always the hardest one to do. Should get better from here.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Mega Maker (Mega Man Maker) released!
« on: July 20, 2017, 01:16:46 pm »

Have at it, and let me know how bad it is.

If you're lucky, the readme will tell you if it's compatible with both versions of the game. If it is, huzzah, you're lucky. If not, you're boned.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: FFHackster 2017 June Alpha
« on: June 02, 2017, 10:56:45 am »
Whatever you're trying to show doesn't show up.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Final Fantasy 1 Magic Upgrade Idea
« on: June 01, 2017, 01:05:30 pm »
If you are in need of free space, this patch may be able to help. It frees up 0x23 bytes in bank F, as well as adding in DTE support in battles.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Newcomer to emulators and one easy question.
« on: May 17, 2017, 12:55:14 pm »
You do need to find a ROM of the original Final Fantasy game for the NES as well to play this patch. For legal reasons, I cannot tell you where one may be, although if you do a couple searches it will turn up. You will also need a patching utility to apply the patch to the ROM. FLIPS and/or Lunar IPS will do just fine here.

Help Wanted Ads / Re: Super Mario All Stars
« on: May 15, 2017, 03:31:50 pm »
Wow, that was it! I never thought to check for conflicts like that. My own fault for not doing any real assembly work in 3 years. Thanks for that.  :thumbsup:

Help Wanted Ads / Super Mario All Stars
« on: May 14, 2017, 01:51:16 pm »
So I'm doing a small hack for Super Mario Bros 3 for Super Mario All Stars, but I've hit a really odd snag I can't figure out.

Going through this door to Boom Boom...

Takes you back to the first room of the fortress.

Going through the spike room door in the world 2 fortress also does the same thing, takes you back to the first room of the fortress. The only thing either of these rooms have in common is both rooms scroll.

I updated the HUD code to support 3-digit coin numbers. If I don't include the updated HUD, the doors work fine. That leads me to believe my HUD code is broken in some fashion:
Code: [Select]
org $29E6ED

LDA $1D80,X  ; with indexing, it should be at $1DA2 for mario
ADC $0422
STA $1D80,X
BCC _ThirdCoin  ; first logic check, making sure a third digit is incremented!
INC $1D82,X
; so now we need to do display stuff, essentially just adding in support to increment the third digit
JSL $3BF400  ; update coins
STZ $0422

padbyte $00 : pad $29E72F

org $3BF400
REP #$20
PHA  ; save upper A before it gets destroyed, just in case it's needed
SEP #$20
LDA $1D82,X
LDA $1D80,X
REP #$20
CMP #$03E8  ; 1000 coins?
BCC not_maxed_out ; this branch will generally always be taken
; but if for some reason it's not, let's do max numbers
PLA  ; restore A
SEP #$20
LDA #$E8
STA $1D80,X
LDA #$03
STA $1D82,X
LDA #$99
STA $1F30
STA $1F48
STA $1F49

STA $1F60  ; store it away for now
SEP #$20
LDA #$03  ; 3 loops
STA $1F62
PHY  ; preserve Y, we likely need it
LDY #$00
REP #$20
LDA numbertable,X
STA $1F63  ; for math
STZ $1F65  ; and more math
LDA $1F60  ; load our original value
SBC $1F63  ; and subtract our LUTs value, either 100, 10, or 1
BCC mathloop2  ; if carry is clear, we wrapped
STA $1F60
INC $1F65
BRA mathloop3
ADC $1F63
STA $1F60  ; effectively restoring our original value
SEP #$20
LDA $1F65
ORA #$90
STA $1F67,Y
DEC $1F62
BNE mathloop1
REP #$20
SEP #$20
; now that all of the conversions are done, we need to get them to display
LDA $1F68
STA $1F48  ; ten's digit
LDA $1F69
STA $1F49  ; one's digit
LDA $1F67
STA $1F30  ; hundred's digit

DW $0064
DW $000A
DW $0001

I've used different values for my math, including scratch DP and other locations in ram that don't look like they're used. I've run comparison traces from original and this hack, and no appreciable differences have been spotted. This HUD is updated every frame, but doesn't execute while Mario is in the process of going through a door. The stack is still stable, correct bank is still in play, and register sizes are what they should be.

My best guesses are either I've triggered some goofy copy-protection, or my code is just too slow. If it's too slow, it's only by a matter of cycles, since the vanilla game uses a rather sloppy method to do 2-digit coin display.

Would anyone be willing to take a look at it and see what could be wrong?

It probably won't work that well, or at all, since the VC is still trying to work with specific requirements. Suppose one won't know until they try, though!

Natively? No. You'll need MSU for it. That effectively reduces compatibility to just an emulator or two.

Newcomer's Board / Re: FF I Bugs
« on: April 14, 2017, 11:05:07 am »
One thing to keep in mind, and this is true of any game with an editor, is that if you go outside the scope of what the editor is capable of doing, more than likely the editor won't work as it should. This is because almost every editor is programmed with specifics in mind about the games they are for. To get around this, most advanced hacks need to be done in pure hex, which is a nightmare, or people make their own editors for their hacking needs.

As for FF1, there are a few editors available besides Hackster, but they all supplement FFHackster.

For every bug you've listed, I wouldn't be surprised if FFHackster overwrote something to undo whatever changes were made to Grond's base hack.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy I Tileset Hacking?
« on: April 06, 2017, 01:47:32 pm »
Part of the problem is the palette. FF1 used the first color for black, while FF3 used brown, green, etc. The first color in any palette will be the same on every palette. It's not the game or the engine, it's an NES limitation of some kind. If you were to re-palette the tiles (yy-CHR makes this really easy), then you should be able to more-easily convert the tileset over to FF1.

This is a screenie of an FF1 hack I started back in 2005 with my roommate. We ended up redoing the palettes to work with the tileset, which turned out pretty well.

Also, while we're at it, tiles aren't going to be necessarily assembled like how they are here. If you go into Hackster's Tile editor (double click on a tile), it'll look something like this:

That's how the tiles look in the rom, if you were to look with yy-CHR, Tile Molestor, etc. You do have some freedom to reassemble tiles here, but just be careful not to do too much too quickly. You may end up breaking a lot of tiles graphically in the process.

Personal Projects / Re: FFVX - A Final Fantasy V Rebalance Mod
« on: April 02, 2017, 01:37:26 am »
2) I do not want Savestates being used. I also won't use them in my runs, so if it's a pain playing it without using them, I'll just reduce the difficulty.
3) Sure, getting a Game Over every 5 minutes is not fun at all. But strolling trough a game without a single one, well... some people think that this is fun. Some (like me) don't. I think I know what your mean, that's also why the enemies' stats are nowhere near carved into stone.
I like what I see.

4) Well, it's hard to tell what is regarded as "cheap".
It's kind of a catch-all, but basically in this context it refers to a situation you wouldn't expect to hit that just murders you and laughs about it. You literally have zero chance to survive just based on RNG, or maybe not RNG depending on the situation.

And about the Level Cap:
"astronomically stupid" - wow, just "stupid" wasn't enough on its own? ^^
Definitely not the best choice of words. Arbitrary is more accurate. That just seems like the most oddball of arbitrary decisions to make. Certainly rebalancing could easily take into consideration the leveling process. Do any stats raise, other than HP and MP per level? I know FF5 is much like FF6, and the damage formula is greatly determined by level.

Thanks for the critique - I definitely do not want to lie to the audience intentionally. I hope it won't be a big deal to change the title when I'm halfway done.
As long as you are up-front about what people should expect, you have nothing to worry about. This sounds interesting, at the very least. Definitely keep up what you're doing. :)

Personal Projects / Re: FFVX - A Final Fantasy V Rebalance Mod
« on: April 01, 2017, 01:06:06 pm »
-The maximum level is 51 (It's a soft cap though, so you can still level up to 99 by grinding like crazy. However, you will NOT able to reach any LV between 52 and 98. After 51 comes 99.)
That sounds astronomically stupid. There's a difference between "rebalance" and "challenge," and here you hit the latter.

Also, if that first screenshot is anything to go on, then there's a couple pieces of advice I'll offer:
1) If there's any risk of dying/game over in the intro/tutorial battles, then you're doing it wrong.
2) If you have to use savestates for any reason, you're doing it wrong.
3) Make sure it is still fun to play. The original game was already kinda grindy, don't make it worse for the sake of "balance."
4) Don't put in cheap ways to cause game over.

If any of the above apply to this hack, then it is actually a challenge hack, and not a rebalancing. Make sure it is labeled correctly so people don't back with pitchforks looking for your head. People don't like being lied to.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: PSP LivePatch question (for FF1 PSP)
« on: March 05, 2017, 10:07:09 pm »
I can confirm the typo was the problem.

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