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I have a dumb idea lol, long long time ago people made up rumors about finding Zero's armor and Z-Saber in Megaman Legends by during some kind of crazy thing to reach it.

Why not make this false rumor true and create it?


I'm not sure if the first one is being worked on though.

So, with all of the SNES MegaTen games translated, it looks like the PSX games are next.

Unlikely sadly, the interest for the Megami Tensei remakes for the PSX seem very low.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Is rom-hacking on the decline?
« on: June 22, 2019, 03:52:07 am »
If I may I believe that CD-Based Hacking is on the decline, and while Cartridge Based Hacking has risen up a lot. Nobody really messes with the Sega and Turbo CDs game anymore as a few examples.

A Harder Mode for Final Fantasy 1 & 2 Anniversary Editions on PSP, the games have balance issues and the Bonus Dungeon difficulties don't exactly match up perfectly and especially the normal enemies which are significantly weaker than the bosses in those dungeons.

If possible it would be nice to a hack address that longstanding problem, so those games can be more definitive rather than being piss-poor easy (especially on normal mode).

Somewhat surprised after so many years it hasn't been done yet, but a re-localization of Persona Eternal Punishment would be most welcome, and some other required changes. It is for the purpose so it can match with the remake of Persona 2 Innocent Sin.

Personal Projects / Re: Translating Saturn Grandia
« on: April 12, 2019, 11:21:36 pm »
That's great news! Here is hoping the English Dub works out well next. Speaking of the audio format issue, should take a look at what was available at the time the game was made, and narrow it down from there.

Worst case scenario it is completely custom made by the Devs. I was told that sometimes devs do use strange audio formats as a way to mask the real format. I'm not sure if that was a still a practice even way back in the 90s.

Personally I'm kind of surprised there isn't much concentration on the PSP version considering it is the current canon to fit alongside with Narikiri Dungeon X.

So here is a very simple hack I think even the most amateur can do, find a way to slow down the clock in Suikoden 2 as some of it's content is time sensitive.

To me this was a big glaring flaw with S2 considering what would happen if you don't rush S2.

I just hope someone genuinely will pick up the idea, I hate the fact how much content been scattered or removed with every iteration of RE2 and RE2 for the N64 being the strange one out of the bunch because of the EX Files that turned out to be important.

I think as a way to honor the original Resident Evil 2 due to the release of the remake, I think it's time that the original RE2 got a bit of a upgrade. In order for this to be the best version of RE2 made by the community I think the GameCube version should be used as modding base as it already has most of the features all except the gallery I think.

Things to add from all previous revisions of RE2 -

Insert the Randomization Mode if possible
EX Files from the N64 Version, this is important because it connects with all other games and including Resident Evil Zero.
Restore the Corpse of a Hunter found in the Secret Lab from the N64 Version.
Restore the Falling Head during the first Licker Encounter, I don't know if this was still the only censored part of the game.
Change the password from GUEST to Nemesis from the N64 version (this is optional though, I think Guest I might be the canon password).

This could create a balance issue, but I have two suggestions because of it:

The Shining Force Series Monsters/Boss Encounters. I think to fully enjoy a encounter and actually listen to it's battle themes fully I think a unit should be allowed to keep to continuing a encounter until you decide whether or not you like your unit to run away during the in-battle.

But since Units go down easily regardless, I suggest that both player and enemy units get a HP Buff and raise certain stats.

Also there is a few unused graphics floating around that could use restoration.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: FFIV Complete Collection
« on: January 21, 2019, 08:48:12 pm »
I have a request if you're able to do this for the patch or for a separate patch, now the remixed music for FFIV holds up pretty well all except for one track in the game and it was the new version of Zeromus' Theme, I felt it was such a let down how comparatively weak it was versus the original version.

I wanted to ask if it can be possible just to replace that one track with the original version?

Oh wow it's not often this happens! Welcome to RHDN!

I do remember the supposed translation going on for Emerald Dragon for PCE, but honestly nothing came of it afaik, and there was a meltdown on another forum about PCE? What caused that exactly? two games I'm interested to see translated is Alshark and Dragonslayer - Legend of Heroes II. Most LOH games have been translated at this point all except for that particular game (not counting the LOH ColdSteel games).

I blame microtransactions.

Got Metal Gear Solid V and wanna use a cheat program to get ahead in the game? Oh noes! That means you don't have to pay Konami moneh for that microtransaction where the game is finished for you! Well, I guess that means you gotta bend over and get your ass whipped by a Belmont if Konami finds out you're "cheating" on a single player campaign game!

This is probably one of the most logical conclusions, Corporations has really been getting desperate to make a profit for the past few years now and with all the nonsense they been trying to shove through politicians to get what they want.

The Entertainment Industry is losing their fangs, and now they're trying to find a way to screw over people with other methods.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Yearly Translation Patch Data Thread
« on: January 05, 2019, 10:28:07 am »
Last year was the year most translators and Modders were finally finishing their projects that took a good amount of years, and I think there is still a few in the works for the moment. Probably will read something about it in the middle of this year if the trend continues like it did last year. There been a lot of interest in Famicom and Super Famicom as of late afaik, and I believe Sega Saturn Translations or modding will start picking up again at some point due to some great advancements that have been made recently that will make it easier to work with (assuming interest picks up again).

I haven't read much from PSP other than what projects are being worked on here currently.

PS1/PS2 still pretty much dead (aside from maybe the odd 1 or 2 projects that gets released).

There is has been a lot of modifications for games that needed it that cleans up official bugs, uncensoring graphics, cleans up official translations, etc.

There has been a good amount of focus on the Super Robot Wars Series on various platforms which is nice.

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Shin Megami Tensei if... v1.00
« on: October 26, 2018, 03:29:23 am »
This is wonderful early birthday gift! Thank you so much Gideon for everything you have done! Now the whole series is almost full circle!

MMX3 might be abit tricky to MSU the animations, it is certainly possible to get all the animated scenes into the game but the Intro and ending credits of the game might be problematic unless there was a way to completely alter the intro, and ending credits.

I'm thinking for the intro, the scene should play until X and Zero land to their location and then FMV will cut off and then start the game. EDIT:
It turns out even the PS1/SAT version did this too, so yes it should be possible then (I had to recheck myself on that one).

The Ending Credits might not be hard to do if you allow the FMV to be placed correctly, someone would just have to make sure to make a "stop" of sorts to prevent the snes version from playing the original ending credits.

Gaming Discussion / Re: The big list of Untranslated Sega Saturn Games
« on: October 17, 2018, 04:25:00 am »
Those are very interesting games, and as to why I chose pastebin because it was simple and didn't require a account; also the text limit on this site prevented me from doing a direct list. As to get these Saturn games more exposure is definitely another matter, I think it is possible a lot of new generation of gamers may not even be aware of these games (even though Retro has been making a comeback here and there).

If anything the best bet is to do articles for HCG101 as they been really hammering on a lot of obscure games, I think as long someone is willing to do the research then said game might get more exposure. HCG101 as far I know has been growing it's audience, so it would be a good start.

Ultimately as for translation well...participation and interest just needs a refocus, I'm not sure where or how that can happen. I personally blame how Saturn Translation first started out years ago, and it has driven a lot of people away but nowadays far as I know Saturn Translating has gotten some kind of rejuvenation thanks to advancements according to Discord chatter I was following but will see how this scene will evolve later. The biggest letdown I've seen with Saturn Translation was when Shin Megami Devil Summoner got dropped at some point for unknown reasons, but in one way that might have been a good thing because the PSP version is probably the better option since it seems Translators are more proficient to work the PSP rather than the Saturn.

Also it would be good to see how many of these games got ported just to see if can ease the translation process if the Saturn Version is deemed too difficult to work with. On another matter, I think we need more Translator-end documentation on what to expect when messing with these games such as file formats, and other things as I think it would greatly benefit anyone willing to do the dirty work at some point in the future.

Oh btw isn't Anearth that game that looks like it was meant to be a series? I only ever see "First Volume" but not the rest anywhere. One Saturn game I've been interested in was Grandia Digital Museum since it is like a lost chapter of the First Grandia game with it's own plot (I'm not sure if it requires a Clear Save File from the original game to unlock any extra features).

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