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Any links to the Arabic Project?
The Arabic project will be published on the RHDN Translating list. To whom are interested might also check about it on
Thank you, & let's just follow here the Topic above. Thanks also to the English project team for giving this little space to talk about the Arabic project.

It's so pleasure & honor for me to type this now; Thank you Black for these wonderful lines & introduction above. It's been a bit more than 1 year since starting the Arabic project of this master piece of art, the Super Robot Wars Advance Portable, without any announcement. I appreciate highly your help on it at many critical points, the project is published now, & going to find its place on RHDN translating list sooner.

But the biggest thanks, goes to you, to Zinki & to the rest great team you have. I know well from my working on the Arabic project, that You Guys had really canceled the limiter with your hard efforts, & went much deep bringing up the shininess of the game from its heart, into the International language. Congratulations as many & best wishes to keep up your magical professional touches on your project till the hardly-awaiting end.

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