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News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Communist Mario 3 Released!
« on: April 04, 2016, 07:18:17 pm »
Thanks for all of your feedback, guys. I do plan on releasing a 1.01 version of this to fix a couple of bugs and make some minor tweaks. There are some things that are sort of out-of-whack with it that I'd like to fix before getting some cartridges made. I do have a few people interested. It depends on how many people want them. I'm still working out the pricing details, and getting a couple of prototypes made. The boards I'll use for these will be 100% new, so no sacrificing other games to make these.

As far as the suggestions that have been made:
1) Levels are not getting their coins moved or removed. You're going to take a few hits, I guarantee it. This game reeks of communism, so it isn't going to be fair. I've designed the game around this- you'll get plenty of items to use. If you can't handle the difficulty, then you should probably go play an easier game like Sesame Street ABC.

2) Levels are original for a reason. I feel that introducing a gimmick like deadly coins would lose a lot of its intrigue if you didn't get to experience it with a well-known environment like the vanilla SMB3 levels are. Besides, designing a level knowing that coins do damage would be difficult to do without making it Kaizo. The vanilla set of levels have a decent balance of coins already. Perhaps someday I will design a new set of levels AND give the player the choice of which set of levels they'd like to play. This was originally the plan, but with my life as busy as it is, I just ran out of time to make the levels and figure out how to make the game load two separate level sets. 2P mode was going to get nerfed.

3) If I had my own way, the intro to the N-Spade card matching game would be entirely removed. If I can figure out how to do so before the next release, it will be removed.

4) Other issues:
- The sprite that I used for Princess Peach's replacement will be brand new instead of a rip of an existing game's sprite.
- There is a bug where the P-Switch music is not preserved when going through a pointer (pipe/door).
- Another bug exists where all vertical lock blocks are replaced with horizontal road tiles when unlocked.
- I also need to fix the first fortress in World 7 so you can see the doors since they are black doors against a black background.
- Minor display glitch on the credits screen where the ground doubles up during curtain rise. I'm not sure what's causing it.

5) I really would like to increase the deaths and coins counter to three digits. I haven't been able to figure that out quite yet. If someone could help me out with that, I will give you a gold star.

Thanks, DeathByBFG, for the gameplay footage. Good to see it working on the Retron5, even if it does have that icky rendering mode enabled. :P

April 06, 2016, 12:16:29 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

How does the red shell look? I could also go with a yellow one. My preference was to go with a transparent red one, but I can't find anyone who sells them right now.

Anyone wanting one should probably PM me. I've already got a few people who do, but only one has PMed me. I guess it helps keep track of who wants one.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Communist Mario 3 Released!
« on: April 01, 2016, 10:03:29 am »
Thanks for posting that, Disch! I do plan to make a couple cartridges for this hack. When I'm done I'll see if I can remember to dig up this thread and post reaults. If anyone else is interested in getting a cartridge, let me know.

Personal Projects / Re: Communist Mario 3
« on: July 14, 2015, 10:18:26 pm »
I pulled this project out after a couple weeks and made a bit of progress. World 5 is now done, and represents the USSR's space race efforts. Screens to come soon. If you want to see it, look at Lenophis' post, it has a video that features him and myself racing the hack, and it shows off World 5. I've also done a bit of ASM work to get each world to load its own set of animated graphics pages. I don't claim to be good at ASM; in fact, it's probably very clunky and can probably be done way easier and more efficient than I have here:
Code: [Select]
============================= World Animation Routine ======================================
$BC27:84 86     STY $0086 = #$00 :
$BC29:AE 27 07  LDX $0727 = #$00 : Get World Number
$BC2C:E0 03     CPX #$03 : Is it World 4?
$BC2E:D0 04     BNE $BC34 : Skip ahead if not.
$BC30:A0 00     LDY #$00
$BC32:10 3C     BPL $BC70 : Skip to Graphics Page ID Code
$BC34:E0 07     CPX #$07 : Is it World 8?
$BC36:D0 0E     BNE $BC46 : Skip ahead if not.
$BC38:AC 26 07  LDY $0726 = #$00 : Player 1 or 2?
$BC3B:B9 77 00  LDA $0077,Y @ $007A = #$00 :
$BC3E:C9 03     CMP #$03 :
$BC40:D0 04     BNE $BC46 :
$BC42:A0 00     LDY #$00 :
$BC44:F0 2A     BEQ $BC70 :
$BC46:AC 99 05  LDY $0599 = #$03 : Frame Number for relative loading of proper GFX page
$BC49:CE 9A 05  DEC $059A = #$10 : Counts down timer for animation length
$BC4C:10 22     BPL $BC70 :
$BC4E:C8        INY :
$BC4F:98        TYA :
$BC50:E0 02     CPX #$02 :
$BC52:D0 09     BNE $BC5D :
$BC54:29 01     AND #$01 :
$BC56:AC BB 07  LDY $07BB = #$00 :
$BC59:F0 02     BEQ $BC5D :
$BC5B:09 02     ORA #$02 :
$BC5D:29 03     AND #$03 : Number of frames to cycle
$BC5F:8D 99 05  STA $0599 = #$03 :
$BC62:A8        TAY :
$BC63:8A        TXA :
$BC64:0A        ASL :
$BC65:0A        ASL :
$BC66:0D 99 05  ORA $0599 = #$03 :
$BC69:AA        TAX :
$BC6A:BD 01 BC  LDA $BC01,X @ $BC01 = #$11 : Load relative Graphics page duration timer from table
$BC6D:8D 9A 05  STA $059A = #$10 : Store at $059A
=============================== NEW CODE ====================================================
$BC70:AE 27 07  LDX $0727 = #$00 : Check current world
$BC73:E0 00     CPX #$00 : World 1?
$BC75:D0 05     BNE $BC7C : If not, skip to next compare.
$BC77:B9 E0 BC  LDA $BCE0,Y @ $BCE3 = #$PP : Load Relative Graphics ID from table (#$PP = Graphics Page ID)
$BC7A:10 46     BPL $BCC2 : Skip to frame set
$BC7C:E0 01     CPX #$01 : World 2?
$BC7E:D0 05     BNE $BC85 : If not, skip to next compare.
$BC80:B9 E4 BC  LDA $BCE4,Y @ $BCE7 = #$PP : Load Relative Graphics ID from table
$BC83:10 3D     BPL $BCC2 : Skip to frame set
$BC85:E0 02     CPX #$02 : World 3?
$BC87:D0 05     BNE $BC8E : If not, skip to next compare.
$BC89:B9 E8 BC  LDA $BCE8,Y @ $BCEB = #$PP : Load Relative Graphics ID from table
$BC8C:10 34     BPL $BCC2 : Skip to frame set
$BC8E:E0 03     CPX #$03 : World 4?
$BC90:D0 05     BNE $BC97 : If not, skip to next compare.
$BC92:B9 EC BC  LDA $BCEC,Y @ $BCEF = #$PP : Load Relative Graphics ID from table
$BC95:10 2B     BPL $BCC2 : Skip to frame set
$BC97:E0 04     CPX #$04 : World 5?
$BC99:D0 05     BNE $BCA0 : If not, skip to next compare.
$BC9B:B9 F0 BC  LDA $BCF0,Y @ $BCF3 = #$PP : Load Relative Graphics ID from table
$BC9E:10 22     BPL $BCC2 : Skip to frame set
$BCA0:E0 05     CPX #$05 : World 6?
$BCA2:D0 05     BNE $BCA9 : If not, skip to next compare.
$BCA4:B9 F4 BC  LDA $BCF4,Y @ $BCF7 = #$PP : Load Relative Graphics ID from table
$BCA7:10 19     BPL $BCC2 : Skip to frame set
$BCA9:E0 06     CPX #$06 : World 7?
$BCAB:D0 05     BNE $BCB2 : If not, skip to next compare.
$BCAD:B9 F8 BC  LDA $BCF8,Y @ $BCFB = #$PP : Load Relative Graphics ID from table
$BCB0:10 10     BPL $BCC2 : Skip to frame set
$BCB2:E0 07     CPX #$07 : World 8?
$BCB4:D0 05     BNE $BCBB : If not, skip to next compare. (Needs to skip to the next relative LDA)
$BCB6:B9 FC BC  LDA $BCFC,Y @ $BCFF = #$PP : Load Relative Graphics ID from table
$BCB9:10 07     BPL $BCC2 : Skip to frame set
$BCBB:E0 08     CPX #$08 : World 9? (This instruction is redundant, needs to be removed)
$BCBD:D0 03     BNE $BCC2 : If not, skip to next compare. (This instruction is redundant, needs to be removed)
$BCBF:B9 00 BD  LDA $BD00,Y @ $BD03 = #$PP : Load Relative Graphics ID from table
$BCC2:8D 19 07  STA $0719 = #$PP : Set loaded graphics ID as next frame
=============================== End NEW CODE ================================================
$BCC5:60        RTS :
But in any event, it works. This will give me quite a bit more room to play with when redesigning these worlds. I could have given the non-animated page of the world maps the same treatment, but I think I'll hold off for now since I can do what I want with this code only.

This new feature presents a small issue though-- none of the editors support the new code. They'll just look at the old places for where they expect the graphics to be. Which means every time I want to see what I'm doing in these editors, I have to take the graphics from the new location and paste them into the old location, and then back to the new location again to see it in-game. Not a HUGE deal, but, again, it'll work.

Personal Projects / Re: Communist Mario 3
« on: June 21, 2015, 10:05:48 pm »
Thanks for the tips. My aim is to capture the Russian communism and their history as much as possible. I gave no thought to the kings at all. I would love to hear more from you if you've got any fucks to give. :P

Of course, this is a little more than halfway done so there's plenty of time to be making changes. I've got no idea for story as I don't know the history that well. The only thing I know is the skimming I've done on the various communist party pages on Wikipedia. :(

But yeah, sprites, text, and story need to be done still; I think I've got a fairly good idea about what to do with the last 4 worlds.

Thanks again!

Personal Projects / Communist Mario 3
« on: June 21, 2015, 09:17:19 pm »
Sounds really shitty, yeah, I know. But, this isn't "Dick Nazis" all over again.

A while back I asked Setz to link me a game to play. He gave me his Mario 1 hack that he'd been working on where coins kill you. I played through it, and it's been really interesting to try and avoid coins. I actually enjoyed it. The only code changes he'd made was to make the lives counter a death counter (also display more deaths) and have coins hurt/kill Mario, along with some nice looking graphics.

I'm basically going to do the same thing with SMB3. This will NOT be a level hack. Maybe I will make this a base for a level hack in the future. If you couldn't tell by now, this is a hack in progress.

6-19-15 Update
- Fixed more bugs
- Changed Status Bar graphics
- Fixed Hilly 2 TSA
- Changed some map screen tiles to use less graphics to make more room on the graphics page
- Moved around more TSA and graphics to make way for worlds 5-8

4-28-15 Update
- Fixed coding bugs
- Fixed a LOT of TSA bugs in tilesets
- Updated graphics.
- Making use of the Plains 2 tileset more throughout the hack, as opposed to just one level. (3-7)
- More custom world map tiles.

3-29-15 Original Post
Changes thus far are implemented:
- Coins and coin boxes kill Mario.
- Death Counter takes place of Lives Counter.
- Mario starts off with 0 "lives" instead of the normal 4 (for fresh death counter)
- All 1ups are nullified. (1up powerups, goal card 1ups, roulette 1ups)
- Normal and Invisible 1up blocks now have mushrooms in them.
- Card matching game has 1ups and coin bonuses replaced with more stars and mushrooms.

To Do:
- Tweak more palettes (Status Bar sometimes looks like vomit)
- Sprite Editing
- Lay out future world map themes
- Fortress Lava Graphics re-edit (I suck at them)

So here are some pieces of media to show off.

Here's the title screen:

Click to go to a YouTube video of the title screen in action.
Note: The tapestries have a year underneath them; the one on the right (in the video) has been changed since those were made, and now reads "1912". Both years denote the year each was founded.

World 1 - Homeland

World 2 - Tetris

World 3 - Russian Occupation of Georgia

World 4 - Chernobyl

The next 4 worlds are in progress. It doesn't look very much like the motherland as it should, going by the name of the hack. I don't want to overdo it though; that might make it look like a really cheap pushover hack. Sprites will be changed to fit the theme. I do want to leave some graphical elements of SMB3 in though. Also, this isn't meant to perfectly reflect factual history. I'm just having fun with the hack. Been a while since anyone did much of anything for SMB3, so I decided to step up and change that.

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