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Me personally, I'm playing it for the fun of it. OP said he needs saves for testing purposes, and since I'm playing the game for me anyway, I've offered to upload what I have as I play along.

And yes, I'm using Akurasu for reference, it's just a matter of difference between knowing that Lalah has to survive at least as long as it takes you to kill Char and not have her ganked by either of the hostile MAP-attack wielders even before she's brought over to your side and actually save scumming yourself into the position where that happens.

There's a certain sense of elation when a plan comes together (such as when your "ah, screw it" last-ditch attack with a 80-HP-left 21%-to-hit Akito not only lands, but also crits and takes out Char once and for all, the smug snake), you see.

In any case, apologies for the topic deviation.

I have to say, some of those missions are starting to crush me. I've only just reached Chapter 12 because I've rerolled 11 a dozen times trying to meet the requirements to recruit Lalah with her ship (which I assume is the same as the Apsaras recruitment, you'd get her regardless, but whether you get her with the ship is what changes).
As such, apologies for the delays with the saves, and I'm still uncertain whether getting more pilots recruited nets additional dialogue or not (aside from the post-mission scenes for the missions you recruit them in).

Newcomer's Board / Re: How do I translate a Russian Mega Drive game?
« on: February 06, 2015, 01:08:04 am »
It might be compressed, it might be differently encoded (i.e. "Letter 49" inside the game's font isn't what your computer's Letter 49 is).

It's not as simple as "open with hex editor, see text you can change" in most cases, especially for games predating the PSOne era.

EDIT: A few quick Googles reveals that it's a hack of Decap Attack which changed around some sprites. Perhaps that should be your starting point, figuring out what changed from the original game?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Uyjulian's SPC to IT Converter Project
« on: February 02, 2015, 07:49:23 am »
What do you mean by that?
IT and SPC can use one track for multiple instruments. For MIDI, the traditional approach is one track = one MIDI channel (which means one instrument may take up more than one track).

It's an organizational nitpick which OpenSPC ignored: you could end up with, say, lead synth jumping from track 03 to track 04 mid-song, which would make using the MIDI hella uncomfortable as a result if you didn't have MIDI cleaning/optimizing tools like GNMIDI, for example.

FINALLY, Chapter 9 completed without a scratch on the Nadesico (which means Gai will be unlocked as a pilot later on).

So, this is Real Robot, with Axel as my protag and Laz Angriff as my mecha, saves for Chapters 3-9 cleared. Unlocked secrets aren't that numerous (I have Apsaras, Full Armor Gundam and Minerva X, missed out on some upgrades, sadly).

CLICK! If I got it right, the incremental folder numbers line up with the increments of actual chapters, since I didn't go back to replay anything.
I'm not offering chapters 1 and 2 because they were behind me when I offered to help, but if you need them I can get it done toot sweet since they're rather easy.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Store selling romhacked carts
« on: January 28, 2015, 06:22:59 am »
There are Chinese online stores out there (AliBaba chain among them) where I've seen postings advertising repros of GBA and DS games with "English patch", and knowing my emulation, I assume they just took the famous patches off the Interwebs and made the carts based on the patched ROMs.

While I suppose someone out there could benefit from having Super Robot Taisen J in English on a physical cart, it's not right when it's sold at the cost of an almost-new game, is it?

I'm going with Space Route for the first split, if it's not too late to claim it.
Will get to uploading the saves once I finish the first chapter on it.

Newcomer's Board / Re: ps2 help, font replacement
« on: January 27, 2015, 08:58:09 am »
And that's how you find graphics with a tile viewer: you try different sets of width, height and bpp (the Tile form) and scroll through files until you find something that seems to make some sense, then adjust your values again until they do make sense (or your head starts hurting). I won't lie to you, this isn't gonna be easy. SRW GC used a font with 18x18 tiles and MX Portable had 256x144 ones, so each game is probably its own thing.
FWIW, MX Portable had symbols for a huge chunk of the UTF-8 table, including Russian letters and diacritic'd Latin letters (several SRWs even let you use them in the game proper, if you're into cognitive dissonance), a larger issue is that all SRWs use fixed-width fonts, meaning there will sooner or later be a need for hack magic to fit more text into the dialogue windows if the OP is going to go that far.

Question: I'm approaching the first route split. Perhaps we should agree on which paths I should take and the other Axel contributor you have should take so that we have full coverage of his routes?
I think I'll send you the first batch of saves after the first post-split chapter, but I need to know which way to turn =)

Second question: I'm of the "barely reads Japanese with a dictionary and a kanji lookup app" variety. How can I contribute to the text process?
The translation guide you are referring to seems to have been written by a non-native speaker of English and is a nightmare to navigate (and comprehend, since I'm also a non-native speaker), but if we take its text translation as gospel, then I assume it needs to be rewritten to be stylistically... better?

Third question: How did the writers decide whether characters using English loanwords would spell them phonetically in kana or literally in English? How do you deal with those?
(f.e. a lot of Jack King's lines alternate between the two, some of his battle quotes are spelled in English, and some of his dialogue is chock full of loanwords in kana)

As I've just started playing the game recently, I can get you all the save games you want, provided you tell me where to send them? I'm assuming you need them from after each chapter to test stuffs?

I'm playing Axel on Real Robot mode for the first playthrough, if that matters (is there much dialogue variation for Super vs Real? I've mostly played the DS ones before this one, and none of them let you choose).

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