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Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy “Women of Light” [Released]
« on: April 29, 2014, 12:47:09 am »
You wouldn't happen to have any old files leftover from your work on Final Fantasy Challenge, would you? I'd love to check it out again. It'd be a burst of nostalgia for me  :beer:
I looked through some old archives, but didn’t find the original stuff. Apparently I did start redrawing the characters, though, to tone down the sex appeal a bit, and generally to look better. Perhaps kinda like how Women of Light evolved out of Girls Night Out.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy “Women of Light” [Released]
« on: April 27, 2014, 06:02:40 pm »
Quote from: Celice

I was like, in the 7th grade, and I avidly followed Challenge Games and TEK hacks a few other places, like Disch's website. Weren't you also working on another large hack for FF1 at some point? Every now and then I'm reminded of it, of how cool the new areas and graphics look, and I try and check out the old site using some of those website archive sites. Almost all the images are always dead though :(
Yeah, Final Fantasy Challenge. I drew new character sprites for that one too. (3 male, 3 female, since it’s not gender-specific.) Turned out to be a bite bigger than I could chew, so I gave up on it many years ago. (These things are easy to start, but not so easy to see all the way through before running out of gas... or “Ladies Night Out” (this hack) would’ve been released in 2006!) If I ever do something of that magnitude again, I’d rather do it as a homebrew instead. One of these decades, I just might!

Quote from: Grimoire LD
Ah? The text is changed to a considerable length as well? I didn't catch that. I thought the changes would basically be Matoya saying something different when you talk to her after returning the Crystal Ball. This could be worth a look then.
Well, I did change most of the text. You’ll probably need to be fairly familiar with the original text in order to see some of the differences, though, which can be subtle. For example, in the original: “WARRIORS. Restore the power of the ORBS!”, which becomes: “May the LIGHT WARRIORS restore the power of the ORBS!” The difference is in the assumptions being made: many people don’t even realize you’re the Light Warriors. Not because they reject the idea of female Light Warriors, but because it never occurs to them that that could even be a thing. A sort of passive sexism rather than active.

However, the story is still ultimately about Garland, the Fiends, and the Time-Loop. Here, Garland and the Fiends (whose text I did rewrite too) are not sexist: sexism is a petty thing that detracts from greatness, and is beneath the dignity of those who are worthy to be foes of the Light Warriors.

April 28, 2014, 09:33:12 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
A bug was brought to my attention: apparently the eastern stairway in the Titan’s Tunnel was taking you to the wrong place, making it impossible to continue. (Which is so, even though the linkage looks correct in Hackster  :huh:) I’ve updated the download at my website with a fix for that, and for some minor, strange things in ElfLand town. (To be applied to a clean ROM.)

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy “Women of Light” [Released]
« on: April 26, 2014, 06:12:03 pm »
This is quite neat, but the thing to truly show equality would be to allow the player the ability to choose between Male/Female Warriors of Light
Well, I’m not aiming for (self-contained) equality here. Also, the dialogue changes are based on the Light Warriors all being female, and some of the implications of that. That is what I’m trying to explore with this hack. I’m not interested in investing in creating yet more male characters for people to play: there are countless examples already.

Also because of the "upscaled sprites" (as far as I can see) I take it there is no sprite change when you upgrade your class?
No, I redrew the upgraded classes too. I just didn’t want to give them away in an introduction; same reason I haven’t shown the ending screen here either.

Personal Projects / Final Fantasy “Women of Light” [Released]
« on: April 22, 2014, 07:20:04 am »
Page and Download link (on my own site: more up-to-date) — Submission page (on RHDN)

This is a hack of Final Fantasy (NES), so that the Light Warriors are all female. At its core, the character graphics are redrawn anew (along with some other graphics); in addition, a lot of the NPC dialogue is changed to reflect different perceptions of this fact in (what I think is) a realistically subtle way. However, the actual gameplay (plotline, class abilities, enemies, etc) remains the same, intentionally.

So, in effect, this is simply a genderswap of FF1, for those who’d like to play it that way. A simple premise – and not very technically ambitious – but which can have surprising emotional implications.

Formerly known as Ladies Night Out (by which name it had been gathering dust since 2006 or so), which in turn was a reference to my first ROM hack (with the same basic premise, but done more with sex appeal than respect in mind), Girls Night Out. But with the passing of years, the reference would be lost, and “Ladies Night Out” sounds silly by itself, so I gave it a new name.

The new character graphics:

The map screen:

The bridge scene:

I’ve also redone the ending screen (or this would’ve been released last month...), but you can go see that for yourself!

Newcomer's Board / Re: Introduction Topic
« on: March 24, 2014, 03:11:03 pm »
Hi. I used to be a halfway-productive ROM hacker many years ago, and I sorta am again recently. I’m mainly interested in NES hacking, potentially homebrew/development too. One facet of my life that paints a more complete picture of who I am, I’ve found.

I had an FF1 hack gathering dust since 2006 or so, but was recently motivated to take it up again, and I expect to finally release it soon. (I’ll post more about it here, once this thing deigns to let me edit my profile.)

I’m more socially active in #rom-hacking on EsperNet. But I remember days when forums were more prominent in the group I hang out in, and lately, I can see anew the appeal of it. So, you may see more of me around here!

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