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I only hope the code has been cleaned up from the GBA version. Everything has put together a rather comprehensive editor for FFIV:A at this point and the event coding is the stuff of nightmares. That makes me shudder at what the battle programming must amount to.

Since they made three games with this engine, I hope the data management methods they used should be rather intact and malleable. Best case scenario, all of the files for the game can be accessed from any game in it. Worst case scenario, it's another TOSE hack job held together by glue and tape.

Oh, there's a reason for that PowerPanda! You can think of FFII as the prototype for the SaGa series. They were directed and produced by the same fellow, Akitoshi Kawazu. He always makes games with very unique mechanics. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

I think at some points it's best to look beyond aesthetic themes and focus on story themes.

FF2, FF6, and FF12 are all related to the "Rebels versus the evil Empire", FFVI throws this on its head, but the story still revolved around this Empire until Kefka threw everything out of balance (both literally and thematically)

I agree that FFI, FFIII, and FFV are best connected. They are the most related, mechanics wise. The Four Heroes of Light concept evolved into the four Chosen Children, and FFV expands this by giving each of their four characters (actually five) a set personality. I would argue that FFI, III, and V are the most "crystal" based of the games. In FFIV their purpose was... nebulous. We are told that something bad will eventually happen if the crystals are not returned, but we never see any individual crystal do anything outside of the random crystal that Golbez hands Cecil at the game's end.

In FFI it is because of the crystals losing their power that world elements are beginning to fade. In FFIII the crystals called out for assistance and awakening, the crystals having their powers sealed allowed the main villain to live forever because he feared death. Interestingly it wasn't until FFV where the trope of "ancient macguffins sealed great evil" played out, but I think it worked out extremely well here. We are lead to believe that the crystals are shattering because of their power being overused, but it turns out to be Exdeath's plan (I really wish they had localized the fellow as Exodus, it sounds more threatening and fits so much better with the character who wants to return all things to nothingness).

However, in early versions of FFIV they had planned for FFIV to be directly connected to FFII. The god of Mysidia (also a town in FFII) is Minwu, the dark knight who left the Deathbringer sword to Fabul is specifically mentioned to be Leon(hart). So from that respect you might be able to make the case that FFII and FFIV take place in the same world, or at least in one point in development, was planned to. There is one point I have to correct you on Spooniest. Airships are a relatively new thing in FFIV. Cid was The Airship Engineer. He researched ancient documents to learn how to use flotation devices and created the airship.

FFIII is interesting... there is a theory that FFIII and FFVIII take place in the same world and there is some interesting evidence for it. The world maps look nearly the same. A minor villain in FFIII, Heine, is mentioned by name in FFVIII's history, and both villains want to stop time from moving forward. (Though I find it idiotic that we have more of a motive for Xande to do so than we have for Ultimecia...)

FFVII and FFX are connected in canon, so there's no ambiguity.

Some believe that FFI and FFIX take place in the same world, I can understand why some would believe that to be the case.

If this is the case...

World 1 - FFI/FFIX
World 2 - FFII/FFIV
World 4 - FFV
World 5 - FFVI
World 6 - FFVII/FFX
World 7 - Ivalice - FFT/FFXII/FFTA2

It would be nice to plug FFV and VI into one of these other worlds to make things more uniform, but I'm not sure how that can be done cleanly. Perhaps FFV can be put into FFI's world. (At least World 1). But would FFVI really work in FFVII/X's? Magicite is mentioned in FFT as well, and Materia only bears a semblance of a similar concept to Magicite (instead of dead magical beings, it's the power of the world itself sapped into a form which grants power).

I would love to hear more thoughts on all of this as these are interesting concepts to me, even if it is mostly just headcanon.

Personal Projects / Re: Mato Projects (mostly FF4 stuff)
« on: April 27, 2020, 08:37:39 pm »
This is a really cool topic and idea Mato. I really enjoyed your playthrough of Funky Fantasy IV and treasured the book just as much. Perhaps these sorts of machine learning programs can make untranslated games a bit more understandable in various ways.

Personal Projects / Re: New FF4 Advance Editor
« on: April 19, 2020, 12:23:01 am »
The weirdness of FFIV:A strikes again, haha! It looks wonderful though. Great work Everything!

Hello everyone. I know it has been an incredibly long time since I posted, but with Slickproductions back up, I would love to try and finish this project, after all, from a mechanics standpoint I was basically finished. I originally made this post as a way to get the patch back, and I have. So I will hopefully be able to update it in good time.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: FF4A SlickProductions
« on: March 31, 2020, 09:29:26 am »
The site is back up for the moment!

Quickly everyone, gather all the information you can!

I sure do hope that the site is up for good.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: March 29, 2020, 10:03:10 am »
Yeah, I've had that happen before... multiple times actually. It is the most annoying aspect of these forums, and I do not understand its purpose in the modern day.

Personal Projects / Re: New FF4 Advance Editor
« on: March 23, 2020, 04:44:00 am »
Looks like you updated the editor! I just finished playing Chrono Cross again after getting the urge to do so after beating Fedorajoe's wonderful Chrono Trigger: Schala Edition and haven't checked up on the editor in a while.

Looks like you've started to implement the World Maps for editing, neat! It will be great to add new places to the world map without having to load several different tools to do so.

Are you telling me that they used a unique slot for each of the item spells...? Wow! That gives a ton of use for new spell slots that you can fill with... well, basically anything! Spells go up to 265, meaning they take two bytes... I never knew that. Does the game take this into account when you learn spells? Or are they still set to a single byte?

Dashing in Megaman X is more of a slide. It's a quick movement in a direction, either on the ground or in the air. It is optimally used more for evasion or platforming than blind straight-forward traversal.

When you are doing a lot of these quick movements in succession sometimes when you turn around to face your foe, you may accidentally double tap the direction, causing you to go flying towards them. It takes a bit of muscle memory to prevent that. It personally never bothered me, but I could see the difficulty in it for some people.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: FF4 Advance - Mini World Map
« on: March 13, 2020, 08:42:12 pm »
Sorry about that Everything. My internet here in China is really... bad. So I can rarely use my VPN to actually see the pictures people post.

Wow, that mini-world map is so weird... that everything is so squished together without any towns and seemingly only Chocobo Forests... it's like it is basically Pangaea. The Hovercraft would let you visit those outlying islands in any event. Maybe they originally planned to dive deeper into the past of the Blue Planet, but scrapped it at some point? Or perhaps this was an idea for someone's Lunar Trial before they changed it?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: FF4 Advance - Mini World Map
« on: March 13, 2020, 03:17:31 am »
I know that Cid's Lunar Trial is all about ferrying people across the world. It is likely that the second world map may be related to that. As for the "miniature world map..." can you post a picture of it?

Personal Projects / Re: New FF4 Advance Editor
« on: March 09, 2020, 07:18:12 am »
Ah, now this looks a lot cleaner and with the script pointers implemented and where the pointers are jumping to the method to the madness becomes clearer.

A fine job combining redundancies. I still find it ridiculous though that every map apparently needs its own event section for its very Existence. However this does make it easier to program place specific events. So... it may have a point in the end.

I was just testing those field effects on equipment... I am shocked they programmed it this way. You can literally make a Dark Sword into a Soma Drop if you want (which I did) it seems the +10 is set.) I mean... it does open up possibilities, but it is still a strange way to deal with it.

Hmm, while you can set an item to act as an Apple, it doesn't appear to increase HP at all, sadly.

I just tested out the event system by adding Rydia into the party by talking to the bookshelf in Cid's House because I wanted to see what the Dark Sword would teach her. It worked great, what is even more interesting about the command is that it doesn't repeat itself. It checks if Rydia is in the party and seems to know how to skip it, it doesn't even refresh her stats or equipment. I am actually somewhat impressed there, considering I don't think this behavior (of a repeating character joining) event would ever be called in the game normally.

By the way that event system you have set up is rather smooth. I do wish we could play around with the unknown commands though. While you can place them, you can't actually modify them. Same with "Cinematic Effect" which may be more than that since I see it also called when the party is inflicted with status effects, such as in Mysidia.

Interestingly the Dark Sword teaches Rydia "Monster 16", but she can't actually use it, oddly enough. Monster 16 is the name of the last "learnable" spell in the game. (It's likely defaulting to the highest value it can give) That might be something to look into...

Well, coincidentally enough, if Gysahl Greens was made into a Teach Summon Item it would teach Chocobo to Rydia, haha!
But it is interesting... the Membership Pass teaches Shiva to Rydia, which makes sense. It starts from the beginning of Summon Magic. This might be able to be made into something more robust, once we find the spell pointer and the character pointer (fun fact! That was some of the first hacking I did for FFIV.)

Geez, and I thought Golbez was a mess in the SNES version... in this he's just Dark Knight Cecil outside of combat and in combat he for some reason only has a Dark Knight's skills. His weapon crashes the game "Old Waterway Rod", and in his left hand is something that overflows the text. Fixing him might be tricky, especially since it seems he doesn't come with anything that his data should imply that he would have.

All in all a very impressive update.

This update makes the editor seemingly fully usable. From its event and map editing capabilities to item and shop modifying.

March 09, 2020, 11:05:49 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
With this cleaner outlook I think I can start helping with labeling events...

 3 - Intro Cutscene for arriving at Baron Castle.
 4 - Devil's Road - Mysidia to Baron
 5 - Devil's Road - Baron to Mysidia
 9 - HP/Status Healing Points (Dwarves Castle, maybe elsewhere)
16 - Interacting with Fireplace
57 - Magazine
144 - Meeting with Baigan  (Intro)
145 - Baron 1st Floor Events (but not Baigan Battle
146 - Baron 1st Floor - Leaving Baron with Kain
147 - Baron 1st Floor - Baigan Battle
148 - Baron Foyer Events
149 - Baron Foyer - Apology to Kain after being kicked out of Throne Room
150 - Baron Foyer - Cid revealing secret Airship Hangar
151 - Hallway - Baigan telling Cecil to wait/Officer telling Cecil that he cannot enter
152 - Hallway - The Twins' Sacrifice
153 - Hallway - Using a Gold Needle on the Twins
154 - Throne Room - Audience with the King (Intro)/Officer lines
155 - Throne Room - Meeting Cagnazzo
156 - Throne Room - Cagnazzo aftermath
157 - Black Mage Classroom Events
158 - White Mage Classroom Events
159 - Baron Left Stairway - Meeting Rosa
160 - Baron Prison Events
161 - Baron Barracks Events
162 - Baron West Tower 2F - Speaking with Maid
163 - Cecil's Room Events
164 - Sleeping in Cecil's Bed
165 - Baron Right Stairway Events
166 - Baron East Tower Basement - Pushed back by barrier
167 - Odin's Throne Events
(As a segue. There are two copies of the exact same conversation at two different dialogue sections, dependent on whether Rydia or not is in the party how peculiar...)
168 - Cid's Workers attaching the Hook
170 - Taking the Enterprise out of Baron Hangar
171 - Preparing to parley with Kain
172 - Parley with Kain
199 - Dwarf Castle 1st Floor - Meeting Luca
201 - Dwarf Throne Room - Giott NPC Lines
202 - Dwarf Throne Room - Further Luca Lines
(Basically it seems every Dwarf was given their own unique event slot. There seems to be an unused line in 206 that looks to see if you have Cid, but the switch to their final dialogue is set before Cid rejoins the party.)
207 - All Dwarf Castle Crystal Room Events
219 - Dwarf Dancer in Pub
221 - Dwarf Castle B1 - Fat Chocobo Worshipper Dwarf
222 - Dwarf Castle B1 - Worshipper 2
223 - Dwarf Castle B1 - Wall Guard
224 - Dwarf Castle Infirmary - Finding Cid/Upgrading Ship
225 - Dwarf Castle Infirmary - NPC Cid
226 - Dwarf Castle Infirmary - NPC Cid 2 (seems to be a copy of the previous event)
227 - Dwarf Castle Infirmary - Dwarf Nurse
232 - Programmer's Office - Sakaguchi
233 - Programmer's Office - Matsumura
234 - Programmer's Office - Hoshino
235 - Programmer's Office - Taka
236 - Programmer's Office - R. Tanaka
237 - Programmer's Office - Nakada
238 - Programmer's Office - Adachi
239 - Programmer's Office - Adachi (copy of above)
240 - Programmer's Office - S. Tanaka
241 - Programmer's Office - Dobashi
242 - Programmer's Office - K. Koizumi
244 - Programmer's Office - M. Akao
245 - Programmer's Office - A. Ueda
246 - Programmer's Office - N. Uematsu
247 - Programmer's Office - K. Ito
248 - B1 Programmer's Office - Getting Magazine
249 - B1 Programmer's Office - ???
250 - B1 Programmer's Office - Tokita
(Amusingly enough, if I'm reading it right, he'll remark an "All male party is boring", even if you have Porom.)
251 - B1 Programmer's Office - K. Narita

That's all I've got in me for now.

Personal Projects / Re: New FF4 Advance Editor
« on: March 04, 2020, 12:15:35 am »
Oh, it wasn't so much the dialogue strings which made me freak out. It was the order of how they set up events. For instance, Event 500 is the start of the game, fair enough. It starts with some special instructions (0x6B in someway)  to add the moving sky in the background... then it jumps based on switch. They really abused that new event command... it jumps to 00D5 in the event, which is at the end of the event to give the opening dialogue. It's as if they forgot the opening lines and threw them in later, haha.

Oh! I didn't realize you could start modding maps now. Great!
It seems as if you still can't add treasures or NPC's though. Oddly enough Map Exit Triggers can be added... I think.

The more I looked at the Learn Spell Command, I think there's a reason it acts as... compartmentalized as it does. It's not adding one spell. It's adding Up to whatever spell it says. That's why in the Debug Room if you talk to the NPC which gives you all spells and your best weapons, people like Cecil and Rydia will have a filled out White Magic List.

In the SNES version the opening event is one big event. It goes from the Airship all the way to parting way with Kain in the Foyer.

In this, because they lost the ability to carry events over from map transitions (causing crashes if an event tries to transfer to a different map without the right NPC's... or something.)

So the order it goes in is...

Cecil on Airship - 500
Mysidian Memory - 504 (in the Mysidian Map made for this purpose...)
Cecil on Airship (Battle 1) -501
Cecil on Airship (Battle 2) -502
Cecil on Airship (Landing in Baron) - 503

And Event 505...? Kain being brainwashed to take the Dark Crystal after finishing the Sealed Cave. Ridiculous. Town NPC's are also handled in one enormous event and due to all the switches that look for specific areas here and there, I don't know how plausible it is to add anything to them. There were old rumors that TOSE helped program this version and with coding like this, I'm starting to believe it...

Unfortunately the editor still crashes the game if you make any changes to events, even as simple as dialog box changes, at least with the European version.

The Item menu looks much better now, good work. Hmm, 8.4 is weird... it's on everything except for Claws, the unused Assassin Dagger, along with Bows and Arrows, and once you get into the new items it becomes even less consistent. Though it does still hold that it's not on Claws Bows and Arrows.

Personal Projects / Re: New FF4 Advance Editor
« on: March 02, 2020, 06:36:23 am »
I just took a look at some of the instructions. I am not sure what wackiness is going on with how they changed "Learn Spell". It almost looks as if the spells learned are by some sort of index or something since Tellah is listed as only learning two "Spells" at Mt. Ordeals and they both correspond to things that are not Black or White Magic so it seems they changed the way that works a bit...

What is this psychotic ordering for dialogue?! Also they seemed to have lost the ability from the SNES version to carry on events from one map (or even one battle...) to another. This is mind-boggling how bizarre this all looks! By all appearances it look like they built this game again from the ground-up!

Well for what its worth...

Command 0x72 is party member that will join.
Command 0x73 is party member that will leave.
Command 0x74 is... something dealing with Party Members. It is called when most characters returns from their Lunar Trial on every party member except for Tellah, FuSoYa and Paladin Cecil.

Oh! Dear me! They even lost the ability to do single battles. Instead they literally *remove* the party member before those battles and add them afterwards. What happened here...?

...Or not. Maybe that's just for the Kain battle? Since it seems that there are no special instructions for Yang or Edge to fight alone.

Command 0x8C is actually rather interesting... it sets equipment onto a character, that seems to be their way of handling the "Shadow Party" deal. So it is...

8C 05 (Character) 0F (Weapon) 00 (Quantity) 00 00 00 00 (Armor) 8F 00 (Accessory) A7 00 

It is also how in the Debug Room it sets all party members to have their best Pre-Lunar Ruins equipment.

Then right after that is 8B which also deals something with the rejoined character. But I can't tell what that may be.

Oh, new update, neat!

Hmm, there is a lot lacking in the items field such as elementals and race modifiers... and status ailments... okay there's still a lot missing as you're likely aware, haha. I think those endless boxes of unknowns should go after the stats for ease of use.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy II Restored
« on: February 29, 2020, 09:38:18 pm »
Coming at this problem from a different angle, one idea I've been toying around with is removing the minimum of 1 action in order to have a chance at growth. Particularly for spells, I always find myself stuck with level 1 spells when I really need level 6 spells; removing the casting requirement for growth would allow your spells to slowly gain experience up to a limit determined by the battle rank. You could apply the same idea to weapons, which would encourage people to explore the full range of options instead of refusing to switch weapon types because they don't want to go back to a maximum of 1 hit attempt, especially against enemies with decent evasion.

This is one of the best ideas I've seen for the game and something the remakes never addressed. The tedium of leveling up spells and weapons is enormous and Battle Rank seems to mean next to nothing. I think Battle Rank bonus/malus should be applied across the board for any action taken so that you can't successfully grind off of Battle Rank 1 to get 9999 HP, but that you aren't still leveling up Flare to Level 4 in Pandemonium.

It would take a bit of a rewrite and a lot of checks to the Battle Rank but I would love to see a hack which addressed these flaws. It would change the flow of the game completely, yes, but it might also cut down on the tedium of grinding endlessly.

(Also I wouldn't mind changing some of the spells into combat moves as a reward for leveling up weapon types. (I mean Sap, Swap? What were they even thinking with Swap other than a way to abuse their poor mechanical setup?) get rid of Toad, Mini, and Frog, the game does not need three more instant death spells... Wall is weird in the first place. Apparently it blocks a singular magical attack... sometimes. I do know that there are some enemy only spells as well which could be used for that.

Personal Projects / Re: New FF4 Advance Editor
« on: February 29, 2020, 10:42:56 am »
Hmm, they made things a lot more comprehensive in some ways in FF4:A while complicating others. I find it interesting that they completely changed the way that events worked and made it a lot more code-like instead of the cleaner system they had for the SNES version.

I had a lot of fun looking through the maps and seeing how matters were dealt with in some ways. It does seem as if many of the unknown commands don't have their details included, as an example dialog is created saying "Obtained X Item" and there's an instruction clearly called Give Item, without any way to see what is included in the command.

Also it looks as if enemy stats are completely askewed when using the European version. At least as far as I can tell.

Being able to move NPC's is nice (and to see the absolute 25 NPC madness for how they programmed the different characters showing up for the Lunar Subterrane entrance) and don't get me started on the 10 copies of every PC (including Tellah!) in Kain's Lunar Trial. That is insanity!

Since FFIV A was... strange, so many sprites are reused again and again. I think we could definitely take at least 30-40 of those "hooded enemy sprites" and add other sprites (What a concept!). Also do you know if the maps are templated and changing one changes all types? Or is each map a unique entity and changing say... one of the many Airship maps will not change the rest?

You are well on your way of making FFIV:A a definitive modder's choice though. I am sure once we start digging into the battle code we might find it to be a bit more... malleable than FFIV SNES sometimes turned out to be.

Which I do hope spell and item modding will be your next step once you get maps and events working out.

Personal Projects / Re: GodHands (Vagrant Story Editor)
« on: February 08, 2020, 10:47:36 pm »
The classic Vagrant Story hacker is back again with an editor? Fantastic! I would love to try and help you with this, if time allows. Resizing and reallocating files is an amazing idea, as you noted, CDMage doesn't allow that.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV - Ultima
« on: February 08, 2020, 09:23:55 am »

Back to it then! Oh, you only need one carrot to call the Fat Chocobo and it's not used up, I guess that's why Carrot is made into Carrot. Alright that's much better.

I'll head to Eblan and see how that goes.

A Magazine in Eblan, eh? Well I guess FFIV:DS did a similar thing with the "Ninja Sutras".

The Stoneman went down from a Gale and the Dwarf Axe and though it was precarious all around, with Cure2 and Auto-Covering the critical team (every single person but Cecil) I was able to give Tellah the time to cast Fire3 on the Skuldiers and win. The unused Assassin Dagger was a pretty great reward.

LunarGem? What?

The Lamia and Couerls seemed a little more difficult than normal, but the Assassin Dagger allowed me to win, if only just so.

I do hope the Drain Spear is more useful in this version...

Time-Egg? Am I suddenly playing Chrono Trigger?

Well the Ogres did not appear to be susceptible to Mini, or maybe Tellah's Will was too low to hit them reliably. They were quite difficult to bring down, they hit hard but Cid's DwarfAxe dealt respectable damage.

That LunarGem sure sells for a pretty penny! 63,500 GP is quite a large amount.

A Grimoire from the Troian Chocobo Forest! That's quite a gift!

The King Pub didn't seem to have much difference, but the Troian Palace outside lost a few of its frogs and was lowered in size all around.

Whoa! Was not expecting a new boss battle and a new sprite (from FFV) here! That's pretty cool!

Surprisingly weak to Thunder, not too difficult of a fight, using Soft to heal Petrify, keeping Cover on Cid who attacks the Vulture and using Lit-3 to take out the Cockatrices and hitting the Vulture hard for over 3000 damage with Lit-3.

I guess it makes sense for the Gaea Hammer to be in the Earth-based Cave instead of the Air Fortress, haha!

The Kaiser Claws sure seem good! Poison, Blind, Silence, and Charm? Talk about an upgrade from Fairy Claws!

That's not the sprite for the Dark Elf... hmm...  only now do I realize I forgot to get the TwinHarp...

Well, the magic routine for the Dark Elf was removed, odd choice but I guess it went to another boss instead of the game-over scenario. I... mean, uh... I was testing that scenario yeah... haha, that's it...

Dark Elf wasn't too bad. There were no real surprises and Blaze was easy enough to heal off.

Oh! I almost forgot about that new mountain that you can get to with the Black Chocobo.

This is a nice area! The illusion of a floating island is really well done here!

Wow, I cannot beat these dragons... fair enough, I'll remember it for later.

Whew! Managed to beat the Clapper at least, it took quite a bit of doing. I started with a Spider Web and used Focus, dealing roughly around 900 damage, while trying to keep Cecil and Tellah healing. After quite some time I barely managed to win after Cecil went down and Tellah was down to Literally one HP.

I'm not sure if much was done to the Magus Sisters fight. I did notice that Cindy used Refresh instead of Life... unless she always did. The Delta Attack seemed faster, but I didn't start with a Spider Web, which I probably should have, haha. All in all, a good fight. Because you can't buy High Potions yet, it seems important to save them for this battle.

Tellah felt odd in this version... he never really seemed to have enough Will to be able to heal effectively, his offensive capabilities were fine though, but the Wizard equipment comes far too late to give him this option.

Valvalis wasn't anything too special. I slowed her and just whittled her down, using one of the 25 Softs I've gotten from enemies throughout to deal with Petrify and kept everyone a little healthy with Cure2. All in all, not bad.

Personal Projects / Re: New FF4 Advance Editor
« on: February 07, 2020, 06:35:09 am »
Oh, that looks nice! The level-up lists in editors are always rather messy, but this looks quite clean and readable. Great work!

Also Kea it is great to see you're still around. I am glad to see someone managed to save their notes and data. Once this editor is up and running it may even be better to move to FFIV:A for general hacking.

The PSP version of FFIV would be great to deal with. I imagine that the program is much more streamlined and getting some of the additional stuff from TAY into a modded FFIV would be terrific. Or even modding The After Years itself for a different experience.

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