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Now there is a "new" game on Nintendo 64 !

This is the first modded game with all the graphics and levels changed that can operate directly on Nintendo 64 and emulators.

Yes it's a new F-Zero X, certainly one of the most accessible game for such a spot on N64. It took me one year, like 6 to 8 hours a day to create that mod, it's serious work. I'll explain why it took me so long later.

I chosed to use F-Zero Climax as an inspiration, the last episode of the serie, released only in Japan on GBA to create my mod.

On this new F-Zero X mod I remade each of the 24 F-Zero X tracks , they're all from the 54 you can play on F-Zero Climax but I made very large changes, including 3D, absent on the GBA version, but some tracks remain flat. One of my first goal was to make those track to be championship friendly.

The computer is very fast on most tracks, some are a challenge, even for advanced players, in fact ! I have tried to reduce CPUs speed but it's still hard, beginners will have to learn how to slide ( max acceleration guys, with bad grip machines ) or at least use the good settings with jumper machines and use ZZ / RR cornering control properly not to slip and keep speed. Like many games it takes a little time to enjoy it.

I tried to respect the original circuits by placing arrows, ice and dirt in the same places, but as the tracks are much longer, the circuits on F-Zero Climax are very short and machines fast, all with design and handling that would be very ill-suited to F-Zero X  so I didn't even try to create tracks with the original size but long tracks, they're also much longer than the F-Zero X tracks with more arrows and jump plates here and there to reduce the feeling of emptiness and length of some sections and to increase fun of course !

Modding F-Zero X textures was the thing that really motivated me to create that mod for the 15th anniversary of F-Zero -X, modding the circuits was done long ago, I shared myself several packs of tracks but I wanted this one to be really special. I prefer playing my favorite game on console so when I discovered Tilemolester + Gedecompress and that it's possible to change so many GFX in n64 roms including F-Zero X I decided to create F-Zero X Climax, I worked a full year, around eight hours a day to create this mod. After a year of intense hard research to successfully find and change a maximum of textures, pictures and texts, after dealing with a lot of problems to properly modified the game textures, I finally made it.

I didn 't find any "tricks" to make the compressed files work faster, sometimes it took an hour or more to make a single change work in the game, there are 433 compressed files in the game, I' ve changed 190 of them but that's 6.5 mo of  7 mo when the files are uncompressed, the remaining files are only characters or texts. Edit these would have been possible, but I found myself faced with an obvious problem that you find at first sight,  on many images below little dash or parasites colors, that happen with the compressed files, it's possible to remove them but that's what I can call a miracle, that's why you''ll see many of them, on the menus mainly but also on the credits, however, after so many hours of attempt I managed to remove some of them, not as much as I wanted too, in fact it's very random, as I said I didn't find how to make that work perfectly. Now imagine a dash under each caracter of a long word and you will understand why I dropped those compressed files it would have been very ugly plus the smaller files are the harder to mod. ave been very ugly, I decided to focus on tracks textures and tried so many things.

I now really understand why Nintendo was limited with the graphics on F-Zero X, that graphic style that also appears to be responsible for the non-success of the game at the time, for what I made with F-Zero Climax X, you can judge, remember it is very difficult to make a texture that makes it as well when the track is 10 meters or 200 meters wide knowing that I worked on a 64x32 pixel texture base.

When I started to create my first custom textures last year I noticed stat strange parasite colors visible on many images or textures, the other big problems was to create textures without  those parasite, after a while I figured out how to do but it takes a lot of time (you need work the textures in negative to avoid parasites) so in addition of the few I made I used textures ( not emu dumps, unusable, parasite everywhere, I even tried some wipeout textures, so ugly on fzx with the parasites) that I could find and dump in other n64 games that has the same graphic properties that has F-Zero X , I extracted compressed files of many games to look for appropriate textures for FZX, sometimes I just cut and paste the texture from a rom to fzx,sometimes I completly reworked some of them, sometimes I changes things on them or even use textures for their colors. Why using textures from another n64games, mainly to avoid all those parasites, it was faster than create original ones ( I won't be ready for the 15th anniversar and I didn't want to spend more than one year on the mod ), I had a large choice at the beginning but after many attempt no so much, I've seen weird things during those, only a few kind of textures look "good"  on F-Zero X, I tried the best I could with what I have and my own textures. You may recognise some of those n64 textures dumped textures by the way !

Parasites :

The two patchs are for the US and JPN rom of the game, remember you must have a real F-Zero X cart or have it on wii to play the F-Zero X roms : )

The japanese version is usable with the Expansion kit on the 64DD, for those who have an Everdrive/64drive/ED64plus/Dr Jr v64 in addition, you can use new textures in it to create your own retextured custom tracks and save the track to your kit.

Edition of the textures with Tile Molester and Gedecompress.

Tracks patched with the Fzep level editor.


I spend so much time on this, if you like F-Zero Climax, get more information on the F-Zero X official site and eventually you can donate there :


Thank you to Subdrag, BGNG, Nintendo and tadashi sugiyama without them F-Zero Climax X  would not have existed.


Mr. Myamoto it's time to release a new F-Zero ! Find ideas and If you can't find some, ask people !


Thank you to BFrancois and emulation64, F-Zero Central and its users, my Youtube subscribers and my family.


The link to F-Zero X climax Patches :

I made videos of each cup using the Blue Falcon on my n64 with an Everdrive :

The Bronze Cup :

The Silver Cup :

The Gold Cup :

The Platinum Cup :

This video by jimmy130 shows some of the Expansion Kit features, including english texts in the machine editor and new marks :

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