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Well there's only an exe file and two dll's, but those are for the setup file I guess. You can take a look at them here ->

I still think that somewhere in the mlt files there's the CRC check (or maybe it's stored in the exe?)

Here are the first 5 levels in different folders (folder structure intact), and with all included files (not just MLT ones) ->

Tried fiddling around with OllyDbg, but don't know where to start (not an assembly expert, either :D)

When I translated MediEvil 2 for PS1 it also had a Checksum, and a random guy helped me out on a different forum, but he wouldn't answer me, sadly :\

If needed I could also upload the exe file

Just tried out something: If I replace MLT files with each other, the game still runs and loads up the strings, although different ones (because for example I'm using level 01's MLT file in level 00). This means that the protection really can be (or really is) in the MLT files themselves.

Nope, they are all different (always 4 characters, but different ones).

I don't know about checksum storage, any idea where I could get help/read a tutorial on them?

Any thoughts or ideas on this? I'm thinking of editing the game's memory, but that would take a LOT of time :D

Okay, this might be a bit long, but I'll write down what I'm doing.

So I know that the very first level's text is in the Lvl-00.MLT file, no other file contains strings that match.

I opened it up with Hex Workshop, and searched for the very first hint's text, which begins with the word "Attention".

I changed this into "Attentoon", and saved the file (I made a backup of it into a separate folder, of course).

I started up the game, and everything was working fine until I got into the level, because then ALL strings disappeared (even the sign one).

Comparing both files shows that their length is the same, the size is the same, but there's a very interesting thing: Although I've changed the string there, it says that both files match, EVEN if I can see clearly they don't.

Hey there boys and girls, dude and dudettes!

I want to translate a game called Looney Tunes - Sheep Raider, or Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf, as some of you know it. It's an older game where you control Ralph, a coyote, and you have to steal lots of sheep while avoiding Sam, the shephard dog.

Now the text can be found in the MLT files in their respective folder. My problem is that when I modify even one bit of the file, then it wouldn't load, so no text will be displayed in the game. It doesn't matter if the file is exactly the same in size as before.

Does anyone know a solution for this? Note that I'm trying to translate the PC version, but I thought I'd translate the PS1 version too, but that's for another story :)

Also if it's okay, here are the level 00's files from the PC version ->

I've come to the conclusion that the game might use checksum checks on these files, and that's why I can't edit the files.

By this I mean if I change the ingame text like this: Apple -> apple (so into a smaller "a"), then the game won't load the text files for that level.

So I might need a program or method for this, then I'll translate the game on PC, and maybe on PS1 as well.

Any ideas? :D

I use pSX for an emulator and CDMage to extract and import files.

Seconding that it's likely some kind of hash check/copy protect.  Make sure you're changing it to something in the existing glyph set first as mentioned, but it's probably that.  What's the game?

Well there aren't many translations for PS1 games, so I thought I'd translate some of them (I mean like 10-15 or so, if I find that many to translate). What I've tried so far is...

Spyro 2 - Ripto's Rage! / Spyro 2 - Gateway to Glimmer: If I change just one bit, it gets frozen/doesn't start.

Kagero - Deception II: If I change something, then the text gets displayed correctly at places, but the PS1 logo at the beginning looks odd, and there's no background music.

I've only tested them to see if the text gets replaced, I didn't play them for long to see if there are any other errors...

Thanks for the tip Pokeytax, with CDMage I'm able to fully play Kagero - Deception II's rebuilded image (with music, sound and stuff, the PS logo looks a bit odd, but it does the same with the original one, so it's not a problem)

I've ran into another problem, mainly translating text without Unicode support, and putting in longer text sometimes freezes the game. But at least I can translate it :D

If I'm right, then if I want to edit textures/put in new characters for Unicode support I have to extract the .bin file, which I can't because I'm a total noob :D

Found some nifty texture editing stuff, and I can export/import textures. Will see if I can modify them, put them back in and that they are working as intended (using TimViewer for this, if someone is interested)

Nope, can't put the image back in...  :-\

Thanks, I've extracted the files, and I can put them back in, but...

There are some errors, like:

1. In one game if I modify the text just a bit (with HEX Editing, so it stays the same size, the character is in the same place...etc), then the game doesn't start
2. In another game the game starts, but some music disappears (also the PlayStation Logo at the beginning looks odd)

Any tips on what I should do to solve these problems?

Hi guys!

I want to translate a PlayStation 1 game, but I can't copy the files out of the game/image/ISO/whatever.

I need some help with this, because I have some knowledge on HEX Editing text and whatnot, I just need help with file copying (for now :D)

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