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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: About cheat devices
« on: May 29, 2013, 02:56:06 pm »
FAST6191 helped me a lot.

ROM Hacking Discussion / About cheat devices
« on: May 28, 2013, 09:13:32 pm »
There are many names for cheats options that I find in emulators: Action Replay, Game Shark, Code Breaker and Game Genie.
I would like to know how these things work and their differences.

Do they change data in an address of memory? Or an address of ROM data?

DS cheats are complex because many cheats are activated when some buttons are pressed.
DS cheats ends with "D2000000 00000000" and it seems strange.

How can existing cheat codes help to hack a ROM? Does it help to find the address of specific data in ROM?

I would like to start with DS. Other systems that I like are GBA, PSP, SNES, SMD and PS1.

I have some ideas of hacks that solve problems of some games.

Crimson Gem Saga (PSP)
This game is very unbalanced and many people dislike its difficulty. For instance, a level-30 enemy can kill a level-60 party easily and the price of the things is very high. Grinding is required to defeat stronger enemies due to the unbalance.

A hack that solves the problem would feature:
-4x more money after the battle.
-2x more damage against enemies.
-2x less damage done by enemies.

Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled (DS)
It is a good game that follows the style of Snes games. This game is boring due to high encounter rate.

A hack that improves the game would feature:
-Reduction of random encounter rate.
-Raise experience and money that are obtained from battles. Grinding is not needed in the original game due to the high encounter rate, but with a smaller encounter rate the party may become underleveled.
-Fix freezing bugs and battle system bugs (If it is possible). The game has some perceptible bugs.

Crimson Gem Saga and Black Sigil would be great RPG if the problems that prevent them from being playable were solved.

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