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Hey Greg, I sent you the updated patch archive before posting it here via mail. Maybe you can upload it to DQTranslations when you find the time.

About the bug already being in the original version, I never read anything about such a lock up and google doesn't give me any info concerning such a bug either. Maybe Pennywise is right and it was introduced with the translation?

Looking at different save files with and without lock ups I think it has to do with one of the names. I'll send you my findings by mail.

So apparently there was a problem with an earlier patch that now remains in your save file. Fiddling with the save file results in the game deleting the affected save so there is no easy fix. It has nothing to do with the names you gave your characters but with one of the fixed name characters whose name wasn't written correctly to the save file.

But as I understand it since version 1.0a at least the game can be played from start to end without the lockup if you use a new save file made with version 1.0a or later.

Version 1.1 is mostly about improvements to the text.

I'm not sure, since the version 1.0a with which I started when I did the review didn't lock up for me there. Version 1.1 still doesn't. I was playing on SNES9x, latest version.

But I made some changes around that place removing tags that weren't in the Japanese and which caused the game to output short mangled texts mixed in with regular text lines. Maybe with them gone the lock up will be too. Can you try your old save file to check if you can get past it now (and let me know if you did)? Maybe make a save state right before for your convenience as well, I know it's a bit of a walk before you get there. If the save state is around two button presses ahead of advancing the text to where it locks, new patches should fix the problem even with that save state.

A name still appears mangled in the battle text which I couldn't fix myself. Hopefully that isn't causing the lock up on your system. If the name is the problem, no patch will likely fix your save file because the names get written there. Although this one is a bit different, so maybe it would.

Anyway, thanks for pointing this out. I had read about the problem but since it didn't occur for me I thought it was already resolved. But maybe you could remove your spoiler so people won't accidentally read it. Since I'm now aware of the problem.

Edit: Thanks for editing. The link contains even more spoilers so please don't click if you haven't played the game yet. Starting with newer versions is save, no need to spoil yourself if you are you going to play the game for the first time.

Newcomer's Board / Re: HELP!!! translating shin megami tensei PSX
« on: May 14, 2013, 12:58:10 am »
I like Megami Tensei II's brick walls over the solids in Kyuuyaku.
I thought this was a post-apocalypse world, and people were living in bomb shelters, not abandoned office buildings? :P
Aesthetic considerations aside, either version would be deserving to be translated.

I can see why people have been asking me for years to translate the PSX port of "If...". Given how much similar the engine those ports use, it might be interesting to do the whole PSX SMT trilogy.
I played a bit of If on PSX. Could see myself going back to playing it. And I still need to beat II. Maybe I'll get the PSX version for Vita one day.

Newcomer's Board / Re: HELP!!! translating shin megami tensei PSX
« on: May 05, 2013, 05:59:10 am »
Personal preference are the SNES graphics. I think the PSX/GBA version looks lazy; it's SNES sprites over more detalied backgrounds.

The fluid movement through the corridors is really easy on the eyes though. I much prefered SMT PSX to Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei in that regard. And apparently the PSX version is much easier and accessible.

If you play it in Japanese, having kanji is nice. Makes it easier/quicker to read.

I guess that if I wanted to speed up the process, myself, I would start up my own translation web site, hire a bunch of guys to do the dirty translation work, or help with groups in progress. Do you have any positions open for publicity for your ROM translations  :angel:?

You can speed up translation that way but you will need to put in more work in editing and organising the process. Parts of the game that are related by terminology and context might end up worked on by different translators, using different styles and solutions. To make it coherent and consistent, one editor will have to make sense of it all in the end. And all translators involved should have played and beat the game to put the disordered text parts into context. The in-game staging of the story also provides information not present in the text, so this is really a prerequisite.

I think it's preferable to have one translator, unless the game has exceptional amounts of text, or can be logically split up into parts that don't heavily relate to each other. Neither of which is usually the case for SNES games.

Why do they keep calling her Rydia (I thought I've heard at least a few suggest it should by Lydia), and did nobody mention Ceodore to them?
I thought someone (maybe Sky Render?) once suggested Mash in FF6 should be Matthew.
Kana マッシュ. Don't they typically use シ to end kana-ized "sh"-ending words? (as in, "mash" should be マーシ?) (then again, the GBA script did use Woolsey's names. Wherever he came up with "Sabin", it stuck.)

Well, they are names for their own invented characters and there are many variations of spellings and pronunciations for any name so I think sticking with Rydia makes the version of the name unique in a way, even though it clearly is based on Lydia. R and L are variations of the same sound/letter for a Japanese, like Marcus/Markus are for us, for example.

Mash always reminded me of mashed potatoes, since the Japanese spelling of that English loanword is マッシュポテト. I and u both tend to become part of the preceding consonant (and thus silent) so when you need a syllable ending in a consonant both kana ending in i or in u can be used.

Also they allowed translators to use differing names, didn't they? I know they restored Aeris/th to the spelling resembling earth in KH and Dissidia but since I haven't played these games in English myself I'm not aware if they went back to other "Engrish" names besides that one. Tina is still Terra, isn't she?

I don't think the people behind the GoH series are particular experts in Greek mythology. I believe each game has its share of mistakes and errors, made up crap etc.
Well yeah. Best way to see GoH is like a kind of parody. I mean, the trojan horse. In 3 it protects the party from being inhaled. In Proof of Soul it is basically a tank used to tear down city walls.

Also, you don't need to use Fire Pillar Ball for the update. I'm actually using Fire Ball for a Heracles translation of my own.
We will also use the shorter term, yes.

Is someone going to make sure all the terms, names etc are Greek instead of Roman? I do recall that the translation for 3 had some of the Gods names as their Roman counterparts instead of the Greek ones. Although I don't think that was entirely the fault of the translation, just something Data East screwed up on.
I think most (all?) of these should be fixed in the current patch version of GoH3. Greg was addressing this issue to me in a late phase of the translation and Bacchus should be changed to Dionysus and Venus to Aphrodite. The reason why I think they used Venus in the old games (it's Apurodite and Dionyusosu in the DS game) is because she really is commonly referred to in manga by her Roman name even if the context is Greek. Wordplay should be the reason, a typical female name, Minako, can be written with kanji that also read binasu which is how Venus is pronounced in Japanese. There is Sailor Venus of course (planets use Roman names) but also Akuma no Hanayome, which has Greek mythology. And it has a Minako who is the reincarnation of Venus.

Nojima probably wasn't aware that it wasn't her Greek name. No idea about Bacchus but it might be a similar reason, and Bacchus is also an alternative Greek name for Dionysus. When he came back to write Proof of Soul he used the correct names. But it still has Roman numerals for the mini games.

Also, there's the Mast Ball item, which is likely in the game. That item name is actually the result of a typo in the original game and is actually supposed to be 'Fire Pillar Ball' instead. I guess just an FYI, but excellent news nonetheless.

I fixed this, thanks! We will also release an updated patch for 3 with this and anything else we might find in 4 that is in both games.

And then the writers probably went on to write for Square (who will defend their Engrish names)... :P

Nojima went on to write for FF and KH at Square, yes. He works with Nomura mostly, also on Versus. What Engrish names is Square defensive about?

One of the last (potentially) great untranslated Snes RPGs, if Glory of Heracles 3 is anything to go by. Can't wait.

A lot of people didn't like its story as much as the one in GoH3 but personally I like both a lot. GoH4 is commended for its gameplay systems though, generally classic GoH enthusiasts laud 3's story and 4's system. In 4 over a hundred NPCs are playable and you can explore their local stories by taking over their body and talking to people they know. It's really cool and I discovered many more small episodes during translation which I missed when I first played it.

GoH4 with its school setting and love story is similar to FFVIII. For FFVII Kitase wanted Nojima to write a suspense mystery story like in GoH3 and FFVIII's love theme suggested by Sakaguchi probably lent itself well to make a reprise of GoH4. In both cases the next game wasn't met as enthusiastically as the one before.

I think the genius plot twists in GoH3 and FFVII are hard to match but 4 and VIII have more complex plots and characters.

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