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WAAAAAAIIIIT A MINUTE!!!!! This isn't some kind of harsh April Fools prank is it? Are we NOT getting "Rick Rolled...?" =_=

Nope not a joke. I happened to find the file on an external drive and then I saw Green Goblin's post about it and PM'ed him about it. Luckily he figured out how the patch was meant to work and now it's a combined file. I eagerly await any necessary updates it will have.

Does anyone have these patches? Links are not working and there must be someone who has downloaded these patches back in the day.

Today at 03:52:21 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Thanks to "Rodimus Primal" I now have the "Canon Addendum" patch. Originally it was divided in two parts:

And then:
The patches must be applied in that order, which is boring so I combined those and here you have the Canon Addendum in a single pack:

Beacause Canon Addendum v0.3.7z (129 MB)

It includes a "readme" file with some useful information. If you don't have the original ISOs please contact me using the form of my blog:

Maybe a moderator could edit the first post and include the download link.


I'm glad I was able to find the patch on one of my hard drives. I was getting PMs of folks looking for it and I knew I had downloaded it at some point. Glad I was finally able to help.

Is it possible to apply this patch together with the italian translation patch?

Perhaps it might work if the Italian script was extracted and then inserted after the patch is applied. The problem is, some of the text has been moved to a different location than a vanilla ROM, such as item descriptions. It would need a reworking to combine the two.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy 7 - Retranslation Project (PSX)
« on: March 29, 2020, 11:04:25 am »
Hi all,

I am not dead, in fact I have been working and improving a workflow to insert the new translation into the PSX. Most of the errors and bugs you reported were caused because I was using old and bad tools, but now I use Cebix Tools which are excellent and the resulting ISOs will work on real hardware.

That being said, I am planning to create new patches which will include some nice and new options, like:

   Beacause + Chicago font
   Beacause + Hard Mode
   Beacause + Chicago font + Hard Mode

   Beacause Canon Addendum
   Beacause Canon Addendum + Chicago font
   Beacause Canon Addendum + Hard Mode
   Beacause Canon Addendum + Chicago font + Hard Mode

That will imply a lot of work from my side, but I will try my best. It looks like Burnt Lasagna is not active so I will take care of the Canon Addendum from now on. The Chicago font is not an important update, but I really like this font and it's like playing a new game:

Regarding the Hard Mode, I will use this hack from GalenMyra, who is also inactive but the patch is there and I will implement it to offer a new and challenging playing mode.

What do you think?

Awesome all around. I really like that Chicago font and the fact you are making sure the Canon addendum is part of the project makes me a happy camper! Can't wait to try them out!

Awesome. Adding in the missing content is well worth it for sure. Though I wish Sheeva was selectable from the start. Have you considered rearranging the select screen to match the arcade a bit more?

Oh, ok.

March 24, 2020, 01:36:30 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Have you considered adding the graveyard?

To my understanding, the graveyard was not present in any 16 bit version of MK3. Only way to fit it would be to port it somehow.

I don't see why Nintendo would care what happens to third-party games.

There was an exclusivity deal with NES games so every game sale was profit for Nintendo. They sued Blockbuster to prevent game rentals in the US, since it was already banned in Japan, but only walked away with them banning game manuals to be included in the rental.

There's a reason they called those games "Nintendo hard."

Odd that they would make the SNES version harder when, if my memory is write, the Genesis version, or maybe at least Virgin Games, had signed on to some kind of burn-on-demand program Blockbuster wanted to test.
(that was, Blockbuster could rent out essentially a single-game flash cart they could burn licensed games onto)
I forget what it was called but I thought the one sample cart found was a Virgin game. Anyone remember that?

I think it was Nintendo that requested game makers to make some games harder for the US release to curb games being rented from Blockbuster and beaten over the weekend so that you would be compelled to buy the game after renting it if you wanted to beat it. It is why Castlevania III is harder than Akumajo Densetsu.

Many people have talked about the difficulty of the Lion King on SNES and Genesis. In fact, the SNES version was made harder because of Blockbuster rentals and certain platforms (especially on the 2nd stage) are not grabbable, among many other things. But I think the graphics and sound on the SNES are much better than its Genesis counterpart. If the broken gameplay could be fixed on the SNES, in addition to adding the subtitles from the Japanese version it would be the definitive version of the game.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: ff4kster help - il li ll special characters
« on: February 09, 2020, 10:06:25 am »
I straight used a Hex editor with any tiles that ff4kster didn't recognize in Namingway Edition. I found it much easier to edit that way. Especially since I used so much of the font space.

I just finished my playthrough of this hack as well as FF6: TWUE, and I must say that it was a fantastic experience all around. Looking back on the dialogue of the original SNES release after doing so, it's genuinely alarming how stunted and almost robotic the original dialogue feels, even putting aside the censorship of things like death, religion, alcohol, and so on. The new script is absolutely fantastic all around, and I don't have a single negative thing to say about any of it.

Above all, I wish that there was a version of this patch that didn't have all of the various buffs and additions that Project II added, such as...

...the ability to use Sight and Warp in battle,
the B button dash (on a side note, it would be great if this was optional in FF6: TWUE, too!),
the buffed weapons, whether they be improved stats (all Bow weapons) or added spell effects (Power Staff/Flame Whip/Wooden Mallet),
the buffed Goblin summon,
the buffed character abilities (Heal/Sing/Cry/Pray/Regen) as well as magic (Protect/Shell/Curse replacing Dispel),
the unused weapons (Assassin Dagger and HandAxe),
the Hummingway Home offering X-Potions/Sirens instead of Hi-Potions/Bestiaries...

...and so on. I can understand the hidden passages in caves and dungeons still being highlighted, as ff4kster does not have the ability to edit the appearances of individual tiles, which is a great shame, and I wish that they could be properly hidden. (Speaking of, has the issue with the Sylvan Cave/Eidolon Passage damage tiles not making a sound been fixed yet?) Putting that aside, I always wished that there was a hack of SNES FF4 that was essentially just the Japanese version with an improved and modernized English script, and while J2Evisceration was a step in the right direction, it still misses marks, such as completely excising Kain's backstory about his father in Baron Castle, and having excessive use of capitalization, ellipses, and exclamation points in places where they do not belong.

This hack is extremely good, and I would still without a doubt consider it the definitive way to play FF4. The restored maps (love the Developer's Room!), graphics, monster stats, weapons, items, chest contents, and dummied out character abilities as well as the various bugfixes are nothing short of spectacular, and I supremely wish that my dream of a version of Namingway Edition with gameplay and appearance that is 100% faithful to the Japanese FF4 will ever come to be, but I still highly applaud all of the effort that went into this regardless, as with FF6: TWUE. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your kind words. To be honest, I would love to port the script of Namingway Edition to a Japanese ROM with all of the original features and perhaps have some great additions to it like User Options and an optional B-Button Dash. It would need some work to make it right.

I'd try this out as well if you could make patches for them. I don't care for the Yuan thing myself either so I say definitely make that a separate patch.

Looks good. Kinda iffy on "great golden ocean", but i'm not sure what else would work if you insist on keeping "great".

"Great" doesn't need to be kept in this instance but it does make it sound as flowery as intended. It can be like this:

Chancellor:Now! Behold this castle's might as she dives into the vast golden ocean! <EOP>
No one can touch the people of Figaro!

I think that you can rewrite it to be a bit funnier. To us, that line is so flowery that it ends up being lame and longwinded, but I think you can maintain it if you play it up for over-the-top cheese. Like, write it to be something Gilgamesh would say if he were hosting a magic show. This is a mockup, but...

Remember that you don't have to specifically use words like "glory" or "ocean" or "witness". Try using a thesaurus for finding punchier dialogue.

Very true. I was just looking at it from my initial thoughts before making changes of course. Still, as hammy as we can make it, I still want to retain that initial line from Woolsey while keeping the details of the original text.

Perhaps this might work:

Chancellor:Now! Behold this castle's might as she dives into the great golden ocean! <EOP>
No one can touch the people of Figaro!

Wait, what happens if you play this bugfix on a NTSC system?

To my understanding it shouldn't affect it at all. It's just the code that has the game correctly when it's in a PAL system.

How about this?

Behold! Witness the glory of Figaro as she dives into the vast golden ocean! This castle and its people shall remain untouchable!

Using Figaro in another sentence right after sounds a bit unnatural.

I thought so too about using Figaro twice. I do want to keep the original line in some capacity. What about this for the second sentence?

No one can touch this castle or its people!

Just tested it on my PAL modded Super Famicom. Seems to work. I got as far as Terra and Locke's escape from Narshe. No glitches or crashes. Granted that's a modded system so it needs testing on a native PAL SNES to be sure. It should work though.

That's good to hear. Since its a bugfix, I'll add it to the bug fix patches.

I'm also thinking about altering a line that I changed recently for accuracy. When the Chancellor shouts atop of the castle before Figaro dives into the sand, the US translation was like this:

CHANCELLOR: No one can touch the people of Figaro!

GBA line:
Chancellor: Witness the glory of Figaro!

However, the original line in Japanese was a little more flowery, which is surprising that Woolsey condensed it so much:

Loosely translated by Kwhazit:
Chancellor: Now!
 Behold Figaro as she dives
 into the great golden ocean!
 Enjoy your front-row seats!!

So when my recent change was like this:
Chancellor: Now! Behold the glory of Figaro, as she dives into the great golden ocean!

I saw a recent playthrough by someone on Twitch and some noted that they missed the original line from Woolsey. I was thinking of adding to it so the original line is still present with the flowery fun from the Japanese like this:

Chancellor: Now! Behold the glory of Figaro, as she dives into the great golden ocean! <EOP>
No one can touch the people of Figaro!!

What do you guys think?

Hi Rodimus, and thank you for your work  :thumbsup:
Do you think you can add the PAL-fix ( to your patch ? The source is included.

I can as I'm sure its compatible. Has anyone tested it?

I'm still waiting for the day when somebody remembers that Final Fight 2 exists and either restores the censored elements to the U.S. version or creates an English translation for the Japanese one.

I realize I'm in a minority here, but I always preferred Final Fight 2 over 3.

Beyond that, just title screen hacks for Bare Knuckle 3 and the SNES Goemon sequels.

YES to all of this!

Thanks, I have tested a few different options today and updated my RetroArch cores. It seems to work fine with the updated SNES9x Core now, but not with the most current Mesen or higan cores in RetroArch. So I know it is not the IPS patch or ROM now that I can get it to work for sure with RetroArch and the SNES9x Core on that so I'm moving on to just play with that now!

Now the only thing I can't figure out is no matter how I use the Final Fantasy IV - Break Damage Limit (9999) hack I get a black screen and no title screen as nothing happens on any of my emulator options (with or without this hack also patched with LIPS). I saw on its news thread it supposedly should work with this patch as well as others, but do you know if it is working with this patch in testing? If not, I will give up temporarily on pursuing it as it is surely going to be a long time before I am dealing that much damage anyway. Thanks again!

Honestly I myself never tested the Break Damage Limit patch on it. I do know that it breaks compatibility with ff4kster, one of the tools I used in editing Namingway Edition. It is possible that it also makes the two projects incompatible.

I seem to be having a problem getting multiplayer controls to work correctly with the game when patched with this. The second controller inputs battle commands fine without the patch, but appears completely unresponsive with the patch, any idea what could be affecting this?

Also, has this been tested working with the 9999 Limit Break hack patch? I thought I'd ask before I got too deep into trying to troubleshoot it. I can get this Namingway patch to work on the no header FF2 US v1.1 SMC ROM okay besides the multiplayer issue I noticed, but that patch doesn't seem to work with or without the Namingway patch and I'll stop looking into it if it isn't compatible as well. Thanks!

That's strange. I just checked my own ROM file and I am able to use Multiplayer just fine. As you know, US FFII doesn't have the per character setting in the Customizer menu but a second controller can input commands just like Player 1 can.

I guess the problem is that this would be my only nitpick with this version, because as I pointed out, it otherwise plays flawlessly and I have yet to find any issues.

I just took a look through my own files for ANY instances of Midgardsormr being misspelled and I did not find it that way myself. In fact, through one of my changes I was pretty sure I corrected it during many of the updates. The ONLY instance of mistake that I can see was 2.05, where I misspelled it in the Read Me that was copied and pasted to the first page of this topic. I can assure you that it is spelled right IN the game.

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