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Personal Projects / Re: JRPGs: DoubleXP/DoubleGold
« on: December 06, 2017, 05:47:58 pm »
Not at all, any constructive feedback is welcome! :)

I started the project because I like JRPGs in principle, I just feel that the ratio of game progression vs level progression is not 1:1, so I've tried to correct it. Go too far the other way and it's a dull procession from place to place, often without the interesting story and dialogue that Western adventures from Lucasarts and Sierra had. If you took the random encounters out of Dragon Warrior 1, you wouldn't have much of a game left. :D

So, back on topic: anyone got any tips regarding my problem with PS2 on Genesis? :huh:
You may want to skip Phantasy Star II, it has a 4x EXP and meseta patch by Reiska.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Lufia-Patches by Artemis
« on: December 06, 2017, 02:00:56 pm »
I second that feeling on most of the hacks out there.

In addition: any suggestion of patches (on a same fashion) for the FIRST Lufia?
Never played it as well...

Lufia & the Fortress of Doom Restored

Also, be sure to check out Lufia: The Legend Returns Text Cleanup


Personal Projects / Re: JRPGs: DoubleXP/DoubleGold
« on: December 03, 2017, 07:44:22 pm »
do you think phantasy star's patch would work with the english retranslation or the non-english versions of the game?

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Prettified
« on: November 30, 2017, 01:53:04 am »
Didn't we categorize Spooniest's ROM hacks as "hacks"?
(from what I read, he was picking lines from different official translations and mixing them together)

So I think this would have to be similarly categorized.
They would be under "translations." To my knowledge, the rule is on RHDN is, if a patch exists for non-English game to localize or convert it into English somehow, it's considered a "translation." If a patch modifies an existing fan translation, it's also considered a "translation." Similarly, if a game was originally in English, but a person(s) translated the Japanese script and tossed the new translation into the already-English game, again, this is considered a "translation."

Which is why Spooniest's J2eviscerate mod, Aeon Genesis' Tactics Ogre "PS1 script-to-SNES game" patch, and Ryusui's Breath of Fire II are all considered "translations" and thus are placed in that section on the site.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: November 29, 2017, 11:58:09 am »
As a Sailor Moon superfan, if I may weigh on the discussion...

On Viz's DVDs/Blu-rays for their new English dub of the 90's anime, you can see the logo doesn't include any translation of the Bishojo Senshi title. In the actual episodes' opening sequences, though, the logo is still in Japanese. The logo used here is the standard logo used worldwide, and can be seen on Italian merchandise made starting in 2011, for example.

However, Usagi's new English voice actress consistently calls the series "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" in the next-episode previews.

Further, Kodansha's manga re-release uses a different logo, which includes Pretty Guardian.

And Sailor Moon Crystal's English dub uses this logo in its opening, as well as on its English Blu-rays. This included the Pretty Guardian part.

For comparison, the English and Mexican dubs from the 90's used this logo, which of course never included the Bishojo Senshi part of the title.

I think just dropping the "Bishojo Senshi" part, while using the newer logo, would probably be the best compromise between what an official localization from the 90's would use, and the more modern take on the logo. But that's just my two cents.

In the end though, I really have no issue with such a minor detail like the title screen. I'm happy for more Sailor Moon games in English, period! As long as it's not written god-awfully like the Another Story translation. :laugh:

On a somewhat related note, this does beg the question--why did none of the Sailor Moon video games ever come to Western shores in an official capacity? :huh: I think the arcade game and Sailor Moon Drops are the only ones.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Prettified
« on: November 28, 2017, 03:13:09 am »
Yeah, I doubt it would be as easy as just applying Gemini's patch, Vivi. If it was just a text patch, that'd be one thing, but since it tweaks assembly (even just a bit) it probably wouldn't patch right over FFIIUS.
Most likely you'd have to first copy Gemini's assembly hack, then reformat the text... Which would have to be done in a hex editor because the new format won't be FF4kster-compatible.
Not impossible, but it'd be a lot of work.
I said I thought it'd be cool to port Project II's script to this project, not apply Gemini's patch on top of Project II.

Then I went onto say that I wasn't sure if it was right to port Project II's script to this patch without all the numerous enhancements Project II has--Sealed Cave skip fix, Adamant Armor fixes, enhanced Pray, Cry, Salve, Goblin summon enhancement, Yang's HP fixed... etc. Meaning, we'd have to port those fixes to the Japanese version of FFIV.


Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Prettified
« on: November 27, 2017, 06:26:38 pm »
Not gonna lie there, I was thinking of porting Project II's script (Which Namingway Edition uses) to this project when it was all done... but remember that both Namingway Edition and Project II make numerous bug fixes and gameplay enhancements, which we'd need to figure out how to do in the Japanese version. I'm not sure I'd be comfortable using my script in the vanilla, unaltered edition with all its flaws.

But that's not to discuss here--when Gemini releases this is when we can talk about that.

OMG Thank you! This makes the ultimate Metroid Hack (besides Rogue Dawn) even ultimater. Thank you!

Had no idea wall-jumping was so difficult. Never played Super Metroid (will next), so had to figure out how to do it. Still tricky, though.

- When I pause and hit either Save or Continue, does it always bring me back to the beginning? Thought that if I at least hit Continue it will just un-pause.
- You say it's not done. What else is there to do? I'm going to have a buddy of mine make a repro cart of Rogue Dawn and was thinking of doing Metroid mOTHER too, but this compiled version you have is way, way better.

1. It's not every time you pause that it brings you to the save screen. You have to pause and press D-Pad Up + A Button at the same time. If you do Up + A, it basically automatically kills Samus to take you to the save screen. Loading a save doesn't take you to Brinstar's starting zone every time, it takes you to the start of each elevator; the game also auto-saves every time you go up or  down an elevator, I think? Not sure on that. Anyhow, the reason Continue just takes you to the beginning of one area without any changes is because the game assumes Samus has been killed and you're starting over fresh. It's also kind of a remnant of the password system.

2. I wish you had read onward a little!

So I just found a small bug of when you get out of Brinstar, the new "E" and Missile indicators revert to the "...." and the right half of the old Missile indicator. I've fixed it, and I also did some minor behind-the-scenes updates, but I'm not gonna put a new version up yet. I really want it to be made so that saving can be done all on one controller--that's worth a new full update to me.

August 29, 2017, 12:50:51 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Snarfblam kindly told me which byte to change to make it so you only need Controller 1 to save. Pause, then press Up+A on Controller 1 to be taken to the save screen. You shouldn't need the A Button at all on the pause menu--scrolling the map is done with the D-Pad and unpausing requires the Start Button. But remember not to press A while perusing the full map just in case, OK?

This also fixes the minor issues with the Energy and Missile displays that I mentioned earlier in this post.

Enjoy. :)
So, Galactic Edition v3 is pretty much 100% done. If, by chance, you were referring to the patch "Metroid + Saving v0.4 NotDone," that's what Snarfblam named that update in the patch filename. It's not my name for it and I'm not Snarfblam; I was just using the name they established.

since when Square has made a canon of spell names???
...Since 2006? Every FF game has had the same spell names since then, the exception being FFX | X-2 HD, the games of which still call Raise, Arise, and Reraise as Life, Full Life, and Auto-Life due to them just dumping the original localization back into the remaster. (Might be some other minor discrepancies as well, but I'm unsure of them.)

I will say, I really liked it when one of the hacks started Rydia without any equipment to fit the story, though. ;)

I'd actually like to see that as an optional 'narrative fix' type of thing, even though it's so minor.
That was Project II that did that, Digitsie--and it still does! :)

I can for him!

It'd probably look like that.

i did that 'cause it was like that in the original! it's a big space-saver lol

Awesome stuff! Looking forward to it. :D

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: October 10, 2017, 01:41:21 pm »
It had come to my attention that Namingway Edition's renaming menu was broken, so I checked Project II--it was broken there as well. That is to say, the cursor was invisible and it was difficult to navigate the menu. This has been fixed in v2.21, and I renamed Cid's daughter again--Hilda, an FFII reference. I figured this was more appropriate. :)

v2.21 is live on RHDN. Grab it there.

Edit 1 - I'm aware that I forgot to update the version number on the site page, but when you go to download it, you will be getting v2.21.

Players of Namingway Edition, as soon as Rodimus finds the time, he'll be releasing a fixed version of his mod with the renaming menu fixed.

Edit 2 - Version number is changed, for those who care. :P

I hate to ask this of you, Rodimus, but if you find a fix, would you be willing to send it my way? Apparently, this issue stemmed from Project II.  :-[

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: September 25, 2017, 04:32:35 am »
Alrighty! You can use TUSH to easily add or remove an SNES header. :)

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: September 24, 2017, 02:40:32 am »
You're using Lunar IPS with a headered v1.1 ROM, right? Let me look into it.

Edit - I applied it to a headered v1.1 ROM with Lunar IPS and the game works fine. I think it might be something on your end, then. Did you use a different patcher, or an unheadered ROM maybe?

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: September 14, 2017, 11:30:11 pm »
I noticed my script is kind of... lacking in detail, for lack of a better term. I had to be concise with some NPCs due to limitations within the data. For example, one NPC in the prologue says something like "I trust the king!" but in the 3D version, it's more verbose: "Despite his changes as of late, I place my full faith in His Majesty." (Paraphrasing in both instances, but you get the idea.)

As a result, Namingway Edition suffers the same problem, but it's not as bad as J2e blatantly making things up.

The only real limitations Rodimus had to deal with are the magic, item, and enemy names. "Menu strings," as I call them. To fit in more words, he would have to use digraph tiles--for example, the letter limit for spells is technically 5, but he was able to spell out the LV 3 lightning spell as Thundga. To do this, he used digraphs. (Or "squish tiles" as we call them in the scene; I prefer to call them digraphs despite this not being technically correct. It sounds a bit more professional.)

You can't go wrong either way, really.

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: September 14, 2017, 02:07:33 am »
Hey there Sephirous, thanks for your interest in Rodimus' and my projects.

To sum things up, it's down to taste. Namingway Edition is based off of Project II, and thus uses its script for the most part. The v2.20 update changes haven't been implemented into Namingway Edition yet--they may not be since it's up to Rodimus' discretion--but pretty much, it's the same script with some minor alterations.

My goal was to stay as true as possible to a 1991 Nintendo-era script while keeping in line with most of their policies, such as:

- No religion (Allowances made in the following places: Rosa's command Pray, the Tower of Prayers and the concept of praying, the Cross item which cures Curse, possibly another allowance that I can't remember)
- No swearing (Not even for the concept of Hell)
- Names for items, spells, enemies, etc. have to be within the allowed character space
- All tutorial text kept, for better or for worse
- People ARE allowed to die, and death is openly referenced, so that's one major difference to my script as opposed to a 90's SNES-era game script

As for gameplay and exploration, I did do the following.

- Restored missing spells, commands, and items and the text associated with them
- Restored missing magic attached to weapons (i.e. Lunar Staff, Murasame and Defense Sword, and Elven Bow now cast Dispel, Armor, and Shell again, respectively)
- Restored missing items to shops, chests, and enemy drops

I did not do any of the below.

- Restore stripping dancer in Baron Town (though I'd like to, at this point)
- Restore original maps (Not even the Developers' Room, no; you find the Magazine in a chest in a dungeon someplace instead)
- Restore original enemy stats or battle scripts
- Restore original title screen
- Restore Asura's original effects (Rather than casting a full-party Armor, she casts a Mega-Cure instead)

Rodimus Primal actually based Namingway Edition off of Project II with the goal of having a modernized FFIV experience. He and his friends did all of the above that I did not do, plus more.

- Hold down the B Button to dash as opposed to tapping the L Button
- Gave all items, except key items, a description
- Modernized terms utilizing digraph tiles (For example, Fire3 is Firaga, Milon is Scarmiglione, Silver equipment is Mythril, Nuke is Flare)

If the latter appeals more to you and you have no nostalgia for FF terms circa 1991, I say go with Namingway Edition. It's a really polished job considering the limitations Rodimus had to suffer with!

However, if you'd like a bit neater of a presentation plus my original intent, Project II is the way to go.

There's something I must point out though. While Project II's script takes inspiration from the PS1, DS, GBA, and PSP translations, it is at its core a rewrite of Kaoru Moriyama's original translation from the SNES. It is by no means a retranslation. I replayed the opening recently and while I'm still very happy with my work, it's obvious that things have been pared down from what they once were, and it just doesn't have that solid fantasy feel to immerse you in the world.

If you want my honest-to-god opinion, though, I recommend the PC version above all. The new battle system is leagues above the original and the Augment system is great fun. Just give it the original soundtrack mod and the 25 FPS Battles mod though, for the love of all that is holy! 15 FPS battles are nearly unplayable and the "remastered" soundtrack is awful in my opinion.

So, to sum things up...

- If you want an original SNES-style take on terms and censorship, (Except for the concept of death.) go with Project II
- If you want a more modern take on FF terms with some minor censorship removal, (If I remember right, this basically equates to explicitly referencing the concept of Hell, maybe some "damns" in there for good measure someplace, and the spell Pearl and the Pearl Arrows are now Holy instead.) go with Namingway Edition
- The original author of Project II ultimately recommends you get the PC Steam version, with the 25 FPS Battle and Original SNES Soundtrack mods

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: September 03, 2017, 11:27:46 pm »
Another update. The whole reason I made v2.15 was actually so I could have an excuse to fix a typo in the readme. I didn't do that. Whoops! That's done, and I also did a few other things.

- Eliminated references to current and former friends in the script (Julia's name is now Helen, a Clock Tower reference for fun)
- Fixed a typo in the opening (airforce is two words)
- Changed one of Cecil's lines in the prologue, where he and Rosa are discussing the attack on Mysidia in his room. This was to reflect the more accurate DS script
- Capitalized all instances of Crystal to reflect the DS script, except in reference to the Lunar Whale's crystal activation mechanism

It's been submitted to the site as per the usual.

Edit - It's live!

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