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I've come across a bug with this patch: there's a side-quest item that doesn't appear in a certain corp run. That would be the cyber-heart in the Fuchi building in Penumbra District. It's supposed to be found in a room with a level 4 maglock on the third floor.

I triggered the Stark side-quest, there are several indications it's there (Fuchi employees, database, etc.), I've looked in every safe in the third floor, but for some reason it's just a regular item in the safe (or nothing at all) in that room.

Without this item, I'm unable to get Stark on my team.

A bugfix patch for Ironsword - Wizards and Warriors II would be nice. Maybe even an improvement patch, not just bugfixes, like make the shield and helmets add a considerable amount of extra defense thus making them worth collecting and make it so that collecting a piece of the Ironsword at the end of each level doesn't take away your keys and magic.

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Ghost Chaser Densei
« on: May 31, 2017, 07:53:37 pm »
The intro screen needs some polishment, though (removing that other language info).

This, please... It took me a while until I realized I'm supposed to press A to go straight to the game. I imagine most people are used to pressing the Start button to start the game, which is what I did and got stuck reading those other language screens before mashing buttons...and eventually going back to the first screen and repeating the process.

hi, first post..

I've been playing nintendo world cup, and I'm trying to figure a way to change the in-game clock. there are no options in the game, but there are some game-genie and PAR codes floating around...

anyways, i decided it would be better just hack it so I don't have to fool around with those silly devices (plus i can't really use GG on my system anyways, and the PAR code is almost useless).

is it even possible to do a hack that changes the time in the game from 4 minutes per half to, say, 1 minute?  or maybe keep it at 4 minutes but make it run about 4 times faster?

as you can probably guess i have no skills with roms   ;)

i don't want to get ahead of myself, but there are some really cool hacks on this site and other that updated the uniforms and rosters for a lot of the players... it would be really cool to add a time hack to one  of those versions... and maybe speed up all players too! wow that'd be fun

anybody have any comments? is any of this possible?

There's a way you can hardcode game genie codes into a game so that it'll always have the code permanently altered in the game without having to use devices. There's a program called Game Genie Guy that does this.

If you're planning on playing on real hardware, make sure you also download uCON64 for checksum correction.

I came across two game genie codes for River City Ransom that make extra things selectable in the menus, but they're still hidden and invisible within them* These codes were created by Hybrid and Panda from and they add the functionality to be able to select Easy in the difficulty menu (they renamed Normal to Novice, and Hard to Advanced when the game was localized), and to be able to select 2 Player B (no friendly fire) in the player select menu.

*What I mean by hidden and invisible is that if you scroll one more time in a direction (down in the player select menu, or left in the difficulty select menu) the cursor disappears but it's actually "highlighting" the extra menu option. It's interesting how these modes still exist in the American version of the game and weren't completely removed, just covered up and made unselectable in the menus, which makes you wonder why they even bothered to do that; there was no reason for them to do so.

Both of these codes now make these extra options available as they were in the Japanese version. The only thing I'm requesting is to make them visible in the menus.

So that this:

Can look something like this (I did some photoshopping):

In case it helps, these are how they looked like in the Japanese version:

Could someone do this? Can I at least get some kind of tutorial on how I might be able to do it myself?

I'm trying to make a code for Clash at Demonhead that makes it so that you have all 5 hermit abilities once you rescue the hermit. I actually did make a raw code that does that, but I'm trying to see if I can convert it to a game genie code.

The code is 0511:1F (0511:FF also does the same thing in case it matters). I ran the debugger and added 0511 as the break point to find the ROM location, and I got this line:

>07:CEF5:8D 11 05 STA $0511 = #$00

What I'd like to know is, what can I do with CEF5: 8D 11 05 to turn it into a game genie code? Is it even possible? I want to be able to hard-code it into the game with Game Genie Guy or at the very least use the code on a real NES.

I forgot to give you the Game Genie codes.

Contra Japan - changing the max X movement for 2 player.
EEOSEOEZ - 80 - like 1 player, or...
EOOSEOEZ - 90 - a little more to the right.

It works! Thank you so much!

And yeah, the reason I requested help with the Japanese version is because it's the better version.

Re:Nesrocks - how I figured out contra stuff...

In FCEUX, I had the RAM open (hex editor tool), and watched as I moved the guys left and right. I noticed the 1st player X position at $334 and the 2nd player X position at $335, and I see that the furthest right they go is B0. I tried a quick search of the ROM for compares to B0 (such as c9 b0) with no luck. So I opened the debugger tool, and set a breakpoint for reads from $334, and looked at the code around those breaks for compares. Didn't see it. I thought, maybe it's because I'm not currently scrolling right, so I set an auto-hold under "input" for right button presses, and immediately hit the 'step into' on the debugger when it started scrolling, and set the $334 breakpoint again. And, after each break, I hit 'step into' a bunch of times to see why it's reading from the X position, and eventually got to this line...
DA23:BD 34 03  LDA $0334,X @ $0334 = #$B0
DA26:D9 60 DA  CMP $DA60,Y @ $DA62 = #$B0 -- which is basically what I was looking for, a compare that equals B0
-I scrolled down to da62 of that bank and wrote down the #'s [b0 bd 1a ... etc]

so I went back to hex editor tool, and switched view to 'ROM file' and searched for 'b0 bd 1a', which is only found $1da72. I highlighted the 'b0' and changed it to 80, and moved the guys around, and saw that they only go to max X of 80 now. Then I used the Game Genie tool to make the codes for you.

To make this into a hack, just open the ROM with a hex editor, go to $1da72, change the b0 to 80 or 90 or whatever, and save it. Took me about 30-40 minutes.

Any way you can do this for the Japanese ROM? I've been trying to apply your methods in the hopes of looking for the data that controls the X position in the Japanese version.

Unfortunately I'm just not very experienced with hex editors... I tried looking at $334 or $335 while using auto-hold but I'm not sure if that's even the right spot to begin with in this version, but if it is, it looks like it's A8. After a little tinkering around, I found these lines in the debugger:

07:DA13:9D 34 03  STA $0334,X @ $0334 = #$A8
07:DA5F:7D 34 03  ADC $0334,X @ $0334 = #$A8

Again, I could very well just be barking up the wrong tree, which is why I'm asking for help.

BTW, I'm not sure if this matters, but the ROM I'm using is patched with the MMC3 mapper as well as with an English translation.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Hacking the original Metal Gear NES
« on: July 04, 2015, 10:55:36 pm »
Really looking forward to this~ I always thought it was unfortunate that the Metal Gear itself didn't show up in the game.

Not sure if this idea has ever been hit on before, but considering there were a few 2-player hacks of a few games released recently, it got me thinking: what if Spiderman and Venom: Maximum Carnage was hacked to allow 2 players to play as Spiderman and Venom at the same time? Would that be at all possible?

I know Separation Anxiety had 2 players and that game's fun and all, but I just thought it would be cool to play the levels and beat up the bad guys from Maximum Carnage with a friend.

Newcomer's Board / Re: River City Ransom with friendly fire disabled?
« on: October 13, 2012, 08:45:33 am »
Someone who dabbled with game genie responded to my post on GameFAQs and posted a code to turn off friendly fire, so that solves my problem.

I might as well post it here for those who are interested:


Newcomer's Board / River City Ransom with friendly fire disabled?
« on: September 30, 2012, 10:15:05 pm »
I know there's "2 Player B" in the japanese version (Downtown Monogatari), but I'm hoping it'd be possible to play the english version (River City Ransom) without being able to hurt my partner.

Does such a hack exist? Is it even possible to change some code to turn friendly fire off? Can a game genie code do this? Or would it be better to instead swap the text in the japanese version for the english version's? (Thus allowing to play RCR with a save feature also)

I'd look into this myself, but I have no knowledge of hacking whatsoever. I imagine this would be a simple procedure either way though; either tinker with the code that handles damage between players, or "translate" the game using existing text from another version, so I assume I would need only minimal help.

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