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Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Graphics Update (SNES)
« on: February 21, 2020, 07:03:32 pm »
Hey everyone!

Sorry for the long silence, but I've been busy with another hospital stay that took quite some time.

Thanks for all the interest, well wishes and compliments. I really appreciate it!

Before the hospital I actually did quite a bit of work on the patch. Mostly planning and editing maps, that requires some time since the versions handle things so differently. Thought about announcing something, but wasn't sure about it and then didn't get to it...

I still got some health stuff to take care of, but I'm already better and working to improve things further. Can't wait to continue the hacking, it's on my mind regularly!

I'd love to help making the patches compatible. Gotta look where the ASM is. A bit of the battle stuff is still on the PC and I've only used laptop and smartphone for like over a year now, I guess!
I wanted to look into that anyway. I have to start finishing certain parts and not always get into the next area of the game before I drive myself crazy.

I just now realized the "Item fix" patch also contains a fix for the critical hit bug. Though I'm not sure what exactly it fixes and how... :-[

That page says it has last been updated in 2010. I can't believe all of this stuff has been sitting there for so long and pretty much no one over here learned about it until now...

Wow, that Japanese site really has some interesting patches!
The ATB bar one looks nice. Would be interesting to compare the ASM of some of them to the ones done by you guys (like B-button dash).

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Graphics Update (SNES)
« on: April 09, 2019, 11:30:32 am »
This is great and awesome work on this!! :D
I tried to see if it would be possible to incorporate this to my FF4 Ultima hack but unfortunately, my silly world map edits use the same spaces as your graphical updates so it doesn't work...  :(

Otherwise this is looking great!
Keep up the great work!!  :thumbsup: :beer:

8-bit fan

Thanks a lot! It's too bad there's a conflict between our patches. It really shouldn't be too much of an obstacle to move something around. I could check my asm and provide a way. I see you also made a few palette changes to enemies. Those would have to be redone as well, obviously...

I am willing to test this hack with Canoe (the SNES Classic Edition's emulator).

Might be interesting to see if there is any difference between this and the unpatched version. I wouldn't expect it though since there's nothing particularly special going on in terms of code.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Graphics Update (SNES)
« on: February 06, 2019, 07:03:57 am »
Thanks everyone!

Glad to hear about your playthrough, Rodimus Primal. I always hoped to maintain compatibility with other hacks as much as possible.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Graphics Update (SNES)
« on: February 04, 2019, 11:00:52 am »
Hey guys,

Glad to see there is still interest in the project.
I am indeed not currently working on it, but it's not because I don't want to.
2018 was a pretty bad year for me. I spent quite some time in the hospital and was pretty much bedridden for most of it. I'm not dying or anything, just recovering veeerry slowly (hopefully).
Looking forward to getting back into my projects, actually...
I've been reading the site regularly, just wasn't logged in.  :angel:

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Graphics Update (SNES)
« on: December 26, 2017, 03:52:24 pm »
Thanks guys! :)

It's nice to see you as well, chillyfeez. I noticed you also took a break from Slick.

I would like to write about how the whole upgrading to 4bpp thing works, because it's actually quite simple and a few people asked for it. The main problem is that I know what to do but can't quite explain it in terms of having the right terminology. Though some things I've read recently helped, so maybe at some point...

I might also need some input when it comes to battle backgrounds, so that will turn into a discussion (hopefully) anyway.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Prettified
« on: December 26, 2017, 03:44:20 pm »
It actually took me a little to realize you hadn't scrolled all the way down on the 2nd screenshot. :o
That doesn't look like a lot at all for all that prerendered stuff! Are you only loading what's visible on screen and DMAing things from SRAM on the fly?
I think I remember byuu writing about that.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Graphics Update (SNES)
« on: December 26, 2017, 11:00:59 am »
Time for an update!

I've answered some questions via direct messages, but it's about time I update this one publicly. Sorry for not responding earlier, octorox. I was browsing the "Personal Projects" section somewhat regularly, thinking I would catch it if my own thread got bumped. Obviously I didn't...

So shortly after my last message here I suffered hard drive failure and temporarily lost some of the stuff I had been working on. Not too much, since I was at least smart enough to regularly copy my files to a backup USB stick. I was pissed none the less, resulting in me taking a break from the project. I was able to boot the old HDD one last time since and recover everything. :D

Recently I've been rewriting pretty much the entire code since my understanding of how it all works has improved. Instead of putting endless amounts of JSLs everywhere I'm now rewriting/optimizing the existing loading routines. It's nice to know the hack is at least somewhat professional under the surface. ;D

The downside is that this type of work really doesn't result in screenshots to show off, so I had no motivation to update here.

I don't think I've shared Lunar Core stuff though, which I did do recently...

I wanna say thank you to everyone I've seen asking about this and talking about it. It certainly is nice to know other people are interested. I did assume most people would go "just play one of the remakes". ::)

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Prettified
« on: December 25, 2017, 06:53:06 pm »
Oooh, this looks really nice! When I saw the subject and who started it, I assumed we were talking about the PSX version. I thought you weren't particularly interested in hacking the SNES version...

I will most certainly make sure that my own hack remains compatible with this one! Hopefully the prerendered battle font doesn't use every little bit of VRAM left? I was hoping to increase the amount used for background graphics at least a little bit...

News Submissions / Re: Utilities: GBAMusRiper released
« on: February 24, 2017, 09:03:52 pm »
No problem, my own project has been resting for some time and I had to reassure people via PM that it's not dead...  :-[

I have actually fooled around with VGMTrans quite a bit, mostly with SPC and PSF files. loveemu has indeed improved that program tremendously. I never tried it with GBA music files, mostly because GBAMusRiper does the job so well, especially exporting all songs at once and sorting music and SFX in their own folders.

The thing is that as far as I'm concerned GBAMusRiper doesn't even need that much improvement. The only major problem I see is the implementation of the new sappy engine searcher by loveemu. As you said above concerning Mother 3, something must have gone wrong there. I also found Minish Cap not to be working anymore with the latest version. Would it be much of a hassle to reinsert the old searcher?

Personal Projects / Re: Romancing Saga 3 English re-translation [WIP]
« on: February 14, 2017, 03:38:58 pm »
Very much looking forward to this!

Didn't Eien Ni Hen also work on the dds RS1 translation script?

News Submissions / Re: Utilities: GBAMusRiper released
« on: January 25, 2017, 12:19:59 pm »
Hey there!

I think I encountered a bug using the latest version:
I ripped the Mother 3 music adding 0x120e94 as described above. GBAMusRiper did successfully rip 1430 files from the ROM. Listening to them I couldn't find certain songs however.
Then I encountered another rip someone did with an earlier version of GBAMusRiper and this archive consists of 1624 files and does indeed contain the songs missing from the rip I did myself with v2.4.
(I was going to include a link to that older rip, but at the time of writing this the link seems down.)

There were some error messages during the extraction, but I don't remember the exact wording. They pass really quickly!

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Graphics Update (SNES)
« on: April 04, 2016, 10:04:05 am »
In terms of code the US and Japanese version only have very few differences. Easy Type moves things around a bit more. But the differences are very easy to keep track of. A few basic hex searches even do the trick.
As long as a patch doesn't mess mess with graphics loading code etc there should be no problem. My goal was always to keep it as compatible as possible. I also stay away from the few areas in the ROM with free space, because I know others like to use them for their hacks.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Graphics Update (SNES)
« on: March 31, 2016, 08:48:28 pm »

I inserted the additional floor tiles and some other details.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Graphics Update (SNES)
« on: March 20, 2016, 11:28:39 am »
I wonder if a closer look at the PSX port would yield usable results. That one has a dash function doesn't it? And it's basically running the SNES version code. Maybe Gemini could help...

And, yes, the middle one is mine. One of the problems is that the shrunk enemies have special sizes, that don't quite fit in the existing ones. I already expanded the enemy size table and included the new ones. But then status effects started misbehaving. The egg looked weird when it had a Naga in it and the hatching animation wasn't placed correctly either. I wasn't sure wether I wanted to redo the enemies anyway, so I stopped working on that for the time being.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Graphics Update (SNES)
« on: March 18, 2016, 05:26:47 pm »
I might make a video for this one until you release this one sooner or later, because I love how make that similar details to it. Are you going to include the player to dash as well?

I think chillyfeez released his own dash patch already. It should work in combination with this one, as long as you apply it first. Whether I would like to integrate it into this patch at some point, I'm not sure. Currently the focus is on updating the graphics, not necessarily the game mechanics. We'll see where this goes.

Something else: Those of you who know both versions should be aware that certain enemies have been shrunk to fit the smaller handheld screen. None of these ever made it back to their original size (even in the Wii version). I always felt that it would be nice to see them restored to their original size with the improved palettes. So I've been sketching a bit:


Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Graphics Update (SNES)
« on: March 15, 2016, 10:35:18 am »
I love how that was replaced from GBA with all the images I see from the previous post.  I looks pretty nice. :)
Thanks! :)

Currently I'm working on the crystal room tileset. The basic changes are not as dramatic here, the real improvement is in the shadows and additional floor tiles that come next.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Graphics Update (SNES)
« on: March 04, 2016, 02:48:33 pm »
That looks gorgeous! And this is now completely on the SNES? It shows what a little bit of extra work and shine can do for an old game. I love the original FFIV, but I can't deny that some of its tile choices are muddy or plain. That  jumps out to me a lot more than the original's graphics did.

I guess we are lucky that the game was remade for the Wonderswan first. As a result it doesn't really go beyond what is technically possible on the SNES. The real limiting factor is the game engine itself. The only way to get the graphics as close as this is to give Baron its own dedicated tile map, as I said.

OK, here's my little bit of nitpicky: the top right corner of Cid's house seems to have missed some shading detail. It's Baron's only instance of "top right building corner in front of wall," so easy to overlook. But it definitely doesn't match the other buildings' top right corners, or the other corners of Cid's house for that matter.

Other than that, I second everything Grimoire said.
The only "strange" place I see is where buildings have a top-right corner next to the grass tiles. It seems like the pattern doesn't quite match the adjacent tiles.

This is especially pronounced in the case of the water and grass tiles being adjacent to one of the building top-right corners. I can understand not wanting to make a special tile to handle the grass-water-corner-- especially if the pallete is restrictive, but maybe just making the grass blend better would be good enough.  :thumbsup:

You guys have keen eyes! Those two items are on my list of concerns as well. Let me point out that these are not the result of poor porting or simplification. It's what things look like in the remake.

Top right corner of Cid's house: At first I thought this was the result of palette limitations, but turns out that's not the case at all. No idea why it's different from all the others. I can change it to look like the others.

Top right corner next to the grass tiles: It's actually both sides. If you look closely you'll notice that they're mirrored. I agree that the grass part kinda sticks out, especially the two horizontal lines at the top. Why they didn't just take part of the grass tile as they did for the walls, I don't know. There are only three shades of green available, but it can be done. I gave it a try and copied the standard grass tile corner over, but I had to keep the top three pixels dark. Otherwise the water transition looks even less smooth, as DackR noted.

Better? Thanks for both the suggestions and encouragements so far! :)

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Graphics Update (SNES)
« on: March 03, 2016, 11:01:35 am »
Thanks for the feedback, guys. :)

So this is where we stand with Baron Town:

There's one map tile left, but I will move on for now for a few reasons...

- Some slight pixel editing should be done due to the different ways the versions handle water
- It makes sense to work on other towns before finalizing anything, to guarantee some consistency
- If I have to look at Baron Town & town tiles for another minute I'm going to throw up!

Time to zip this thing and do something else. If anyone wants to get picky, feel free. 8)

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