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Personal Projects / Re: Go Go Ackman 3 Translation Hack
« on: January 07, 2020, 01:41:07 am »
Um, I already did that in the bps patch I linked to. Please check it out.
I changed the cursor icon as a visual indicator it really loaded the decompressed font.

Personal Projects / Re: Go Go Ackman 3 Translation Hack
« on: January 06, 2020, 12:58:17 pm »
I did take a very quick look at 2 shortly after I got the script for 3 dumped. The text itself seems to be uncompressed and use almost exactly the same encoding (with some possible kanji differences I think). It seems like the font is compressed though, which strikes me as an odd choice since the font graphics are loaded one character at a time as needed. I think that would mean the game is constantly decompressing text characters on the fly. I might be missing some key detail there though.

The compressed font is at 0x18000 (03:8000) and it gets decompressed whole, once, to the RAM at 7F:8000.
I expanded the ROM and included the decompressed copy in the end (30:8000), and did an ASM change to make the game load that copy. I didn't test it too much. Hopefully this is of some use: Link

With this, Go Go Ackman 2 should be doable. You still might want to look into the decompression routine used here just in case it's useful for other graphics.

Comix Zone will need this the most.
The actual game was shipped with an Audio CD with much higher quality versions of in-game background music, for the players to listen to as they play the game with the music option off.

Help Wanted Ads / Re: [Technical] [SNES] Simcity main menu
« on: December 20, 2019, 10:25:42 pm »
The menu text is stored as 16x16 sprites, not background tiles, so you're not really looking for a tile map. What you want is this:

Code: [Select]
ADDRESS: $0023A9
39 E4 64 30 "TY"
29 E4 62 30 "CI"
19 E4 4A 30 "D"
09 E4 48 30 "VE"
F9 E4 46 30 "SA"
E1 E4 44 30 "ME"
D1 E4 42 30 "SU"
C1 E4 40 30 "RE"
55 55

2B 2C E6 30 "IO"
1B 2C E4 30 "AR"
0B 2C E2 30 "EN"
FB 2C E0 30 "SC"
F2 FC 6C 30 "CE"
E2 FC 6A 30 "TI"
D2 FC 68 30 "AC"
C2 FC 66 30 "PR"
22 14 64 30 "TY"
12 14 62 30 "CI"
02 14 C8 30 "W"
F2 14 C6 30 "NE"
E2 14 C4 30 "T"
D2 14 6E 30 "AR"
C2 14 22 30 "ST"
E2 2C CE 30 "CT"
5F 55
D2 2C CC 30 "LE"
C2 2C CA 30 "SE"

The sprites are set up like this:
Code: [Select]
39 = X position
E4 = Y position
64 = tile number
30 = tile attribute (palette, x-flip, y-flip, etc.)

I don't know what the "AA FF", "EA FF", "55 55", "5F 55" bytes do. You can probably just leave those alone. I think the 00 bytes indicate the end of each group of sprites.

Reld, if you see no problem with this, I think what you did here is impressive. What was your process? I mean, your workflow for working back from sprites in emulators to the raw data in the rom? Just trying to look up in the ROM 32 bit words one by one from the OAM RAM?

Personal Projects / Re: Ganbare Goemon 2 (SNES)
« on: December 20, 2019, 11:12:08 am »
Avicalendriya clearly is against any of his work, graphics or text, being reused by a work with DDS involved. Any kind of compromise over that is off the table. Both parties agree that the creative differences originated from involving other translators in the mix, so it's very likely DDS's decision to get the translated script redone, as well as this increased scrutiny on placeholder assets from Avi's graphical work (some could argue the title translation choice itself) reused for GG3 and GG4, will widen the rift further.

But then on the other hand, people will be less likely to help for a second translation. It would be as if it's wasted effort.
Besides that, DDS is one of the most talented modders in the scene (and AG has already dropped the project), so expecting work on the same quality for more elaborate modifications (such as the sprites for "Area X Clear") is a bit of a steep issue.

It's still a fact that absolutely no one involved wants Avi's script and graphical work to go to waste.

Using LZ77Restructor on the GBA version of Ganbare Goemon 1+2, with the options "with pointers only" and "divisible by 32" disabled, I can see most of the graphics, including the regular font for GG2, various tilemaps, and the like.
From there, I think you can reinsert on your own a lot of your existing work, but some work will need to be done regarding repointing text, and ASM work for changing how the font is displayed (16x16 text in the beginning, adding a third line and possibly VWF to regular text) and that Area X Clear graphic.

For the SNES version of Ganbare Goemon 2, there's some tools for Konami's LZ libraries (3 revisions) they used on SNES, but some heavy asm work will be needed for finding those graphics at all (whereas they're readily available on GBA) and then do the above mentioned modifications, plus some extra restrictions about where to put the new assets and expanded script.

I think reusing DDS's finished translation, or DDS' private in-progress translation, to take advantage of his work to solve the aforementioned fixes and only replacing assets, will still be an unworkable solution due to reasons aforementioned.

I still don't think an amicable resolution for both parties to salvage existing progress is that impossible. Both sides need the other equally as much. Short of that, anyone who would be interested in the GBA version will likely redo the technical progress from scratch, so that would be a nice opportunity to make sure Avi's work doesn't go to waste.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: December 09, 2019, 06:02:26 am »

Nintendoesn't like this.

Which system, and what's this?

Newcomer's Board / Re: Resident evil 1,2,3 "Translation into Arabic"
« on: September 27, 2019, 09:27:48 am »
I looked it up, and ...

0 has a fan translation (for its PC HD remaster)
1 has a fan translation (for its DS direct port, and its PC HD remaster)
2 isn't translated, but has a fan translation for its remake. Someone is working on its direct PC port.
3 isn't translated, but has an audio-only complete fan dub. (4 and Veronica had similar attempts but they're worthless)

Also, 6 and Revelations have fan translations (for their PC ports) and 7 was officially localized.
Silent Hill 2 (PC version) too.

I think it is possible, but for some reason most Arabic fan translations for the PS1 were audio-only, except for Winning Eleven 2002 and Pepsiman.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Syphon Filter 3 - Special Chars (polish)
« on: September 17, 2019, 10:42:49 am »
It may be that Polish characters don't EXIST in the text encoding this game uses, it returns a "?" for each unrecognized character.
To check if this is the case, look again at the file after you modified it just in case it has all Polish characters replaced with "?".

Keep in mind you can't change the game's encoding without major code changes, so if that's the case, you try and hijack other European characters the game does accept, and add Polish characters to their font graphics. Those are a graphic in the game with all possible characters in the game, if the character isn't there it simply doesn't exist and can't be summoned by the game.

If there's not enough characters to add all Polish characters, you might have to resort to extreme measures like making the game text all caps, and use the lower case characters for Polish.


You said you checked the Russian version. This is a very good start. The game was never intended for Russian markets, so all Russian glyphs were never in the game in the first place (at least Polish has some) which means they had to modify the font. Check which files were modified compared to the English version this game was based on (if it's PS1, the serial might help) and you'll find the font and text you need to modify, pretty soon.

Please let us know if you managed to find it.

Thank you for the new translation, as always.

Also thank you for the opportunity to experience this game the way it was conceived, no matter how tempting it might have been to change it for moral reasons. I lament some games might never get an actual translation because of this, like the first game in the Exile series - a surreal take on modern day religions and politics, but with an unintentional irreverence that make it too off-color for most to handle.

You seemed to have mentioned a PC Engine version of Otaku no Seiza a while ago on twitter. What differences in particular make it the inferior version compared to this one?

Personal Projects / Re: Famicom Detective Club Translation Project
« on: July 28, 2019, 11:26:14 am »
Disassembling the entire game and converting it to regular NES mappers with bankswitching might be a tall ordeal, but worth exploring. That's how official localizations were handled after all. The main issue is the missing FM sound :/

Any chance you could share notes and compression tools that made this possible, to help the chances of other translations happening? The 8x16 font that's now included is one such major hurdle.

It was really sweet following this collaborative project and the ensuing result.

You should probably deal with the tilemap/sprite allocation for that repeating part properly to use unique tiles for all four 16x16 tiles.

There's probably a glitch in the story mode when "Dedede fires his cannon".
The artwork is slightly corrupted (with a white overlay)

Amazing to see this game finally get a translation for its superior version.

That font (or fonts at this point) really could use some adjustment, like for example:

- Adding some pixels in the middle part of m/w to make it clearer
- Shrink the upper part of R/Y, so that the bottom vertical strokes stand out better

Gaming Discussion / Re: Games that use font Chicago?
« on: June 18, 2019, 09:10:36 am »
Super Drakken / Dragon View on SNES (official localization) uses it too.

Personal Projects / Re: Shounen Ninja Sasuke Translation Hack
« on: May 16, 2019, 01:26:54 pm »
Excellent title screen edit. Translation is looking really good, and the information about the hidden controls is awesome.
I tried this game before, but it seemed really janky on Snes9X. I don't know what's its problem exactly, whether it skips frames, or that it lags a lot. Overclocking the game doesn't seem to help by much. But it is pretty looking for sure.
The more colorful palette for the buttons doesn't pop up so much it's a visual annoyance, so yes they're good even though the grey palette is good enough too. "Mons" + the coin graphic in the menu would maybe eliminate the ambiguity you're concerned about, it already sounds like a made-up currency name derived from "money".

You are either not reading most of the things you quote or you don't know how to read dependent clauses (because a ruffian is never a kid), which is why you may want to hire a proofreader for your scripts. There's a Help Wanted section if you decide to use it.

Oh man boy kid... Unsollicited position requests in fan projects is a bad look. This general attitude doesn't make it better.
We get you prefer a different name, but that you try attacking the translator and the other name in this fashion, take down other things to make your thing the only viable alternative, is very saddening.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Arcade game hacks running on MAME?
« on: May 01, 2019, 09:36:34 am »
The current developers for MAME adopted this restriction intentionally to discourage running anything not on a whitelist of "approved clean dumps". This list gets changed with each version, and previously working games often stop working because you're supposed to delete your game and search again online for the new version according to MAME developers. Of course, since romhacks are modifications from those clean versions, they're not allowed either. The MAME developers claim they have a specific approval process developers of romhacks must go through to have their game able to be ran on MAME at all.

Command line mode still runs it. Either achievable through a shortcut, a MAME UI, or ports such as Retroarch that remove this restriction (but some restrictions from the main version are in the talks of getting added back to retroarch). But if you only use MAME normally, you can't run your romhacks.

Personal Projects / Re: Mystical Ninja Goemon Hack
« on: April 25, 2019, 04:37:10 pm »
The music for that scene is still in the american ROM.
You can meet the character outside, her text was changed in the translation to "hi! nice to meet you!", there's a lot of other lines like that made unclear with the translation to avoid censorship policies.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Text Box Sizing Help - London Seirei Tanteidan
« on: February 23, 2019, 09:30:23 pm »
It would make sense, if the message box frame is rendered before the characters themselves, that the game does a first pass for the whole text box to count how long each line is, then how long the longest line is. That maximum is the width of the message box frame (not counting the edges).

Chances are that, in your case, instead of counting pixels, it's counting how many letters there are, then using that count to repeat an instruction elsewhere (drawing the message box in chunks?).

You could put a breakpoint on the text itself to find the routine.
Then you could make it so that count is fixed, or determined by the game when it detects a character at the very beginning (shift-jis standard has many to spare, either for this, or even dictionary compression with a dictionary reference you could stuff in the otherwise useless huge font graphic) or deduced with a formula from that maximum count.

I find it more impressive that you figured out where the fixed width value was, and how you modified that. If you don't mind, please share your method :)
It's amazing that you figured out something for London Seirei Tanteidan. It was high time it got translated :) Did you change the text routine internally to detect 1-byte characters to keep memory shortages from happening?

I've also dug into the ASM and have managed to perform a very basic hack to change the spacing of font characters on screen so that they aren't as distant from each other. Nothing fancy at all, just a 1 byte change from 13 (12px font width + 1 space) to 9.

An 8 pixel wide font would be good, but a 6px one (like this one from Xenogears, that ended up being rendered as 8px because of technical issues) would fit even more text, and more importantly would make message box frame width calculations (should you decide to go the more complicated route of reworking it) much, much easier since it would be a division by 2.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: My Frogger Toy Trials - unused Japanese script
« on: February 21, 2019, 09:39:52 am »
Replace the English files with those then to see how it is like in-game.

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