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News Submissions / Re: Translations: New Translations Added to the Database
« on: February 01, 2015, 01:46:22 pm »
Are there any plans for an English translation of that Phantasy Star game? Unusual situation, it seems. :)

Hey guys,
I would like to play Final Fantasy III / VI SNES after having heard so much about it basically my whole life, but I cannot stand it. Random encounters is just not my thing. They are far too frequent.

On DS games, there are usually two types of cheats for RPGs:

1. Reduce encounter rate
2. EXP ratio increase

None of these cheats are common for SNES games, for some reason. Does anyone have any idea on how to make them? The algorithms for FF3 seem well known, so making the random encounter rate lower should be quite easy. The EXP ratio might be trickier.

Has anyone tried any of this, or is it available somewhere? I haven't managed to find anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated by many, I'm sure.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: The Simplified Hacks Just Keep Coming!
« on: November 21, 2014, 07:23:47 am »
Wonderful! I love this! I'm so sick of ROM hacks making games HARDER. I like my games to be easy, and therefore I never get to enjoy anything like this.

Mega Man is a game I like in theory, but not in practice  - far too difficult. This will be sweet! I loved Mega Man 10 on easy mode.

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Energy Breaker English V1.00
« on: October 02, 2012, 09:55:40 am »
Big flaw here on Romhacking. The front page mentions the system of the games (unless they're in those assembled lists). Not even on the dedicated project page does it say what system this (or any) game is for. This is bad.


Personal Projects / Re: Crystal Beans : From Dungeon Explorer (SNES)
« on: March 08, 2012, 04:21:54 pm »
I am playing this on real hardware (using a flash cartridge). There are no problems.


This is what I love about the ROM hacking/translating scene, it drags up hidden gems like this. Thanks a lot for shining a light (and translating!) on this game, it's quite enjoyable. :)

PS: I know that you're working on Lady Stalker. That makes you a hero.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Super Mario Unlimited Released!
« on: February 19, 2012, 12:31:34 pm »
I really, really love this hack! Thanks so much for making it!

I was so happy when I discovered that you have infinite lives. That's modern thinking. :)  Very refreshing in contrast to all the ultra hard ROM hacks out there.

Actually, I kinda suck at video games, or I am a "sloppy" player.  ;)

Actually the Mega-CD game was not even developed by Hudson, so it is quite different from the other games in the series. I think Crystal Beans came out after that.

Either way, the modern games are not really related to this old series. So, so different.  :beer:

I registered here just so that I could personally thank everyone involved in this project! This is something that I have been dreaming about for years. Sure, the game is perfectly playable in Japanese, but obviously it's always more enjoyable to play a game, when you are able to understand the - in this case, as it turns out - quite lousy story.

Thanks again for this!

And I disagree about the challenge thing. It is, at least to me, pretty difficult on single player. At least the bosses. This game was designed for multi player and gets considerably easier then. Every character in the game refers to you as "heroes", even if you are alone. Get a friend or two, and have a blast with this gem.  :)

By the way, if you're looking for a challenge, as well as a game just like this, I recommend Dungeon Explorer for Mega-CD. Considerably harder than this. Very, very difficult - and has five player support instead of just three. It also has money for buying new equipment (fun). In addition, you can level up in it, which is a shame, because the game relies heavily (oh, how heavily) on grinding, which makes it less enjoyable than Crystal Beans.

And if you're just dying to play a game that can (only) be described as "brown", I will recommend the two Dungeon Explorer games for PC Engine. For a system that could produce so many colors, you'll be surprised by how these games look.

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