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General Discussion / Re: database for your collection (excel?)
« on: November 17, 2015, 11:03:08 am »
The backloggery.com site allows you to put whatever you want for the game titles. It has a built-in list of platforms to choose from, lets you track your completion, allows you to give everything a rating (5 star system), and allows for comments to be saved with the listing... and it's free.

If you wanted to group up different hacks for a specific game, this is kind of doable as well (mark them all as part of the same "compilation", but they still have individual entries with all the above capabilities).

Might be worth checking out?

Gaming Discussion / Re: Is there a need for new game consoles?
« on: November 06, 2015, 05:02:11 pm »
Haven't made it through much of this post, but right from the start this comes across as trolling.

See this link for why telling people to 'just shut up' doesn't help anyone.

:P <-- Implies joking, in regards to my "shut the hell up" comment (i.e.: not to be taken seriously)

If you want to be a corporate whore bitch bullshit-defender and take whatever scraps you get, then you should not complain when others are unhappy with those same scraps.

Name calling, already in the second sentence. Oh, but it's struck out so it doesn't really count, I suppose.  ::)

In any case, I'm not sure how someone who advocates playing what you enjoy, regardless of platform (i.e.: pick the best/most enjoyable games to you from all available platforms), becomes a corporate "defender"? Still trying to figure out where I was "complaining".

Aside from that, in skimming through this post and previous posts in this thread I see a number of things that seem self-contradictory or that just make no sense. For example, claiming PC is the "master race" yadda yadda, but calling someone else an elitist for enjoying multiple games on multiple platforms...? LOLWUT? :huh:

I'm out. Unsubscribed. Agree to disagree.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Is there a need for new game consoles?
« on: November 04, 2015, 11:03:58 am »
I'm not going to bother with trying to argue in a console vs. PC debate. I'm perfectly happy enjoying both sides, as I find strengths and weaknesses in both camps, and see games as more than their graphics capabilities (what it seems like most PC vs. Console comparisons devolve into). If you enjoy a game (regardless of platform), play it and shut the hell up. :P

That being said, there are a few points I'll note here:

Fixed hardware: You may not agree, but the fact remains that it's easier to develop for hardware that is unified, where you don't have to worry about driver A on operating system B crashing when specific action C happens. Like it or not, this is a strength of the console side.

Freemium: Mobile may have had a part in this model, but I would think that PC MMOs were probably the original ignition point. Particularly with the Korean/Chinese area ones, which then expanded out to cover more MMOs as a fallback when the subscription model failed in the face of WoW. Some do this well enough, with item shops that offer small boosts or cosmetic items that you can ignore and still get full enjoyment out of the game for free. Others, need to die in a fire (more of a mobile problem though in my experience). Spamming ads after every single level/death or "energy" limits that only allow you to play for like 5-10 minutes then wait an hour for more (unless you buy more energy!). You want to put out an ad-based "free" version? Fine, but make the ads sane, and give the option to pay 1 time to unlock the "full" game. Showing the same 2 ads 12 times in 10 minutes isn't going to increase the chances of someone clicking on them (except maybe accidentally), and gets really annoying after seeing the same ad 2-3 times in a row.

DLC: Not really 100% sure where this got it's start, but there are plenty of good and bad examples in both camps. Obviously the best examples basically turn an expansion pack into a digital download, thus a natural progression with technology. Others, like paying $2 to unlock a different outfit... yeah, whatever. At least you get the choice to not purchase it. Not buying them is the only way we can really tell the publishers to cut that shit out, but the fact that this ridiculousness keeps showing up as DLC just goes to prove the old saying about "a fool and his money".

Gaming Discussion / Re: Is there a need for new game consoles?
« on: November 03, 2015, 12:15:53 pm »
The Wii wasn't a bad console, per se, but the motion control nonsense was annoying. Hence why I used the classic controller for the games which allowed me to use it.

Frankly, more games ought to have had the option of using the classic controller.

Which has nothing to do with my point of running RetroArch on the Shield TV vs. the Wii. ::)

Also, you have some misquotes there. I didn't say most of what it attributed to me in your post.  :P

Gaming Discussion / Re: Is there a need for new game consoles?
« on: November 03, 2015, 11:59:44 am »
The Shield TV is a better attempt at an Android console, but even that is a slow start due to it running Android TV and not the standard Android.

Still, I'm happy with the purchase for a better Retroarch experience over the Wii, and the Steam streaming to the living room is neat.

From a raw power standpoint, it blows all the other Android consoles away.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Transformers Devastation
« on: November 03, 2015, 09:18:27 am »
Looks decent from the videos I've seen. If it plays similar to the Bayonetta games (as it kind of appears from what I've seen), I fully expect to enjoy it.

Programming / Re: Emu Accuracy analysis: FCEUX vs. NEStopia
« on: November 03, 2015, 09:06:04 am »
Yep, the vertical lines in the Comix Zone shadows are a "trick" they used in conjunction with CRT TVs. Due to the way CRTs functioned, these created a fake translucency. The same can be seen with the waterfalls in Sonic.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Is there a need for new game consoles?
« on: October 27, 2015, 02:23:34 pm »
I expect there will be new consoles for a while yet.

The "4k" resolution TV market is growing, and for just that reason alone, they'll want to create beefier consoles to push that many more pixels and still keep decent frame rates. As the market pushes forward into "8k" and higher territory, the current consoles can't keep up with that. You and I may not care about the extra resolution support in the consoles, but the market will demand support for their panel's native resolution when the market is saturated with these higher resolution panels.

Gaming Discussion / Re: The Implications of Super Mario Maker
« on: September 03, 2015, 12:07:48 pm »
The fairly recent Mario vs. Donkey Kong game for WiiU and 3DS (Tipping Stars) was largely focused on user-generated levels as well. It did have some pre-built levels, but the main focus was definitely the level editor.

It's reception and quantity/quality of user-content might be a decent indicator for SMM's success..?

I was playing around with some palette choices last night and kept coming up similar results. Outside of a dark grey, or black, instead of the blue, the other choices all kept coming off as too bright to me for "lights out".

I like the new "lights on" palettes, but the "lights off" ones seems too bright, maybe. Maybe if the dark blue was darker, or possibly even a dark purple (to go with the reddish lights)?

It just seems to me like the dark blue during "lights off" is brighter than the dark teal during "lights on".

General Discussion / Re: Got Windows 10?
« on: August 03, 2015, 11:06:01 am »
I'll let other people bug test it for a few weeks first and give them a chance to roll out updates/fixes first before trying it on my home PC.

For my work laptop, the check it did for the upgrade a couple weeks ago already noted some possible VPN client incompatibilities, so no plans on trying it there yet. I need to be able to run all the various VPN clients I have installed in order to support different customers (although I wish there were less of them that I was required to have installed... especially since most of them feel the need to force themselves to load at start up, so I'm forced to disable them through services so I can turn them on only when I need them).

Also, I remember playing Turok 2 a few years back, and remember the frame rate not being terrible, but also not being buttery smooth.  It was definitely playable, as far as N64 games go

That seems to be my memory as well. I was using the "official" Nintendo expansion pack, if that matters (not sure if there were issues with any of the 3rd-party ones). I remember noticeable choppiness with the flamethrower, but still nothing verging on unplayable. Of course, this was around the time of its release, so it's been a while...

Kind of sounds like maybe a hardware issue and/or possibly overheating.

Gaming Discussion / Re: They see me remakin', they hatin'
« on: June 26, 2015, 04:52:07 pm »
I don't know... based on what little I played of the FFXV demo, it felt like I had played a better version of the game already.

It just kind of felt like Xenoblade Chronicles, but with douchier characters, and a shittier camera.  :-\


I only mess with this sporadically though, so my highest character (Cloud) is only Lv29 so far.

If I may digress further from the topic at hand, have you been able to install and use the Amazon App Store or Instagram?  And does it emulate a camera somehow?

Yes, the Amazon App Store installed and I grabbed a couple of thier free games of the day to try out through it.

I haven't tried Instagram.

As for the camera, I believe I remember seeing it could support one, but I don't have one connected to my PC to test it.

Since you mentioned the Amazon App Store, I'll note that the Google Play Store isn't on there by default, but they have a link on thier site to a package to download and apply to DuOS after it's installed to add it.

Aroo?  I thought BlueStacks was the only game in town, and most of my attempts to use it have been extremely frustrating for one reason or another.  What other ones did you try, and what made DuOS superior?

I think I tried BlueStacks and Andy, plus one other I'm not recalling the name of, offhand. I don't think I tried GenyMotion (I think that's the right name).

I know some were using VirtualBox, and wanted to force install a specific version. I already have VirtualBox set up with some virtual machines, so don't screw with my setup. :P

Others, I kept seeing graphical glitches. For example, in FF Dimensions, I could see the seams between tiles due to bad stretching/filtering going on.

It's been a few months since I went through all of this, so I can't remember exactly which was which as far as my issues with them are concerned. I did end up with DuOS, as I found the performance to be decent, haven't noticed the same tiling graphical glitches, and it seems to handle full screen well enough. Coupled with an app to lock the rotation, I can force everything to the orientation I choose. I have run into some issues with a couple apps here and there with certain orientations, but that's likely due (in some part) to my monitor's unusual resolution (21:9 monitor) and the developers setting the screen size based on a more "normal" screen aspect ratio.

Edit: I will note, DuOS is like $10, but you can get a trial version to test with... and it's a lifetime license, so updates are free.

I've messed with this a little bit on my PC, via an Android virtual machine. (After testing out a few, I pretty much settled on AMI's DuOS).

The grindy-ness/monetization for crafting are a small turn-off, but I realize they need to make a profit somewhere (just not likely from me).

It was cool to see some of the characters from 7+ rendered in a classic SNES style, instead of the weird-looking sprites of recent iOS remakes and such.

...Does this also apply to classic games played on newer systems through the virtual console or the playstation store?

Yes, the input lag is dependent on the TV itself, not the source. The source can add additional lag on top of that though.

Take, for instance, the PS3. If you have the system set to upscale PSOne Classics, it's documented that this adds more lag to the mix on top of whatever your TV does on its own. In this case, turning off the PS3's upscaling will result in less lag. But, on the other hand, some HDTVs don't really do the best job upscaling 480p content (again my old Samsung sucked terribly in this regard), so the image may or may not look worse.

Even some of the ones that do offer a reduced latency "game" mode, can still have noticeable lag in games that require quick reflexes.

I went back to replay some of the Mega Man series last year. The Yellow Devil in Mega Man 1... on my old Samsung LCD (early 2000s model), even in Game mode, was nigh impossible due to the timing required for the jumps. I got a new Sony LCD last year that was rated as one of the lowest lag times in Game mode. Went back to MM1 again after that and the fight was like night and day.

So, if you want to play quick-reflex games on an LCD, then yes, do research on the input lag first, or you'll be sorry.  :P

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