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The number of dungeons is not the problem. There's plenty of space. The problem is altering the game to function around 8 collectable items of that sort.

Considering the structure of AST, the easiest solution would likely be to put the flag check for the stone tablets before dungeon 8, since you need to get past it to reach the endgame point anyway. This way you could probably just use the same check that's normally used for the crystals. Of course, this would probably require placing an arbitrary NPC or some other thing to block the passage, likely replacing the rock that's a check for the Titan's Mitt.

Ever notice how Donkey Kong 3 (NES), you play as 'Stanley the bugman'....

I never got that, Donkey Kong is still the antagonist, but no Mario. Donkey Kong 3 would feel more proper and more like a part of the Donkey Kong arcade series if 'Stanley' was replaced with 'Mario/Jumpman', or hell, even Luigi.

Poor Stanley. He needs his own ROM hack starring role to offset demands like this. :(

Is it possible to add the music and sound effect files from the FDS ROMs of Zelda I, Zelda II, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Castlevania II and Doki Doki Panic (Super Mario Bros. 2) to their NES ROM counterparts and get them to work on them?

For NES Castlevania II and III, Metroid and Kid Icarus, the localization teams re-composed the tracks entirely. Overall the quality was a mixed bag, with some tracks turning out better and some turning out worse. These are probably your main reference points for "Transferring" the songs of FDS games with those extra sound channels. You are not gonna be able to replicate the proper sound of the extra sound channels (Or at the very least, I've not seen one attempt to replicate a FDS sound purely into a base Famicom/NES sound.) and it would take VERY clever music recomposition to recreate any songs and tricking one's ear into feeling like no audio data was lost.

Zelda II and Doki Doki Panic might be interesting for the fact that their "different" music is still mostly base Famicom/NES sound, but generally people prefer the redone tracks for the localization on both.

I'd almost think it would be easier just to hack AST to be one ROM and function more like ALTTP.

Two big things get in the way of simply combining the AST ROMs into one:
1) Sheer size
2) The episodic structure pretty much enforces each episode to be standalone, which would null any point of combining the ROMs. You can't simply go from Level 2 to Level 3 or from 4 or 5 or from 6 to 7, which is what people would -actually- want from the combined set, even if it's not explicitly voiced out.

I would argue that it'd be easier to hack LttP and simply re-interpret the gameplay so that the game clock and episodic structure are non-factors, and the plot rewritten just enough so that there's no enforced breaks or waits.

Also, the game has 8 stone tablets. That ruins the easy option of just doing a graphics edit of the crystals or pendants.

Hogwash. That's 8 stone tablets for 8 TOTAL dungeons, compared to LttP's 12. Just edit both the crystals and pendants into tablets. There's no other end-of-dungeon items to get in AST.

I'd like to see Super Mario Bros 1 and 3 hacks that resemble the Super Mario Maker versions.

Unfortunately, Super Mario Maker violates several rules in regards to the portrayal of their 8-bit characters on 8-bit hardware, most notably how they'd frequently use pure yellow and ignore the limits on the number of colors a particular sprite is allowed to have (This is even before taking in account various effects that are no way replicable on the older hardware). I don't know if the music violates those kind of rules as well but I wouldn't be surprised if it did. This might be a bit of a difficult request.

I suppose it depends on the rules of the speedrun community you're playing in.

Didn't TAS change the rules awhile ago to set a certain hierarchy to follow when playing (like NTSC English > PAL English > other EU languages > Japanese, something like that) and demanding user play the first officially available release on the list, unless there's a good reason like version-specific bugs?

I don't know much about that, but it wouldn't really make much sense to use PAL versions for speedrunning in general considering those are slower than the NTSC versions 90% of the time, so I doubt they'd put those on a higher tier than the Japanese ROMs (which are usually the fastest versions to play because of textspeed + first version bugs)

The community is already using english translation patches, and manipulating the SRAM. The rules for a particular speedrun category are decided by the community. This patch would make the game speedrun friendly, if someone can make it for us.

1) Japanese language is faster, so the reason for using English translations isn't speedrun-related. (Believe me, I've tested this on AST myself.)
Also, hacks for general convenience/to make the game work != modification of the base gameplay mechanics for the convenience of speedrunners specifically.

2) I don't exactly know what you mean by SRAM manipulation, besides maybe changing the SRAM filenames for emulators (which is something not even necessary for a sd2snes setup), which is REALLY stretching the definition since all that's being used for is making sure episode 2 reads episode 1's data on an emulator environment. This is nothing like the SRAM manips in FFVII PC which actually affected the speedrun.

Generally speaking, I don't think it's common for the speedrun community to use unofficial hacks/mods of a game specifically to make a game faster, and using such would technically invalidate the run. Just to make sure, have you ACTUALLY gone over this with the other BS Zelda speedrunners and SRL?

Hello community,

I am a long time lurker here, and a speedrunner and competitive gamer. I have found a lot of entertainment out of hacks and custom ROMS from this website, and now I come to you with a request.

There is a small community of speedrunners who are taking interest in running BS Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets. Several people are already running the game and logging times, including some friends of mine. The game is great, and makes for a great speed game, but there is one issue that keeps people from picking it up; the timer.

A bit of background on BS Zelda 3, if you aren't familiar with the game. The game was originally a Japan only Satelliteview game which ran as a weekly episodic title, akin to a radio play of the time. The game was divided up into 4 hour long episodes, ran once per week. ROM hackers have put together a playable ROM of the game in a complete state, along with a translation patch to English. This ROM is very suitable for speedrunning and is the current standard, but the timer causes an issue at the end of the run. In the aforementioned ROM hack, the game is fully playable without restrictions, until the final boss fight with Ganon. At this point, the player is forced to wait around until the timer reaches 18:48 for the fight to unlock. This results in the player sitting and waiting, with nothing to do/accomplish, for almost a full half hour before the run can be completed. For this reason, the speedrunning community surrounding this title is very small, with no sign of growing unless this issue is addressed.

The community would like to ask (through myself) if any of you fine people could take a look at the ROM, and possibly alleviate the issue. Outside of the end boss and cutscene, the timer is completely irrelevant to a speedrun. Simply freezing the timer altogether may solve the problem, but if not, the timer component may need to be taken out entirely.

If anyone here is interested in working on this project for us, please contact me here on the site. With your help, a new Zelda speedrun community could flourish. More info about the game can be found here (, and a speedrun of the game for your study/enjoyment done by my friend MHFsilver can be found here ( 

Below is a TL;DR of the situation.

Run down:
So to be able to fight Ganon we need the time to be at 18:48 and a good run of the game would be ready to wait around 18:1x which means almost 30 minutes of pure waiting. And waiting in a speedrun is not fun.

What we need:
Either a patch that removes that wait by making it always possible to fight Ganon or a patch that locks the time at 18:48 so when we get to that part, we wouldn't have to wait.

Thank you!


Strange, didn't I hear months ago that a way to clip to Ganon was found? It'd render this whole thing moot.

That being said, I suppose I should let off a reminder that BS Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets is a Satellaview game, and the timer is an inherent part of it's rules. Would a speedrunning community consider using a hack to modify a key gameplay component "valid"?

But hey, I love Satellaview stuff, so if this makes a community, more power to ya.

On the note of the "LinCalibur" patch, do note, that's a BS Zelda Map 1/Map 2 patch, NOT an Ancient Stone Tablets patch. Those are SEPARATE GAMES ENTIRELY, and their internal structuring is COMPLETELY different. In the context of discussion of combining the episodes: Ancient Stone Tablets hasn't been done this way because each episode has it's own separate indoor map data that is standalone (as opposed to BS Zelda Map 1/Map 2, where new data is built on top of the old.) and combining all of these would take both a lot of effort and a large filesize. That being said, I think it would probably be easier to reconstruct the map data in a modified Link to the Past ROM (there's already LttP patches for engine tweaks introduced in AST.)

Wow. I wasn't expecting this.

I don't think knowing Japanese is obligatory to play Zeroigar though as it's pretty English speaker-friendly (it's a shmup). There are other PC-FX games that more deserving of a translation, but hey, it's always nice to see English translations coming. Thank you very much. ;)

While I mostly agree on the surface level, the quality of the hacking required to get this fan-translation as good-looking as it got (The subtitles layed below the lossless video is something I wish could've been done for some parts of the Pia Carrot PC-FX fan translation, and something I hope will be the approach for future ones.) makes it exceptional regardless.

Not to mention, any PC-FX fan translation is nice, since as far as I know this is only the second one that ever got "complete".

You might want ot head down towards the BS Zelda Homepage forums. This is being worked on and progress has basically gotten to the "we need voice actors" point.

Someone could always translate Itoi Shigesato no Bass Tsuri No. 1 and please all those EarthBound fans out there (me lol).

Which version? I'm guessing N64.

I've been trying to see if I can dig up any more on the Satellaview broadcasts related to the Super Famicom version. Any help on that from a ROM hacker may be appreciated.

Just settle for Metal Slug X on Neo Geo CD emulation. That's about as good as you can do it anyway.

Because Silver Surfer isn't hard by design, it's hard by BAD design.

On the note of "hard by BAD design", I would like to hope that the enemies spawning in the screen at least don't look or behave like a glitchy or immersion-breaking mess.

Anyway diaspora, typical advice for a "hell" hack; always search for new, unusual/unique and entertaining ways to kill the player enough to get them mad, but while giving them just a little bit more progress so they don't ragequit. It may be difficult figuring out how to tune Ninja Gaiden for this though, since the most major death threats are bottomless pits and the enemies that threaten to knock you into them. For the sake of making the hack seem a bit more ambitious; do you think you can figure out a way to make the bosses more like Xbox-era hard-as-nails Ninja Gaiden bosses, rather than the pansy post-level breathers they are?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: YouTube/Google Video thread
« on: May 10, 2015, 11:34:55 pm »
You know, it's just dawned on me that I never link things here.

Let me try changing that a bit, though I have to dig back.

Note that these are mostly me doing Real hardware testing/debugging for other people's projects rather than my own projects:

BS Zelda Restoration Patch with MSU-1 support. WIP shows the full support for the audio and the WIP for the restoration of the music. Voices and SFX still need work. (This video also tests adding back in Japanese on top of the Restoration.)

It's not even the first I've seen. Someone basically soldiered a Pokemon Blue ROM to a gutted SGB and sold it as a repro.
Again, COMPLETE WASTE of hardware. >:(

I am crying now.

An unfortunate Repro cart on eBay has had me decide to come on here to leave the suggestion to up-port Link's Awakening to being a SNES game. Most likely by hacking LttP. I'm assuming it hasn't been done yet... otherwise this.... THING wouldn't exist.

I'll admit I wasn't exactly thinking too hard about copyright issues regarding that music. That being said, this is part of the discussion phase, it's not like I've already generated PCMs of the albums in question. (I'd probably need to end up purchasing them to begin with, anyway, considering how few people actually rip music in a lossless encode nowadays.)

If you're worried about copyright, we could possibly just set up a document or program to convert the CD album tracks (from an actual CD) to the game-appropriate PCMs. Personally, I don't feel like my proposal is comparable to, say, the idea of using the original licensed songs in Rock n' Roll Racing, but I can understand if you're against it on principle.

(EDIT: I would also like to point out that technically the Mega Man X 3 PCM set using music from the PSOne version would fit the description of "piracy" just as much as using an album source.)

MMX1 however was less good as I find the musical remixes less fitting, too much hardrock-guitars style for MMX1. (This style of music would have fit MMX3's soundtrack, hironically.) I really think using Teck's remixes would be better but I think it is possible and rather easy to change this.

Another option would be to ask Teck directly about the hack, because I'm sure he's interested, and he could provide the missing tracks (he did almost the entiere MMX1 soundtrack, except the password/ending/etc...)

I was considering doing an alternative Mega Man X PCM set (Or swaps for specific tracks) myself due to my own opinions on the tracks. I'd gladly help out on this if anyone's willing to make it a cooperative matter. Time for me to dig around the net for lossless album sets, I guess. I myself tend to like finding officially-licensed/released arrange albums, because I imagine that's what Capcom would actually have put in the game if they had released it in that manner at the time, so I suppose I should ask, do you think this album would have any "worthy" tracks?

So, how were you able to download the music pack in the 1st place ?

I've never had problems downloading from Mediafire. I didn't even realize an inability to download from Mediafire was a widespread enough issue for me to consider mirroring the files elsewhere.

I don't know if he made the entire soundtrack, but Teck's remixes are in my opinion absolutely awesome and I'd sure like to have them playing during gameplay :)

The soundtrack definitely pulls from several sources - two particular tracks I IMMEDIATELY recognize as being from the PSP remake Maverick Hunter X, while many others appear to have been pulled from OCRemix, particularly the "Maverick Rising" album they made. Unfortunately this leads to one of the weaknesses of the current audio set - the lack of a common thematic aesthetic can be rather jarring, and quality jumps all over the place. Also, some of the arrangements may sound outright inappropriate at certain contexts in the game.
(Examples: a certain cutscene song. That Maverick Hunter X piano solo was made specifically for the part where Zero dies, and doesn't fit at the point where it plays at the end of the intro stage which is the first time you'll hear it in this MSU1 MMX.
The ending has four different music pieces (Ending text scroll, character roll call, credits and epilogue), and of them, roll call and credits are songs with jarring vocals, with meta-lyrics that don't mesh with the game tone at all. These two also don't even play halfway through the songs before cutting off, which is utterly sloppy implementation.
Also, the Sigma-unlocked Stage Select theme sounds like some Windows MIDI nonsense. What is up with that?

Is this mediafire thing a common problem? I had obtained the MMX MSU1 music set with ease before (although personally I don't like many of the tracks used it it, but I'd need to check the documentation and whatever remixes are online tor really see what I can do about that.).

Perhaps I should seek out permission to upload these MSU1 sets to my webspace - I currently have up the set for Super Mario World MSU-1 which is my own WIP. Perhaps it'd be a good idea to have a general, solid MSU1 media hub, in fact.

Yeah, Mario feels heavier in All-Stars (specifically SMB1 & Lost Levels) compared to the originals. I'm not sure if it's just the aesthetics that's making it look this way.

It's mostly SMB1/Lost Levels that have some physics/behavior changes.

Perhaps those who want a more accurate SMB1 on SNES might want to check the AGDQ TASBot stream from this year which featured of port of SMB1 to SNES re-done - I actually played that a good it, and it's mechanics are 100% the NES originals.

As for Wily Wars... that has a bunch more quirks that are harder to briefly summarize, but basically, that's the consequence of recoding the game from the ground-up. (as opposed to All-Stars, where it feels more like whatever changes were done were intentionally invoked by Nintendo.)
There's so much that could theoretically be fixed - slowdown, collision detection, damage counters, scaling of sprites (Protoman and Mega Man should be the same size, for crying out loud.), and changing how shooting and damage works so it's more accurate to the NES originals. Then, maybe when all of those are fixed, 4-6, 9 and 10 can be done "Wily Wars" style.

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