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Reverse the buttons in Alex Kidd in Miracle World!

Seriously, I can't play this game, because the buttons are backwards.

High quality voice samples from Sega Classics Arcade Collection hacked into Sege Genesis versions of Streets Of Rage, Revenge Of Shinobi, Super Manaco GP, and  Golden Axe.

The Genesis IS capable of higher quality voice samples, but rom storage dictated the quality of those samples. Since higher-quality versions of audio from these games do exist, why not take them from the Sega CD versions and put them in their Genesis counterparts.

Could also be applied to other Genesis games of which there were Sega CD versions or even arcade versions.

As long as a lot of good things are happening to Super Mario All-Stars, can we un-derp the ending of Super Mario Bros. 2 in that collection?

The ending has Birdo and Ostro reversed, and Clawgrip is referred to as "Clawglip".  That broke my heart in 1993 that nobody in the Nintendo Treehouse fixed that.

Mad City title screen to The Adventures of Bayou Billy

Stardust Crusaders did a complete translation of Mad City using the Bayou Billy script.  That's awesome!  The Japanese version is much more balanced and actually  has multiple endings!

Unfortunately, the title screen still says Mad City.  Not a deal breaker, but It'd be really cool if there was an addendum to this translation that also converted the title screen.

Super Mario Advance 4 - Super Mario Bros. 3
Get those dang e-Reader Switches activated permanently!

You know what I hate?  When I can't activate a feature in a game, because it's attached to the e-Reader.  I know there's a way in emulation to fake the e-Reader and swipe virtual cards, but I think a better solution would be to hack the rom so those darn switch cards stay activated forever.

The ideal solution would be to have a patch file for each of the seven switches, but I'm really only interested in two.

1. Blue-Green Switch - Activate SMB2 vegetables in the main game.
2. Yellow Switch - Activate Luigi's flutter jump in the main game.

The rest are just kinda... meh...

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Super Mario Advance 4 color restoration
« on: August 26, 2016, 11:31:14 pm »
The difference between the GBA version and the SNES version is just a slight difference in brightness. (aside from the obvious resolution differences...) It's not really worth the effort which is why it probably hasn't been done but that's up to you.
It seems mostly identical to me.  Is it possible that the game adjusts the palette when it detects that it's being played on Gameboy Player?

Oh cool, you did it!  Can't wait to download the patch.

I'm using FCEUX, same version as yourself.

No, I didn't delete the byte.  I tried to replace one of the letters with a blank space and shift everything down, but my attempt at a fix wasn't the same as yours, so maybe I was doing something else wrong.

In any event, it's fixed!  Thank you.

I'll also give that easy patch a try.

Oh, sorry.  I guess I didn't have reply notices turned on.  Didn't mean to leave you hanging.

I believe what you're looking for is 0x015190.

I am by no means a romhacker, but I do occasionally dabble in text-editing in games.  I've occasionally been able to fix a typo or two in my own games.

But check this one out.  I can't fix this one in the Punch-Out!! Gold Cartridge.  If I try, it corrupts the rom file, and the game won't load.

"TRAINNER"  There's only one "N" in this word.

And yes, no matter what I do, the game won't load after I fix it.  I've tried all sorts of fixes, and none of them work.  Even if I just change one letter to a different letter, it makes the game crash.

Oddly enough, if I change it back to the way it was, the game loads again.  I've never seen anything like this.

Now, why would I want to fix a typo in the Punch-Out!! gold cartridge when there's a perfectly good Mike Tyson version readily available?  Well, I like having a version of the game I can beat.

Change the Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World title screen logo and color scheme to that of Super Mario All-Stars.

Okay, this might be just incredibly anal on my part, but I always thought it would be cool if the title screen on the All-Stars/World version of the cart could have the logo and color scheme reverted back to the original version, as if Super Mario World had been part of the collection all along.

To be clear, what I'm asking for is a logo and color scheme hack.  Revert the logo back to Super Mario All-Stars (without +Super Mario World) and change the ugly orange-and-pink color scheme back to the more-pleasing blue of the original.

Ideal title screen:

Oh cool.  I had kind of forgotten about that.

As long as I'm here (and someone mentioned Fire Emblem earlier), has anyone ever attempted to fix the attract mode in the three SNES Fire Emblem games?  There are English patches for all three games, but the attract modes are still garbled, as if they were never translated.  Is there some reason that was never done?

Ninja Gaiden 1

Don't get sent back to 6-1 if you die on the last boss.

A single ISO version of Grand Theft Auto: Mission Pack #1 - London 1969

GTA London 1969 was the first and only expansion back released on the platform.  It was not a stand-alone game.  You literally had to already own Grand Theft Auto 1 to play it.  After the initial boot, the game requests that you put Grand Theft Auto into your CD tray.  After accessing the necessary data from the original GTA disc, it then asks you to place the London 1969 disc back into the tray to finish booting.

I've always found this tremendously unnecessary on a console.  It's annoying to boot the game and have to go through this rigmarole every single time.  I have difficulty believing that London 1969 couldn't have been its own stand alone, as if the necessary bits of data required from GTA wouldn't have fit onto a single disc.

Is it possible to compile a single ISO to play this game without all the hassle?

I bet you could get rid of them easily by opening the ROM in something like YY-CHR, locating said graphics and then drawing over them with the "transparent" color. They'd be gone then.
I've definitely done that for other games, and I will probably do that for this one, too.  But if I were to suggest an addendum patch to be available publicly, I would rather respect the patcher's work.

This was obviously an early translation. All of these guys learned to be a little more discreet in later translation hacks.

Fix this title screen.

I believe romhackers should get credit, but jeez, that's kind of gaudy.  I've always kinda wished that this translation trio would have made their logos smaller and put their credits at the bottom of the screen somehow.

Is there any way to move that?

I wouldn't mind proof-reading the Sailor Moon RPG if I could get a script of the game.  I played through it once, and I recall a lot of "should of" instead of "should've", and other funny grammatical errors.

If you still have it, it can be extracted.

If you're gonna do that, then we need to also fix the bugs in DQ1&2.  I listed a few when I reviewed the English patch for the site, but those might be emulator-specific.  (I was using the SNES emulator for Gamecube.)  There is one confirmed bug in Dragon Quest II when one of the party members gets sick, and a dialog box gets stuck in a loop.

I've also heard that Dragon Quest III english patch 1.1 has a save bug and several other glitches.

Seriously, those need to be fixed ahead of any other adjustments to the game.

May 05, 2016, 11:08:00 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Here's one I've been wanting for a while...

In lieu of the Shining Force III Translation Project coming up with their own English voices for Shining Force III, what I'd like is to be able to insert the Japanese voices from the Japanese version of Scenario 1 into the American version of Scenario 1.

The English voice acting of Scenario 1 really is quite terrible.  And I mean AWFUL!

The Japanese voices are much better, even if they're not in English.

And yes, you can always turn the voices off, but what's the fun in that!? :laugh:

Right.  It caught my eye when I saw it, because I know that Super Gameboy enhancements don't work on Gameboy Color.  It would just play it like a black-and-white cart.  Pokemon Yellow is a weird stand-out among Gameboy Color, because it doesn't immediately look like one.

I always wondered if all the towns and sprites could be independently colored.  Conveniently, all of the battle sprites are already in full color.

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