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There is a GBA homebrew port of Bust a move.
It has some kind of washed out colors.
So what about some colorization hack?

1. Yeah, I checked once again and GB and SNES versions are too far from each other..
I just thought it might be a good idea to make translation for full but unreleased gameboy game (also sutte hakkun is a lovely puzzler). There's not much situations like this gigaleak and as a fan of original gameboy I love to see some new games for the system digged from 20 years old dust.

2. I understand that fighting games on original gameboy is kind of joke, but from the gameboy's point of view Takara's ports are one of the best games for the system you can get. I didn't discuss this one with anyone, the game works for me on emulators and in goomba on GBA, so... But If it works on EZflashJR, it's a great new. I didn't buy EZflashJR because it seems the power consumption is not far from EMS carts and that's big con for me...


At first,
Thanks for all of you guys for great work here.

Don't know if it fits here, but...
I'm not familiar with hacking nor programming, unfortunately.
But as a fan of oldschool gaming, I have two requests for anyone interested, both for my favourite console, Gameboy:

There is unreleased Gameboy port of Sutte Hakkun leaked in Nintendo Gigaleak. It's in Japan. There is also great translation patch from Raccoon Sam for SNES version. I just thought it could be nice to adopt this translation to GB version. There will be some changes because of different controls, but...

There is a great Takara port of Nettou Samurai Spirits - Zankurou Musouken
Unfortunately, this one doesn't load from EMS64USB cart, so I can't play it on real hardware.


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