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don't know if it's in the pc version.
but yeah... it's a old mansion, i doubt anyone has tuned/played the piano "recently".

in cd1, flashback inside shin-ra mansion.
on the left side is the piano. the square; and L1 or R1 + triangle buttons plays like the cancel sound on menu, plus white flash.
this is a bug, or a normal and broken piano?

>> ff7 original and beacause

Aturning three fighters names like Vega into M.Bison, Balrog into Vega and M.Bison into Balrog.

or change the names to the original in all games.
akuma gouki
bison vega
vega balrog
balrog bison

it's possible to fix in menu/spells: the wing smash move showing "?" + up... + "?"
in place of "x" + up... + "x" ?

Given the current situation with R06i, I decided to update R06g and fix those bugs you reported so far...
so... this is the super R06gv2 arcade edition! :D


just a question, not asking for bug fix:
does the game have some explanation about the red eyes?

as an example: i remember seeing them in the beginning, in the train (wedge? biggs?).
on the beacause and the original.

when i try to search about it, i just get results of tifa, vincent... and nothing relevant.

Maybe I'm just technologically illiterate but I can't seem to get the the included delta patcher to find the .xd files. I've used .xdelta patches before just fine but these aren't showing up. Am I doing something wrong?
meanwhile... just rename the .xd to .xdelta

i don't find here...
a translation to change back the names on any version of street fighter (gouki, vega the last boss, balrog the spanish).

i searched in snes and ps1 roms.

i registered here beacause this retranslation!
thanks from brazil, for all involved!!

one question: what's the status of the marching on junon?
i already had difficulty in this part... could leave as the original here, and put the fix on the hard type.

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