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The new tracks they added in Ultra are compressed too, but nobody complains about that for some reason lmfao
I assume those use the same samples as the original tracks (minus the ones that aren't in the SNES version of course), so changing the original track's samples would hopefully also change those.

Not sure how possible this would be, but I'd love a hack of Kirby Super Star Ultra that replaces the music and sound effects with the ones from the SNES original. The compressed audio is the biggest flaw of that remake IMO, and adding that would make it pretty much 100% perfect.

I want a hack for Mega Man 2 on the Game Boy that fixes the unoptimized tile banks and makes the enemies have their proper NES graphics. I know how to edit graphics in yychr but not how to remap tiles.

Also the hack could maybe some other issues with the game could be fixed too (someone already made a music patch, so asides from that, implement the sound effects from Mega Man III, fix the Robot Master intro animations, make it so that the Mega Buster doesn't pierce enemies, and make it so that Giant Springer's missiles can be destroyed like in Mega Man 3 (NES).)

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