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I've made some balance tweaks and added in some important features.  Celes's Runic doesn't require her to cast it every turn to keep it going, implementing Hatzen's new patch to the mod.  The Colosseum now allows you to choose what your hero will do in battle, implementing another Hatzen patch.  Blitz and Swdtech have been tweaked, along with many other bosses.  Some important WoR items are now gained by killing bosses instead of finding them in more dangerous areas.  Maybe the most important tweak: The auction house now sells debilitators for almost 10 mirryon darrahs.

+Leader Cyan fights in intro reduced by 25%

+Made Shadow never Leave by:
   C2/4864: 30 26        BMI $488C   (Branch if Shadow not in party) --> 80 26

+Vindr MP to 187 and AI script added for enervate if under 20 MP, after waiting 3 times and then once after.
+Still life now gives 0 XP
+Chadarnook (female) changed RevengeAll to Nothing.

+Tentacle boss changed (weaker, more lives, instant respawn, which for some reason takes a while) and AI changed to a simpler version that works.  Still keeps heroes seized upon death but discards soon after.

+Tentacle boss changed and AI improved but still keeps heroes seized upon death--might need to use script like
+AtmaWeapon AI changed to have Mindblast less--his other attacks were just copied and put after it


+Cursed Shld no longer teaches exalt

+Phunbaba (1st version, #362) speed 1-->30 to make Terra die quicker

+AtmaWeapon HP 18000--->12040, AI script changed where HP is referenced
+AtmaWeapon now repels slow
+AtmaWeapon AI script updated for more bawdyness (Quick was waiting for the next turn boringly, and not enough dmg in the beginnging, atma is too slowww)

+Air Force HP halved from 26000 to 13000

+Flameater HP halved to 8125
+Flameater timer triggering safe/reflect quadrupled to be 6* 63 seconds instead of 15.

+Gigantos AI script changed to reduce effects of poison and slow.

+Naughty & Nerapa HP now 300 & 500 because they're ridiculous monsters

+Vorpal BP 50-->75
+Ninja star no longer trades for Shuriken in the Colloseum (Shuriken has higher BP for WoB mechanics)

+Boxed Set now inescapable opponent, to make Odin esper (Merton spell) hard to scum loot

+Crane boss fight changed
HP for each crane ---> 3000
Iron Ball no longer slows heroes
When one crane dies, casts haste and shell on self instead of reflect

+Guard HP halved, Lobo HP 30--20, Vomammoth HP 75-->60 to make intro less boring

+Chaser rage changed from Bolt2/Special(Battle+Reflect)--->Bolt2/Bolt

+Manually implemented Assassin's stackable immunities fix to prevent permanent immunity to reflect, stop
0002217 9D 1C 33---> 9D 30 33

+Pterodon rage does special instead of fireball

Colloseum Changes:
+Flash wins AutoCrossbow instead of Dirk, completing the loop for tools
+Longinus wins Rage Ring to make the top winnable items for the normal circuit win other top winnable items.

+Gigavolt spell graphics palette 0 & 1 changed to 110, 86

+Kikuichi BP 70--->55


+Absolute 0 now ice elemental magic

+IronFist no longer absorb poison


+Auction House edited to sell debilitators for 9,900,900 GP

+Dried meat stops rage and dance (didn't work, worked on rage one time though when I made a potion have the same "lift rage" effect)

+Colloseum fighting menu enabled
C2/0932 D0 91 BNE $08C5 --->   D0 00      BNE $0934
 (just goes to next code)

+Mtek menu skills changed to teklaser from ???? that the editor threw in for all empty slots.

+Crane bosses HP reduced by 25% (7800--->5850, 5600-->4200)
+Flameater boss HP reduced by 25% (21800--->16xxx)
+Number 024 boss HP reduced by 25% (6700--->5025)
+Atma boss HP reduced by 25% (24000--->18000) and his script HP flags were reduced to 15000 and 8000.

+Tritoch casts osmose once in script, vanish before each spell.
+Tritoch Mpwr increased 38--->48

+Tritoch immune to zombie
+M-tekArmor weak to Water
+MtekHound weak to water
+Number 024 weak to water
+Ifrit no longer nulls water
+Coelecite weak to water


starting level +5
Vig  12-->18
BP    5-->1
MPwr 12-->18
HP+   3-->1

Def  70-->60
HP+  58-->98
+Strike BP 65-->95, HR 240%, anti-undead only

Evade 20-->30
MBlck 17-->27
HP+  98-->248
+Spiraler removed, replaced with DeathDance at level 15 (75 BP Drain of HP, 75% HR, earth, ice, wind elemental)

Whelk SP 5-->4


+Piranhas weak to fire
+Piranhas hp 93-->60
+Rizopas hp 42--->20
+Rizopas weak to fire
+TunnelArmr has 100% chance of having a drill for stealing
+Pterodon no longer nulls fire

+Shuriken BP 25--->75
+Shuriken cost 25--->75
+Atlantis no longer sold at Narshe

+Templar special to +50% dmg and BP to 20

+Nerfed affliction
+Finalized Blitzes
+Changed ChiStrike animation, made his aura be flame-like (palette 8 instead of 70 I think)
+Heal Rod -->100 BP
+Rapture--> 120 SP
+Vector Pup no longer hard to run from (Celes rescue scene)
+TunnelArmr 700hp --> 350

+Finished WoR item re-arranging
+Changed Blitzes a little

+Add patch that makes runic last until broken
   Patched manually, no offset difference


Code 1:

C2/032E: 29 FF        AND #$FF      Make runic and retort not be cleared every turn


Code 2: Runic function


C2/352B: AD A3 11        LDA $11A3
C2/352E: 89 08           BIT #$08      (can this spell by absorbed by Runic?)
C2/3530: F0 0B      BEQ $353D      (Exits function if not)


C2/3532   A0 12      LDY #$12

C2/3534 20 3E 35   JSR $353E      check if entity Y can runic

C2/3537 B0 21      BCS $355A      sets runic data

C2/3539   88      DEY

C2/353A 88      DEY

C2/353B   10 F7      BPL $3534      find next runic user


C2/353D   60      RTS         no runic user available

check_runic: Y = entity to check

C2/353E    B9 A0 3A     LDA $3AA0,Y   
C2/3541    4A           LSR             check for valid target
C2/3542    90 14        BCC $3558      not valid   

C2/3544    F4 C0 80     PEA $80C0       check for Sleep, Death, Petrify
C2/3547    F4 10 22     PEA $2210      check for Freeze, Hide, Stop   
C2/354A    20 64 58     JSR $5864      routine to check for status
C2/354D    90 09        BCC $3558      exits if any status set

C2/354F    B9 4C 3E     LDA $3E4C,Y
C2/3552    89 06        BIT #$06      check for runic flag
C2/3554    F0 02        BEQ $3558      (Branch if not runic or enemy runic)

C2/3556   38      SEC

C2/3557 60      RTS

C2/3558   18      CLC

C2/3559 60      RTS


C2/355A   DA              PHX
C2/355B   20 65 38        JSR $3865
C2/355E   9C 15 34        STZ $3415

C2/3561   B9 4C 3E        LDA $3E4C,Y
C2/3564   29 FB           AND #$FB
C2/3566   99 4C 3E        STA $3E4C,Y  (clear runic)

C2/3569   C2 20        REP #$20
C2/356B   B9 18 30        LDA $3018,Y
C2/356E   85 B8      STA $B8      Save entity to target of action

C2/3570   20 0E 52   JSR $520E    (X = # of bits set in A, i.e. the # of targets)
C2/3573   9C AA 11   STZ $11AA
C2/3576   9C AC 11        STZ $11AC    (Make attack set no statuses)


C2/3579 A9 00 60   LDA #$6000

C2/357C   8D A1 11   STA $11A1   (Set ignore defense, no split damage, no elemental atributes)

C2/357F   A9 82 21        LDA #$2182
C2/3582   8D A3 11        STA $11A3    (Set concern MP, not reflectable, Unblockable, Heal)
C2/3585   E2 20           SEP #$20     (Set 8-bit Accumulator)

C2/3587   7B              TDC
C2/3588   AD A5 11        LDA $11A5    (MP cost of spell)
C2/358B   20 92 47        JSR $4792    (divide by X)
C2/358E   8D A6 11        STA $11A6    (save as Battle Power)

C2/3591   20 5E 38        JSR $385E    (Sets level, magic power to 0)
C2/3594   9C 14 34        STZ $3414    (Skip damage modification)
C2/3597   A9 40           LDA #$40
C2/3599   14 B2           TRB $B2      (Flag little Runic sword animation?)
C2/359B   A9 04           LDA #$04
C2/359D   85 BA           STA $BA      (Don't retarget if target invalid)
C2/359F   A9 03           LDA #$03   
C2/35A1   1C A7 11        TRB $11A7    (turn off text and miss if status isn't set or clear)
C2/35A4   9C A9 11        STZ $11A9    (Set attack to no special effect)
C2/35A7   FA              PLX
C2/35A8   60              RTS

+Add patch that makes Cyan's Swdtech automatically charge to the chosen number
   Patch manually added due to an offset difference of 3 bytes (my ROM was 3 bytes earlier, the offsets below are for my ROM):

--- SwrdTech gauge speed -------------------------------------------------------

Increases gauge speed

C1/7D81 AD 82 7B   LDA $7B82   Load Swdtech gauge

C1/7D84 18      CLC

C1/7D85 69 02      ADC #$02   Add gauge speed

C1/7D87 8D 82 7B   STA $7B82   Save

C1/7D8A 80 01      BRA $7D90   Optimized NOP

C1/7D8C EA      NOP

--- SwrdTech Action ------------------------------------------------------------

Trigger spells based on SwordTech level

C2/1857: A9 04        LDA #$04
C2/1859: 8D 12 34     STA $3412      Display swdtech name?
C2/185C: 4C 7B 31     JMP $317B

--- SwrdTech ready stance -------------------------------------------------------

Change ready stance time if command is SwordTech

C2/03EF   4C 5F 18   JMP $185F   Hook up
C2/03F2 EA      NOP

--------------------------------------------------------------------------Check for roulette or special commands which doesn't need time change

C2/185F   C9 1E      CMP #$1E   Is it the roulette command?

C2/1861 90 03      BCC $1866   Continue if not

C2/1863 4C 1E 04   JMP $041E   It is Roulette. Skip time change.

Check for Swrdtech command

C2/1866 C9 07      CMP #$07   Is it swrdtech command?

C2/1868 F0 03      BEQ $186D   Continue if it is.

C2/186A 4C F3 03   JMP $03F3   otherwise load time from command's table

Set Swrdtech time

C2/186D 48      PHA      Save (A=Command, B=Command Index) by now

C2/186E A9 1E      LDA #$1E   Set number for later multiplication. Must not cause 1 Byte overflow.

C2/1870   EB      XBA      Load Command index, ie SwrdTech spell
C2/1871 18      CLC      Do NOT subtract with carry

C2/1872   E9 54      SBC #$54   Subtract SwrdTech first spell plus 1. Makes A between [1,8]

C2/1874 20 81 47   JSR $4781   Multiply low A * high A.

C2/1877 4C FB 03   JMP $03FB   Set charge-up time for character. Only uses low A.

Changed some important WoR items to be on bosses/dragons

ROM Hacking Discussion / Japanes Modifications?
« on: April 01, 2012, 12:06:31 pm »
What do Japanese people call game modifications? We say mods or hacks. Anyone know what they say? Anyone know of any mods Japan has done or any websites to check them out?

Hey all,

I see that people keep downloading it and I've had 2 or 3 people give me positive feedback about their playthroughs, so here's a release of some changes I've made:

Note--There is no panzy mode for this newer version (Why? Because 4 extra hours of tedious stat changing isn't worth it right now.)

+HP Curve changed to add more hp from levels 80-99. Base maximum HP from ~4800 to ~6400
+Gogo mPwr 103-->90 due to X-magic available as a command. This will not affect saves, which must be edited with a save editor.
+Cyan's natural defense/mdef switched with Celes. This will not affect saves, which must be edited with a save editor.
+Firedance changed to Chi Strike, 4x 255BP physical attack, learned at lvl 60.
   +Animation changed for Chi Strike to a quadruple tiger strike
+Aurabolt now pearl and fire elemental
+Spiraler now based on HP and learned at level 19
+Whisper rage from special/plague to special/poison
+Bug rage casts battle instead of stone
+Outsider rage from Takedown/Pearl to Special/Special
+Mover rage from quake/meton to special/merton
+Steroidite rage from freeze/blizzard to blizz/blizz
+Skybase rage to Shock/Shock (Megahit/Megahit)
+Innoc rage from Wavecannon/AtomicRay to AtomicRay/AtomicRay

+Kefka last battle fixed so that the fight isn't won once a person is exiled and the rest die
+Siegfried toned down, Rage changed from Battle/Quick --> Special/Quick (Special now +200%)
+Intangir made possible to kill, AI improved mediumly, gives 10,000 gold
+Last bosses changed, including ignore ignore defense
+Number 024 wind slash --> gale cut, quake --> land slide, magnitude 8 --> slide
+Opera Ultros #301 some attacks changed to tentacle
+Master Pug AI tweaked (END IFs thrown in, one redundant part out)
+Many WoB monsters are now resistant to zombie/petrify
+Chupon hp halved
+Simple AI script given to Siegfried for Veldt

Kefka's Tower - some monsters Mdef reduced
Medef 210-->180
Def   155   155

MDef 175-->128
Def  128-->180

Mdef 155-->100
Def  100   100

Mdef 180?->150
Def  128-->180

Mdef 214-->201
Def  191   191

Mdef 245-->243
Def  240-->245

+Didalos AI fixed
+Gold Drgn stats changed and AI improved
+Innoc mDef changed to 128, AI changed to counter attacks with X-Potion, must drain his MP
+Veteran control command Roulette! changed to RevengeAll
+LandWorm control command ???? changed to Special

+Starlet esper graphic removed due to glitching

+Drill price down to 3000
+Drill description notes "ignores row"

Technical Hero Changes

+255 stat fix manually implemented. Over 128 vigor does nothing except make you proud.

C2/61A2: 1A           INC
C2/61A3: B0 01        BCS $61A6    (If carry set, just give +1)
C2/61A5: 1A           INC
C2/61A6: C9 81        CMP #$81     (is stat >= 129?)
C2/61A8: 90 02        BCC $61AC
C2/61AA: A9 80        LDA #$80     (if so, make it 128)
C2/61AC: 9D 1A 16     STA $161A,X  (save updated stat)
C2/61AF: 60           RTS

C2/61A2: 1A           INC
C2/61A3: D0 01        BNE $61A6
C2/61A5: 3A         DEC          (if stat overflowed to 0 after boost, make it 255)

C2/61A6: B0 04        BCS $61AC    (If carry set, just give +1)

C2/61A8: 1A           INC
C2/61A9: D0 01        BNE $61AC
C2/61AB: 3A         DEC          (if stat overflowed to 0 after boost, make it 255)

+4x attack can proc spells now (00022A18 9C 89 3A     STZ $3A89   (Turn off random spellcast) --> EA EA EA)
+Angelic now does redemption on low hp
+PhoenixBlood casts Life 3 now
+Warlord increases physical damage now, +10 evade/mblock, Meteor
+Riftblade Stops, Pierces armor
+Excalibur casts Ultima

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Fantasy Tactics 1.3 RELEASE!
« on: December 11, 2011, 11:06:36 pm »
I'm very excited about this and glad you have both a normal type and easy version available. FFT has one of the best stories ever in my opinion.

Appreciate the feedback. I was actually looking at my planning calculations today and did some testing. Regular fight does fine around level 20, but in certain areas/levels (The Mtek Factory) there are monsters with higher physical defense in general. Once you get level 3 magic, regular fight is less powerful but items and physical damage skills counteract that. So far I haven't found a big need for change but I'm taking a long hard look at things, and have little time per week to do it.

BALANCE ALERT: I've been getting feedback from a player that physical damage is underpowered in the WoB. I haven't played through the WoB since many versions ago but from checking my save states this seems to be true for many of the areas. I of course have no time and so may just do a quick fix by changing WoB monster armor if I'm sure this is a problem.

Edit: Okay, I'm taking a harder look at this. Magic in the WoB is essentially a special move, is much rarer, more expensive, etc. I of course considered this before but I'm not convinced that magic is making physical damage uncompetitive. Much deliberation to ensue...

New version uploaded -- with a brand new "Panzy Mode" where monsters have 25% less hp and 25% less damage. Now even your disturbed 10 year old brother can win this game. Actually, he probably still can't.

For all versions, the XP curve has changed so that leveling in the WoR is faster (Especially from 30-40, and 75-90). (Ending exp = 10 million instead of 15)

Some later bosses have also been heavily improved upon to make the WoR much more interesting

Other minor tweaks/balances/fixes done as well

This will probably be the last big change to the game. From here will be balances or fixes as needed/possible.

I'm dreaming of touching up the script after seeing Pandora's Box's excellent job.

Returners Prevail,

The dialogue, as of v1.19, is broken for the beginning of the game. I will be looking into this, with the possibility of having to redo all of my changes for about two versions back. I have good documentation of almost everything I did, but won't have the time for another 3 weeks minimum, and minor tweaks I did not document are forgotten.

When I load (via srm save points) to Banon and the returners, the dialogue works fine. Before then, it is a recurring two pieces of dialogue. When I load save states past that point, the dialogue works fine also.

I believe the problem was due to expanding the ROM for more battle scripts, but it's possible it was the code changes I made.

May 30, 2011, 08:40:21 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Did I say 3 weeks? I meant 2 days. Version 1.20 is pending approval. It is the fixed version of 1.19, and now everyone should be able to play, with patches for all 4 combinations of ROMs available (1.0/1.1,Headered/Unheadered).

lol, *65535* GP, thanks.

May 16, 2011, 06:18:54 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I've gotten 2 e-mails of people patching and having bad dialogue. One of the persons used what seemed to be the matching ROM version and still had the same problem. I had this problem when trying the 1.0 ROM, but it worked for me on the 1.1 ROM I have. I hope everyone is using headered 1.1's, and I will look into this as soon as I can, hopefully with a conclusion after this weekend.

I have uploaded v1.19 and hopefully it will be accepted this time.

The biggest improvements were to Dance, Morph, Safe/Shell, and late game spells. Now every hero's skill, with the exception of Runic and Steal, is very useful until the end of the game.

The Changes:

+ROM Expanded for more AI scripts

+Many WoB monsters after the 3-party fight with Kefka have 15% reduced magic defense
+AI changes to some monsters/bosses
+Hidon now gives treasure, the Wraithsoul shield
+Aegis shield now found in Gogo's Cave
+Dragon bosses now give 65535 GP

+Umaro's BP was nerfed to 1 (he still does tons of damage)
+Gogo Vigor 69 ---> 43
+Gogo BP 20 --> 1
+items that give both safe and shell are unequippable by Mog without the Merit Award
+Aegis unequippable by Shadow and Relm
+ZephyrShield now equippable by less heroes (Yes, Relm)
Note:Changes to some hero stats are not retroactive and can be changed via a savestate or SRAM editor

Hero Spells
+Safe & Shell now block half the damage instead of 1/3
00020EF8 A9 AA ---> A9 7E ---> (Multiply damage by 170 / 256) to 126/256
+Exsicc is now called Sunder, and goes through runic
+Ultima ---> 15 SP, no longer "manual party select" (forced to hit all)
+Merton ---> no longer unavoidable
+Meteor ---> unavoidable
+Ice 3 MP 52 ---> 40

Hero Abilities

+Desperation attacks removed
+Natural magic progression has changed to make the early game more exciting
+Spells removed from Terra's Mtek list
+Shock SP 128 ---> 40

+Quasar ---> No Split Dmg

+Empowerer ---> 255 BP

+Rapture 80-->90 SP
+Rapture animation changed

+Skeans now unreflectable

+Morph is now infinite (you can still revert)
00021348 20 11 12 (do morph timer decrement) ---> EA EA EA  (skipped)
+Morph now makes Terra deal and take double damage on all attacks
0020F15 80 0B BRA $0D22   (Skip morph if physical attack) ---> EA EA (Physical damage
taken while morphed is also affected)

00020F1E 46 F1 66 F0 ---> 06 F0 26 F1 (cut magic damage taken in half while morphed ---> double damage)
+Removed dance stumble chance
000219A0 90 --> 0D
+New dances replacing old ones. Mog now has dances useful throughout the game.

Wind Song
Forest Suite
Desert Aria
Love Sonata --> Undead March
Earth Blues --> Ancient Opus
Water Rondo
Dusk Requiem --> Chaos Hymn
Snowman Jazz

Undead March is found in Darill's Tomb, Ancient Opus is in the outside sections of the Ancient Castle, and Chaos Hymn is in Kefka's Tower.

+Sunbath and Harvester replaced with Lifespring, a strong heal
+Renewal increased to a stronger heal and life to all
+Atlantean now gives 25 SP mana to all, reduced by mdef
+Snowman Jazz enhanced with higher chance for Avalanche and a small chance of Absolute 0 and Blizzard
+Whump animation changed

Other Abilities
+S. Cross changed to a fire spell and animation changed
+New spells added, but used rarely thus far

+Odin damage changed, animation changed
+Raiden damage improved, animation changed
+Crusader animation changed
+Crusader casts 4x
+Alexandr SP---> 255, dmg divided by # enemies, max dmg if 1
+Phoenix now fully heals party and grants Life 3

+X-Potions heal 100% HP instead of 50%
+Chests in Phoenix Cave and Triangle Island rearranged considering risk vs. reward
+Relics count as "heavy gear"
+Some item descriptions altered
+Some Items can now cast 3 spells once per battle when low HP (Safe/Shell/Rflect --> ???/Life3+Heal/Quick)
+Paladin Shield improved and casts Quick and Redemption (the Life3+Heal spell) when low
+Beads now also gives Vig+50%, but the hero is muted unless blocked by another item
+SymbolOfAres defense bonuses removed
+Blizzard Orb defense bonuses increased
+Ragnarok +7 mPwr
+Tempest actually retorts now
+MagiCrest now also gives +4 all stats, "Quick" when used (item is destroyed)
+JezraBand renamed as ArtemisBand
+New Shield: Wraithsoul
+New Shield: Aegis

Hey everyone, the last update was denied, so the changes since April are not included yet, in case anyone is confused. I'm working on more big changes and will be releasing a new version ASAP.

You Will See:
Terra's Morph having no timer, but double damage is taken
New items
Improved Monsters
Decreased mDef for many WoB monsters
And much more....

Thanks; I have strategy very much in mind, which is quite apparent imho when looking at the changes to items, abilities, monster AI, etc.

I have made another cool change, but not released in a new version yet:

+I have replaced the item ability for "Safe" "Shell" and "Rflect" when low HP into a mystery spell, Life3/heal type spell, and Quick. These new kickass desperation spells will be put on items for a future version.

One of the recent patches also made a slight change to a spell used by Tunnel Armor, which made him impossible. This has been fixed, and a few other slight changes have been made:

+Exsicc is now called Sunder, and goes through runic
+Allo Ver uses a different spell instead of Disaster
+Umaro's BP was nerfed to 1 (he still does tons of damage)
+Umaro's boss battle script slightly changed
+X-Potions heal 100% HP instead of 50%
+Quasar ---> No Split Dmg
+Quasar now casted by Hidon
+Ultima ---> 15 SP, no longer "manual party select" (forced to hit all)
+Merton ---> no longer unavoidable
+Meteor ---> unavoidable
+Rapture 80-->90 SP
+Hidon and Hidonites give XP
+Soulsavers (Wrexsoul) give 500 XP
+Some minor battle script changes
+Another counter attack added to final Kefka
+Natural magic progression has changed to make the early game more exciting

Other possible changes in the future:

>There might be a boost to Terra's stats if I can't find a way to make Morph last longer or recover faster.
>Endgame statistics still need to be studied/tested more for perfect balance, although it is definitely playable atm. However, differences in armor may be narrowed and the utility of top-tier spells may be adjusted to balance the need of kickass power vs. tactical use for each ability/hero
>Dance can apparently be changed with the new editor, and although I am afraid it may be risky to do so, Mog's dances could use a boost, especially Snowman Jazz, because it is the only one learned much later in the game. His stumble chance will also be obliterated as well. It is probably very possible to make Mog learn some dances at much later stages in the game as well, and I'm looking into that as an exciting possibility for powerful endgame dances.
>The WoR Auction House should be changeable to selling only purchasable items instead of the non-winnable auctions. If implemented correctly, the items I add will cost 500,000 1,000,000 and 9,999,999
>The relics Beads and MagiBrooch are uncompetitive and could use a boost/replacement
>Item placement in WoR dungeons may be slightly rearranged to match risk vs. reward better
>The progression of how Lores are learned could probably use at least some tweaking
>Cyan's dispatch may become physical damage
>Cyan's level 5 swdtech may need some fixing
>More spells, items added if possible
>One of the top-tier multi-elemental spells needs a soundfix (but which sound to use....)
>Much much more, of course, but too conceptual or detailed to mention

Thanks for the the feedback and for playing

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: FF6 hacking
« on: March 30, 2011, 09:04:10 pm »
I believe it's Megahit in the FF3usME editor, so check it's properties there. It probably pierces armor.

But it would be easier to have the monsters cast the spell antidote on themselves, instead of the item problem.

Antidote can be scripted to be used whenever poisoned or on a per turn basis or otherwise.

A problem is that your 25-33% reduction might be fair now, but poison is something that should be useful throughout the entire game. Also, like I mentioned before, I'm near positive that poison *originally* uses the same formula as regen, but with damage incremented over time, so changing regen must also be considered.

Another solution would be to look at all of the monster formations, and make sure half of the monster types of each formation are immune/absorb poison.

Just to make things clear, if anyone was having problems playing it before, the latest patch should be working fine. PM me of course if you're having problems.

I'd go with the antidote battle script, because changing damage formulas changes all the other expectations related to that damage.  What's more, if poison shares the formula with regen, that complicates things further.  However, if poison is doing more damage than heroes should at level 50, I would change the formula to save the entire damage curve.

6 Had some good steals from bosses, but only on maybe 25% of them

Are the stealable items anything you can't end up buying, and if so, how many?  I would just steal casually whenever Locke's round came up, so didn't get much items out of it.

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