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The 'Mission Cobra' boxarts others have linked is a different game.

'Cobra Mission' that is mentioned in OP is a Taiwanese developed game. NTDec/Asder were notorious for pirate and unlicensed famicom games, so wouldn't suprise me if there wasn't even a box for it

Thanks for the clarification and sorry for the mistake. Now I understand:

"Mission Cobra" is a vertical shoot'em up while "Cobra Mission" by ASDER is a Shooting game.

The following screenshot for the cartridge is in good quality:

Usually when I need a boxart or an artwork for an old game I just visit They're often quite reliable for that kind of stuff, especially when it comes to old pc games.

But this time I didn't find much there. Surprisingly gamefaqs helped: 

Front Boxart US:

Back Boxart US:

Front Boxart AU (Autralia?):

For the cartrige this is (sadly) the best I could find (US Cart). I uploaded the screenshot (jpeg) myself because the link couldn't be shared directly for some reason:

note: also while searching I noticed "Mission Cobra" (NES) has nothing to do with "Cobra Mission", the latter being a PC game with scantily clad ladies. ^^

Gaming Discussion / Re: Favorite period for each genre?
« on: July 24, 2020, 01:35:09 pm »

1998-2000: might be the Golden Age of the genre. Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Half-Life, No One Lives Forever, Quake III and many others are still remembered today.   

2003-2005: I was pleased to experience a revival in the genre with games like Doom 3, Halo 1 (2003 on PC), Far Cry 1, Half-Life 2, F.E.A.R., Quake IV,etc.


In the above list I noticed you inserted Deus Ex in two different sections: Stealth and 3D ARPG.
Deus Ex is a first-person shooter with RPG elements (also Stealth ; but steath it is optional in Deus Ex). A more fitting  term for games like Deus Ex might be:

FPS/RPG Hybrids

Other games that fit in the same category are: System Shock 2, Bioshock series, Tron 2.0, Vampire Bloodlines, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, Dishonored,…

note: you did the same multi-classing for Lemmings. I think putting games in only one category, if possible, might be easier to manage.   


In the Visual Novel/Interactive Story section, you listed Snatcher - which is praisworthy ^^ - but I don’t see Policenauts which is bewildering. Indeed both games have much in common:

both are visual novels / were created by the same author, Hideo Kojima / are Cyberpunk / have a gripping story / have high-quality voice acting / generally left a lasting impression on gamers who played them.

It’s quite striking how much progress has been achieved between Snatcher (1988) and Policenauts (1994). For instance the user interface is much more friendly, the story is deeper, and the pacing is better too. (I love both games, OK ? ^^)
Anyways. My point? Making an in-depth comparison between Snatcher and Policenauts might be insightful. ^^


Games sorted in the "Hack'n'Slash" genre include the Diablo series, Torchlight series, Titan Quest, Grim Dawn, Path of Exile, etc. Thing is: I don’t see a single Hack 'n Slash in your list. ; ) Granted the meaning of the term Hack 'n Slash can be discussed. It’s just that if you plan to review a genuine Hack'n'Slash game then they would deserve their own category.

Guacamelee in neither a "Hack 'n Slash" nor a mere "2D Beat 'em up": most reviewers and gamers sorted it in the Metroidvania genre. Granted Guacamelee added a "Beat’em up angle" to it, which made rise above others Metroidvanias of the era.


In the Art Game Section I would add GRIS: a very unusual and modern artie-platformer (2018): Gris Review (Youtube)

...I'm interested in which one of the three PC titles everyone here liked the most? I personally preferred Dragonfall more than the other two. The story, side missions and characters were the best in my opinion. Returns was a bit too dark and gory at times for my taste and the last battle was kind of a drag. Hong Kong on the other hand was a bit odd plot wise and I didn't much like the characters in it either, but I won't give any spoilers as to the details why.

Shadowrun Returns

Playing Returns was like reading one of those good old FASA Novels, you know like 2XS written by Nigel Findley. The comparison is quite indicative when you realize
that both Shadowrun Returns and 2XS tackle the same menace ultimately (I won’t spoil more ^^).

Being the first game also means Returns has the most antiquated combat mechanics, at least compared to Dragonfall and Hong Kong. 

Then you have the fact that Riggers (Drone users) are treated so badly roleplay-wise: they have the lowest Skillchecks, maybe 2 or 3 "Rigging" interactions during the whole playthrough. This issue has been fixed in Dragonfall and HK (it's fun to play a Rigger in those games). 
The real bummer in Return is that you don’t have a real Team to interact with you during the game, you can only hire soulless recruits for combat. This lowers the RPG experience significantly. Granted you can temporarily have in your Team
Shannon Half-Sky and Harlequin, but only briefly.


The new settings of Berlin was refreshing, it was a nice change from Seattle. The two things that struck me in Dragonfall were the solid Story and the unique Recruits:
Finally we have a full-fledged Team, each character having a strong personality and a solid background to account for it. Even more so in the remake Dragonfall Director’s Cut (the original Dragonfall in not on sale anymore). in the Director’s Cut each Recruits has a personal mission to tie loose ends, and you can assist them if you like.

Many gamers will tell this about Glory: She’s a fascinating character when you finally get to know her story. But trying to pump her for info might take some work. ^^

To sum up Dragonfall is quite a step up from Shadowrun Returns.

Hong Kong

Shadowrun Hong Kong has an even more exotic settings than Dragonfall, and it works really well. For instance all this Triad Stuff was cool: Kindly Cheng is one of those memorable NPCs I will never forget.

Just like Dragonfall, HK has a solid Story and great Recruits. I feel even Duncan is great (even though a few gamers disagree ^^). Duncan has a long history with you (the main character):

He always leaned on you when he was a teenager because he had issues. Finally when you start HK and the sh** hits the fan you see Duncan fall apart. I felt this was good writing.

The only dud for me was Is0bel, she’s very cold. But in retrospect I understand why: when you finally understand what she came through you might have more consideration for her. Note that I criticized her personality not her skills: during combat (hello grenade launcher) or in the Matrix Is0bel is a friggin' beast.

In HK Combat, Skills, Weapons and Cyberware have been very much improved. Heck! You can even trigger Combat Mode (the Pistol Symbol on the higher right corner of the HUD) in non-combat zones. Very useful.
The only issue with HK is that dialogues take forever: NPCs talk and talk and talk. So if you want to do all the sidequest and want the best ending (they are 8 Endings in HK if I remember) then prepare yourselves for some heavy wall texts.

Despite the remark above I like HK too, its a very well done game in many ways.   

About the PC Harebrained Schemes games, you can also add the Unofficial Remake of Shadowrun SNES:

SNES Reboot Beta Version (Steam Workshop)

First don't let the word "Beta" fool you: the mod is complete and can be played from beginning to end. The only drawback of the SNES Reboot is that the memorable music composed by Marshall Parker is sadly not included in the mod, for obvious legal reasons.

Important: to play this mod you need to own "Shadowrun Dragonfall Director's Cut (it does not work on original Dragonfall, nor on Shadowrun Returns nor Hong Kong).

Also I can confirm the SNES Reboot -and all the awesome custom campaigns dedicated to the Shadowrun games on the Steam Workshop- work flawlessly on the GOG versions too. :)

1- Hi! Cirosan and his Team keep on updating their baby. And this time we have a pretty neat upgrade. Now among other things they are 3 Brand New Stats showing in the inventory screen. Quote:
This new update features a massive QoL improvement, courtesy of Co-Lead Programmer HidoranBlaze. As seen in the screenshot below, the inventory screen now shows a unit's Attack Speed, Dodge, and Follow-up Critical Multiplier (also known as PCC).

Source: ProjectExile104 (Official Thread)

2- EnDavio has released a cosmetic hack to change the palette of a few units, it is compatible with the above fanpatch. Quote:

This hack for Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 modifies some units' portraits and palettes to make them consistent with the game's official artwork.
The modified units right now are:
This patch is compatible with the Project Exile english translation patch. If you wish to apply both of them, remember to APPLY THE TRANSLATION PATCH FIRST, otherwise it won't work.

Source: [FE5] EnDavio's Thracia Palette Mod - Version 1.0 (Official Thread)

Woo Hoo! Three Cheers, Aeon Genesis! ^^

Since the announcement of this upcoming 2.0, I was like a hamster on coffee.

Quite frankly the teasing was almost unbearable, you wicked Magic Mike! :laugh:

Gaming Discussion / Re: Games that use font Chicago?
« on: June 18, 2019, 06:55:58 am »
Are you sure? As far as I know (I've played all of them), none of the titles you mentioned use Chicago, especially not the Dynamic-Designs translations, which use some thin font for the most part...

Absolutely not, mziab! If your hunch is right, that my previous post was wrong on all accounts, then:

My previous comment wasn't my brightest post on these boards. :P Apology everyone.

On this subject I'd actually love to know the name of the font used by Dynamic-Designs translations, because I like it too.

Speaking of Seiken Desentsu 3, see this:

Holy Cow! This is Fan-Made.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Games that use font Chicago?
« on: June 16, 2019, 10:50:35 am »
Well! Since I can't tinker into those files to check the font's name, I'll play it by the looks of it, don't hesitate to correct me if I'm wrong ^^:

Chaos Seed (Dynamic-Designs)

Feda The Emblem of Justice (Dynamic-Designs)

Lennus II (Dynamic-Designs)

Record of Lodoss War (Dynamic-Designs)

Shin Seikoku: La Wares (Dynamic-Designs)

Hmm! I see a pattern here… :laugh:

Shin Megami Tensei II (Aeon Genesis): the dialogues at least, Thanks for the clarification Gideon Zhi.

Treasure Hunter G: not sure about this one. The intro looks like the Chicago font but in-game it is somewhat different.

Mahou Kishi Rayearth (LNF Translations, RPGe): it seems close enough,

Now that I think of it, the Chicago font is a beautiful thing. Thank you for making me realize that. ^^

This is a quality translation. Cirosan he has announced a "polish" update will be released this month.

For those who never player Fire Emblem 5 Thraccia:

This is a fantastic game but compared to Fire Emblem 4 Seisen no Keifu, FE 5 is quite brutal:

In comparison it makes Super Robot Taisen 3/4 look like a walk in the park. I'm serious. :P

Enemies can capture your units. Then after you finally get the hang of the game, the "Fatigue System" (from Ch. 08) will say hello and ruin your strategy: fatigued units will be unable to fight for the next chapter. Fortunately there's an item that allow you to bypass fatigue.

It's exhilarating to play this game when you finally get the hang of it. Just remember FE5 needs some dang good careful planning.

Gaming Discussion / Re: super robot wars 3
« on: May 24, 2019, 07:25:25 am »
I forgot to mention some notable tips ^^:

Morale part II

In SRW3/SRW4 each enemy killed nets you "+5 Morale", this is the most basic way to increase the value,

Another way is to use the Spell "Yell" for the characters who have it, it raises morale by "+15",

Each time your Morale increases, your Damage and your Armor increases too! This matters when a unit is swarmed without support in certain cases,

The max morale you can get is 200. When you’ll reach that point you’ll do spectacular damage.

MAP Weapons part II

They are of two kind:
A few of them can differentiate between allies and enemies. The most notable is the Cyflash used by Cybaster. This is why Cyflash is so good, it's the best way to kill a swarm of enemies without too much of a hassle. Sadly in SRW3/SRW4 Masaki doesn't have the spell Luck,

But most Map Weapons can’t make a distinction between friend of foe. If you try it with Bright and his Argamma’s Battleship for instance, your attempt will often end up in a bloodbath (for your allies). Here’s a neat trick:

Like I said in my previous post, you set up an ambush by putting the Argamma in the frontline to bait enemies. Then when all the apes are in line you gather your posse of allies to weaken the enemies without staying in the Argamma’s line of sight.

Sometimes you'll have low mobility allies who won't make in time to avoid Bright's MAP weapon, still you can possibly save them by having those stray characters cast the Spell ""Flash" (avoids one attack), if the character has the spell of course. ^^

Most of the time the money and the XP obtained from those killing streak is too good to pass up, like a few Musai in front of the Argamma, these Ships are worth a ton of money, so don’t forget to cast "Luck" before shooting (Bright will get the spell "Luck" eventually).
…Though I have faint recollections of reading a FAQ for the game and the author ripped a shitton on Amuro calling him like the worst of all the available Gundam pilots late game because his speed advantage wears off when enemies get more accurate and he's super weak.

The beef some gamers have with Amuro is this:
His Stats are so good (except his Attack, comparatively to other Gundam characters, like Camille for instance) that he will outgrow all the Mecha he receives: his Response will raise regularly during the course of the game meaning that later Amuro won’t find a unit matching his great Stats. This might explain why Amuro gets so many new units during the game, in my view this is partially to counter his crazy Stat growth.

But if this is the price to pay to get a character who is nearly untouchable and acts twice earlier than most, I say the cost is fair. ^^

Gaming Discussion / Re: super robot wars 3
« on: May 23, 2019, 11:21:56 am »
...The skill "Luck" doubles the money you get when an enemy unit is defeated. Therefore, use this before beating tough units that give a lot of money such as bosses...

In SRW3/SRW4 the spell Luck doubles your Money and XP! This skill was borderline overpowered, which probably explains why it got nerfed in later games. In Original Generation 1-2 (Game Boy Advance) the original Luck is now separated into 2 spells: Luck (doubles money) and Cheer (doubles xp),
This is especially useful in SRW 4: at creation time you can customize the main character Spells depending on his Birthday and his Bloodtype.  So giving your main character "Luck" as a Seishin (=Spell) in a no-brainer. It will make your playthrough of SRW4 a much less painfull experience ^^,

The basic guideline for upgrading units:

Real Robots: putting your first points into Response. This skill increases your evade. I noticed that upgrading this Stat at least 3 times makes a big difference for the Gundam units early game.

Reals cannot take hits so your top priority is to upgrade their Response so they can evade attacks. Then when you get better units you can afford to put a few points into HP and Armor just as a safety net and nothing more. 

Super Robots: upgrade HP and Armor evenly to make you Super Robots more durable. Don’t put all your points into one Stat only, because it is cost ineffective. Then upgrade their Energy for their Final Attack, 

Any characters reaching 130 Response can act "twice per turn". Characters can reach that point depending on their Level: around levels 30s/40s/50s or more. The first to have a 130 Response are Amuro and Camille (they move twice at LV 36).

Morale (Kiryoku) is essential in the SRW games: to unlock their Final Attack, characters need to reach a certain threshold. Generally you need around "130 Morale" to unlock the Final Attack of your Super Robots. The main way to increase your morale in SRW is to kill units! This is why Beginners often wonder why they can't use their Final Attack: it will stay Red until you gather the required Morale!

In SRW3 my favorite units are:

Getter Robot 1: can transform into Getter 2/3. Getter 1 will be your workhorse. Not only it can fly (unlike Getter 2/3) but it also stands as a legendary Boss Killer thanks to its famed "Red Finger of Doom" ^^ (the Getta Beam). Having 3 pilots also means you have plenty of Spells to dab into,

Daitarn 3: First because it is transformable. The Daifighter is a flying unit that has incredible range. If Banjou Haran - the pilot- had the spell "Accelerate" it would have been even more nuts (sadly he doesn’t). The Daitank, as the name implies, is a great unit to tank. It can take some hits when swarmed. Finally there’s Daitarn 3 with his godly Sun Attack. Daitarn is a very flexible unit. A pity Banjou Haran learns his spells slower than others, but the trade-off is totally worth it: Banjou’s unit hits insanely hard. The "Sun Attack" can be your Boss Killer if needed,   

The Argamma: you might ditch Bright because he runs a Battleship but the Argamma has a MAP weapon. I cannot stress enough on this point: MAP Weapons dominate the battlefield in SRW3 and SRW 4. If you plan your strike carefully -by weakening the enemies in front of the Argamma with your allies- you can easily wipe 8+ monsters in one fell swoop.
Finally a general problem with characters having MAP weapons: if you’re not careful enough they can become XP-guzzlers and leave your other units underleveled,

A note for beginners : you can dock your units into the Battleship sot they will regen all their ammo in one turn, though the HP/Energy regen will take more time.

Cyblaster: is a beast in this game. It has crazy dodge and if you upgrade its Response it could possibly hold off swarms of enemy units for a whole turn. The attack "High Familiar" has great range and will save your hide many times. Then it can transforms into a flying unit to get even more mobility and dodge. Icing on the cake: Cybaster has a MAP weapon (Cyflash)! Like I said insane unit,

Gundam Z: awesome unit. Transformable too, in flight mode it can cover a lot of ground and Camille has the spell "Accelerate" to move even further! The attack "Highmega Launcher" is invaluable. Upgrade this unit Energy (and Response) ASAP then go to town with your ""Highmega Launcher" as long as you can,

Amuro: any units he gets is totally worth it, except the first one. From the moment you upgrade his unit's Response he becomes like Camille: Untouchable!

note: the Turn Count needed to unlock the special final scenario is 419 (or lower) for the Super Famicom. For the PlayStation version it is 350 (or lower).


Personal Projects / Re: Secret of Evermore Scroll Hack
« on: May 02, 2019, 11:33:35 am »
...There is no way they are ignorant of it's existence or that fans still care about it.

Secret of Evermore seems to have a sizeable fan-base these days. Those who played it remember it fondly. Edit: I was wrong about Reviews: most of them (be it US or Eur) were quite positive.

It really is unfortunate how events unfolded around SoE. It deserves so much better treatment. I think it's amazing how mechanically close many things in it are to SoM, that it fools many people still to this day into assuming it was based on the same code. And it's beautiful, a great story, incredible soundtrack, and so unique. It really says something about the talent of the team, and it certainly says something else about Square's treatment of such promising people...

Yeah. Somehow Secret of Evermore succeeded in mimicking the feeling of the Secret of Mana games. I think this games deserves a comprehensive hack (like Final Fantasy VI SNES Woolsey Uncensored Edition) or even an official remaster.

About the Soundtrack yeah, you'd be hard-pressed to find a SNES game with such a great ambient sound. Though Donkey Kong Country's Jungle or the aquatic levels and Super Metroid come to mind.

Jeremy Soule and most of the team which worked on Secret of Evermore were in their early 20s, on their first game! That’s very impressive when you think about it.

There's this old well-known interview with Brian Fehdrau who worked on SOE: Interview with Brian Fehdrau - Secret of Evermore

Finally here's a French not-so-famous Interview, made in August 2017. The developer wanted to stay anonymous for some reason, even though he claims it’s been 5 years he’s not in the gaming industry, talk about a shy guy ^^. Anyways the interviewers at Square Palace - a loyal French site dedicated to Square games - decided to give him the nickname "Dave" because "Dave" sounds like "Dev" (Developer) you know. Ha! Anyways there was some fresh info (unknown to me at least) that I wanted to share with you. I'll translate some bits, okay^^:

(FR) Dave : Au départ, c’était un jeu différent appelé Vexx, avec la même base, mais une histoire et des personnages totalement différents. À un moment donné, nous avons décidé que c'était de la merde et l'avons balancé. On a alors recommencé avec une nouvelle histoire.

(ENG) Dave : At First it was a different game named Vexx, with the same foundation, but with completely different story and characters. At some point, we decide that it was crap and dropped it. Then we started all over with a new story.
(FR) Square Palace : Nous avons trouvé une magie cachée appelée "Laser", inutile et inachevée (Action replay : 7E225AFF). Avez-vous des détails à ce sujet ?

Dave : Juste quelque chose qui n'a pas été fini.

(ENG) Square Palace :  We’ve found a hidden spell named "Laser", unusable and unfinished (Action replay : 7E225AFF). Do you have any further details about this ?

Dave : Just something that was unfinished.
(FR) Square Palace : Le code binaire 01000010 01001010 01000110 annoncé par le vieil homme à Noblia signifie-t-il quelque chose de particulier pour vous ou est-ce simplement un code aléatoire pour le fun ?
Dave : C'est BJF en ASCII, les initiales de Brian Fehdrau, il était le programmeur principal.

(ENG) Square Palace : The old man at Nobilia utters the binary code 01000010 01001010 01000110, does it mean anything special to you or was it just a random code made for fun ?

Dave : It means BJF in ASCII, those are the initials of Brian Fehdrau, he was the Lead Programmer.
Source French Secret of Evermore Interview (2017) L'interview exclusive d'un développeur de Secret of Evermore

Gaming Discussion / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 questions
« on: April 29, 2019, 07:02:25 am »
...There isn't a way to manually go out of combat mode while near enemies is there? To run past enemies when you just want to leave an area.Thanks again.

No. This is the main weakness of Combat in SD3, you cannot go out of combat manually. Many gamers have complained about this. In difficult areas, seasoned players try to reach a Gold Statue ASAP (restores HP/MP). But I bet you're already doing this. :P

One last -hopefully ^^- piece of good advice:

I told you how setting CPU controlled characters to Tech LV 1 is vital sometimes, I gave 2 reasons but I forgot one. So let’s recap:

- Some characters can Hit twice with Tech LV1 (I remember Hawk & Kevin can do this),

- Set your Team to Tech LV1 against some Bosses to avoid lethal Counter-Attacks. Like I said earlier using Tech LV2/3 or Spells can make these Bosses very angry.^^,

- When using Sabers (Spells that add Elemental Damage to your weapon) you'd better use your Main Attack or Tech LV1 Techniques. In other words Tech LV2/3 don’t take Sabers into account damage-wise,


1- While reading this thread I realise Seiken Denstestu 3 leans way more on gameplay than story. The talented developers of this game gave their utmost best in the Gamplay department: Techniques / Class Changing / Day & Night Cycle / Treasure Roulette / Co-op, etc. I wonder what this game would have been with a deep Story,

2- On second look I feel Hackers reading this thread can actually get a decent overview about how to make Seiken Densetsu 3 a better game. Just saying. :)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 questions
« on: April 28, 2019, 12:01:34 pm »
So you can class change before Dolan? But I was only at lvl ~33-34 so would've had to grind.

With proper leveling you can Class change before killing the 8 God Beasts if I remember correctly. Also I always leave Dolan last.^^

note: you're right about the healing item. Indeed it's Poto Oil that heals the whole Party. I've edited my previous post to avoid confusion.

I meant just in general if Thunder Saber+thunder debuff is better besides being thunder elemental, since I got the debuff later/it required higher stats. But that's good info on the calendar (except I have no idea which element some of them have been heh).

Quite frankly! I have no idea.^^

Is it normal for this to happen?: Boss does massive damage, party member goes down to 1 HP. I use a healing item or spell, but before it's used, the party member dies from some delayed damage or something (I can't quite tell what's going on). So it's used on another member and that party member dies.

Yes. This also happens in the unpatched "vanilla" version of the game. A guy named praetarius3 (maybe the same modder who created that patch mentioned above) tried to give an explanation in this discussion:

Seiken Densetsu 3 - HP while dying (gamefaqs)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 questions
« on: April 28, 2019, 07:58:14 am »
...Heh yeah I think I ran into that yesterday with an enemy, the wolf howl attack in moonreading tower. That's some serious bs! I guess there's a spell to protect against it that I can't have with this party though?

Oh! I see you've met Dolan. The infamous Goat Boss.^^ Let's face it, no matter which order you decide to fight him, you always see the hell.^^ He’s borderline unfair, all his attacks deal massive damage, particularly the one that reduces your Max HP (Spiral Moon).

But how serendipitous! :P Lise with her Stat Boosters/Downers would have done wonders here. But they’re are consumable items which can help:

- The Specter Eye: is an anti-magic item that can save your hide in this fight. It cancels magic. It will cancel the Saber that Dolan casts on himself,

- Drake Scales: Power Up your magic (Single Target item),
- Poto Oil: from Byzel’s Black Market, restores the HP for the whole Team, always carry them with you before a Boss Fight, even if you have a healer. A must for this awful fight,

Also remember how I previously vouched for the Swordmaster? Well with this Class Duran will get Tree Saber, and this is the main weakness of Dolan. 

Other than that, not many problems so far. Hunting down the god-beasts. Is one of the elements generally better to use (saber+debuff) or not? Since you needed better stats for thunder debuff for example, I was thinking it was a bit better.

On your questions about God Beast:

1- God Beasts have weaknesses, for instance you’d better fight Salamander (Fire God) with Ice Spells/ Ice Sabers, etc. Obvious, 

2- never ever fight a God Beast on his Day! You see in the menu there is a Calendar showing the day of the week. Fighting Salamander on Salamander’s Day for instance is looking for trouble, because his spells will get stronger that day. Conversely fighting Salamando on his opposite day, on Undine Day, is your shortcut to success.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 questions
« on: April 27, 2019, 06:35:57 am »
...Oh yeah, I'd experimented with the AI a bit but didn't consider limiting the tech level yet (despite doing that at times in SoE). I've actually been using Hawk the most myself though (and sometimes using lvl 1 techs instead), for opening chests and because hitting twice in a row feels a bit more interesting...

If you wanna play efficiently maybe you’ll come to it. :P Setting Team Members to Tech LV1 has other uses, it's even vital in some cases:

When using LV 2/3 Techniques or even a Spell, it will often stir Bosses to launch a devastating counter-attack which could leave you party half-dead or totally wiped out (game over^^).

So setting characters to Tech LV 1 makes some Boss fights much easier.
"Bill & Ben" or "the Black Rabite" – the latter being an optional Boss only available on Duran's and Angela's scenarios – come to mind when it comes to nasty counters. 

Also I forgot, I like Lise (aka Riese) very much but she’s not for everyone:

Lise’s story is quite hard, almost on a par with Hawk’s scenario. So taking her as a CPU ally is a solid choice to avoid trouble on a 1st playthrough.

Depending on her Class she can boost your Stats or Lower monster’s Stats. All her Stats are great (always above average) and her Strength is stellar (not far from Duran). So she hits like a mad truck and makes Boss fights easier.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 questions
« on: April 25, 2019, 02:25:29 pm »
... should I start looking for items needed to class change now? (at the ice cave after the holyland visit with flammie).

If my memory serves you should look for "????Seeds" and plant them when you reach LV 38, not before. If you plant those seeds earlier you won't get the special item needed for your "Ultimate" Class. Also depending on your character, you "farm" them in different areas. Ex: for Duran you farm Seeds in the "Glass Desert" or the "Dragon's Hole",

THEN all characters should go to the Holy Land to make their Final Class change at the Statue.

Also do I keep the hit all-special attack from a previous class when changing again (as in it is triggered before the meter is full like the first special is now)?

Actually you never loose your Techniques (aka Deathblows). Moreover the developers of Seiken Densestu 3 had the genius idea to allow a lot of liberty about how your Party Member can use their Techs:

In the Option Menu there is a grid where you can choose the Tech level your characters will effectively use in battle: LV1 Green / LV2 Yellow/ LV3 Red,

You can even set them to not use a Tech at all! Not generally recommended but hey the option is there.

Those options are actually quite useful: indeed some characters have a more efficient LV1 Tech than a LV2 one:

Ex: Hawk LV1 Tech hits twice! When you know LV1 Techs charge up faster than LV2, well you do the math. In the end you can pump around twice more LV1 attacks than LV2s in the same period of time. :laugh:

Crazy stuff for such an oldie you can even assign a stance for your Party Members. Ex: Attack Closest Enemy / Stay close to a given party member and so on.

Seriously, I feel some gamers have so underestimated this game. I dare say as far as hack’n’slash goes, SD3 is as fun as Diablo 2. ^^

Gaming Discussion / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 questions
« on: April 25, 2019, 10:13:35 am »
For those recommending Paladin, can I revert Duran to a light class to get it now that I've already made him a gladiator?

Legitly? No. From the moment you’ve committed to a Class you can’t go back.

But you shouldn’t worry much. You took a "Dream Team". Seriously you’d really need to try hard to botch a playthrough with Duran+Kevin+Hawk. ^^

I’d say you’re on the right track: you said Nightblade + Warrior Monk? So taking Duran in the Dark Class is a great choice: now you have to choose between Duelist and Swordmaster. note that Duran's Dark Classes all have Sabers:

- Duelist: I’d say take him if you like an insanely damaging Full Screen Tech. Also he has the highest Magic Defense of Duran's Classes. A good thing considering his Magic Defense is pathetic,

- Swordmaster: if you want to be able to multi-target your Sabers. Making the whole Team doing Elemental Damage when needed. The gravy on the cake : since you plan to make Hawk a Nightblade, it means you can even lower the monsters Stats with his Jutsus just before…

Edit: I second what Recca said about Kevin. Considering your Team Combination, God Hand is better than Warrior Monk. Also like I said I mainly use Kevin as a damage-dealer, and sadly the Warrior Monk is the weakest (stat-wise and damage-wise) of all Kevin's final Classes.

Time to hijack this thread for MY seiken densetsu 3 question

Which routes have the most instadeath shenanigans lategame? I want to play the game again kinda but don't want to deal with too much BS.

In my experience Hawk as a main is the hardest overall. The final stretch of the game is especially exhausting. 

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