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ROM Hacking Discussion / Happily Ever After NES Sound File
« on: June 01, 2016, 07:08:07 pm »
I have attempt to learn how to rip .NSF from games that are recently rom dumped to the public. Some of the tutorials does help me but I still have a lot to learn.
I have the PLAY and the INIT address loaded into ram and the music plays. The problem is that it sounded like ASS. That's the quote from the AVGN. I wonder what else to make the music sounded perfect as I already inserted all of the music data. I did use NES2NSF and there's another 128K bank which is the 7th bank which I don't know the purpose of it. Is the other file somewhat related to load the music or sound drivers to have perfect sound? I have the incomplete .NSF on dropbox so you guys can hear for yourself. Most of the SOFEL .NSF's had the LOAD and INIT addresses at $8000 while the PLAY address is somewhere in the JMP's that loops to a RTS.

Thread is now pointless because someone gave me the .NSF file via Facebook. I did try to learn how to rip game music on my own which is my accomplishment.

Sorry about that!


Hi there! Today is my 10th anniversary of my romhacking website being launched. To celebrate this occasion, I present you Mortal Kombat II Challenger on Super Nintendo which is based on the arcade version. It is incomplete and there may be bugs in the game and the missing key features from the arcade version. The project began in June 2015 and stopped around Mid-July.

It's still lying around on my PC so I think it's time to release it in public of my progress so far. This project is discontinued! If you want to be part of the project to complete it, please go on ahead. However, differ from the arcade version some tournament ladders are customized so you have to face Shao Kahn on the very last instead of the middle of the ladder.

It is also intended to be created as a reproduction cartridge for fans to enjoy this crazy arcade port and if only I could do the infinite dead pool uppercuts which I didn't include. Keep in mind that this is done by code via hex editor, not porting directly since I don't have knowledge of Z80 code to 65816 code transfer.

As a bonus, I created a custom tournament ladder called Mortal Kombat II Ninja Challenger which is included in the same file.

Here's the download file via dropbox.

Patching format is XDELTA and the rom is Mortal Kombat II (U) (V1.1)

Enjoy and happy gaming!

ROM Hacking Discussion / SNES odd sprite tile code - SMB3 for SMAS
« on: August 19, 2015, 04:08:34 pm »
Boss Bass uses an odd way to form a sprite. Usually I use VSNES to look for Tile ID's for sprites while most of them work. Other times I have to find Tile ID's by LDA followed by a STA Absolute,Y and sometimes Absolute,X. So how did the Boss Bass sprite been created? I have tried seeking these numbers but no luck. Here's my screenshot!

August 24, 2015, 10:20:13 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
QUESTION ANSWERED! I never knew it was straight down forward and I finally found it after corrupting the bytes via hex editor so many times. Here is the data. I'm using a headered SMAS rom.

x14A4A0 – Boss Bass (Facing Right, 12 Bytes)
71 A4 A5 A9 98 99 AA A6 9A 9B A7 A8

x14A4AC – Boss Bass (Facing Left, 12 Bytes)
9A 9B A7 A8 98 99 AA A6 71 A4 A5 A9

x14A546 – Load absolute X to ROM OFFSET x14A4A0 (BD A0 A2)
x14A549 – Store absolute Y at RAM $802 from x14A546 (99 02 08)
x14A54C – Load absolute X to ROM OFFSET x14A4D0 (BD D0 A2)
x14A54F – Store absolute Y at RAM $803 from x14A54C (99 03 08)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Mortal Kombat II hack (Sega Master System)
« on: April 21, 2015, 07:41:59 pm »
After looking up The Cutting Room Floor's wiki, I decided to take on an try to make the CPU character control as Noob Saibot known as Kitana's black palette named Jade.

I don't much experience with Z80 which Sega Master System uses and I just started learning. All I did to this game is change tournament ladders which I did look through the games RAM code on my BizHawk emulator.



I should say that this is an improvement which edits only the copyright text, tournament ladders, and corrected the ROMs checksums. Nothing else! There is something below that I want to improve to make it better.

- Disable the "Congratulations" cutscene when meeting Smoke & Jade.
- For Smoke & Noob mugshots, it should be ? mugshot like with Jade.
- Female Ninja in black palette should renamed as Noob/Saibot or some other character like Lei or Sarkeena.
- Allow fights in Goro's lair after Pit II. The stage order should go like this. Kombat Tomb, Pit II, Goro's Lair, Kombat Tomb and the loop goes on. That includes hidden characters fight in normal stages.
- Do not skip the 8th match in the tournament ladder. Meaning that blocking is not required to proceed or kicks only.
- Before reaching the 9th match (Shang Tsung), disable the "Return to Outworld" cutscene.
- Disable the Down, the punch, and the kick buttons when the face appears so you would not able to face Smoke.

Once I learned how I use Z80, I should able to edit these if necessary.

Newcomer's Board / ROM Checksums -Sega Master System
« on: April 15, 2015, 12:43:38 pm »
How do you fix a SMS ROM Checksum when you edit a code?
I am currently hacking Mortal Kombat II changing tournament ladders and changed the text.
I found some info here but cannot understand it.

The unedited rom is

Mortal Kombat II (E)

$7FFA is 1A D4

ROM Hacking Discussion / SMB Extended (Afterworld 8 Version 2.0 - Release)
« on: November 17, 2012, 11:55:15 am »

I am proudly presented my company's 7th anniversary of the revised rom hack of Super Mario Bros. 1 has been released. SMB Extended is originally Afterworld 8 version 2.0. This game has SMB2J Items, Hurt Blocks, and plays up to 13 worlds.

In addition since my partner failed to provide me new graphics and coding, the game is the final version. There will be no more revisions afterwards. 99% of the game is bug and glitch free.

Not if the graphics but music is also used and is from the SMB1 hack Mushroom Nightmare. Graphics made by Googie in 2006.

Downloads are available in either website since it has the same package files.

Download (Board 2)
Download (My Website)

Enjoy my 7th anniversary hack!


ROM Hacking Discussion / SMB3 (NES) - Starman disassembly question
« on: June 08, 2012, 11:08:21 am »
Hello, I may need help on this one! I'm trying to create the poisonous mushroom sprite replacing the starman and I got a problem with the starman sprite. I have tried to change it's location pointer at rom offset x2070 ($A060) and it worked which disables the flashing, but the main problem would be it's 1st jump after it pops from ? blocks and bricks. I've tried almost everything in the code breakpoint and didn't find the problem.

Then it come across with rom offset x2852 ($A842), NOP 5 bytes of a code and the Power-UP Mushroom and the 1-UP mushroom both make 1st jumps before landing on the floor after popping up from blocks. So how do I make the Starman do the same which it would NEVER make it's 1st jump like with Mushrooms?

This idea should be interesting for those that are SMB1 hackers. No experience needed.

As an experienced SMB1 and SMB2J hacker, you have seen many great SMB1 hacks such as my afterworld 8, AP's aftersmb2j hack, YY's SMB hack, Acmlm's Strange Mario Bros, Googie's team SMB1 hack, Darkdata's Peach SMB1 hack and even more.

Inspired by An SMWC Production, the Insectduel team has decided to do An All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. team project. Of course, I am the team leader and I will also take part of the project such as coding, level designing, graphics designer and even more. The team leader not participate in my own project means that's being lazy so I must take order in my own project. If you already know this, NO ONE hacked All Night Nippon SMB and there are no hacks of that game.

This link has the positions you can take part of the project. And even though I am on the SMB3-SMAS project, I can still insert any made levels to put into my rom.

This video shows that I have knowledge of hacking ANNSMB by experimenting. If anyone is interested to become part of the team project, you can join in starting January 4th, 2012.

You're not hacking ANNSMB, you're hacking SMB1 but all proceeds goes to ANNSMB. The reason why I chose ANNSMB because of the Mushroom Retainer which each DJ artist must be saved by Bowser.

Any questions?

Personal Projects / Insectduel's SMB1 Hack 6th Anniversary Edition
« on: November 18, 2011, 10:52:57 am »

Didn't expect that there will be any SMB1 hacks posted this year! I have use one of my unused SMB1 hacks and tweak it a bit. Don't expect that it will be an easy SMB1 hack. This anniversary hack contains 12 levels without warp zones, bonus levels are limited and finishes at World 3-4. I did this within 10 hours as of yesterday til 3AM and I didn't have time to test it much except cleaning off bad stuff off the SMB1 rom BEFORE I create the IPS Patch. If you find any bugs, please let me know immediately so I can update it.

It's been modified with my own "ISD SMB Util" editor even though there are no SMB2J items there but I like to use the level editor in my own name. Most people started to use it and I get E-mails for these questions.

Screenshots and Download

Download from the Board 2 Uploader

Happy playing!

I will archive it to this website about Sunday or Monday.

UPDATE!!! 11/19/11

There was a bug in World 2-3 at room 20 and I change it's enemy pointers around World 3-1 at room 21 which makes it unbeatable. And have change Pipes that can enter levels into Pipes that cannot enter. Difficulty has been lowered a bit at World 1-2 and 1-4 for both Small and Big Mario. The old IPS patch is deleted and re-released it and change the download links at the Board 2 uploader which is a total of 22 downloads.

I have chosen to disable world select after beating the game. That was a easy find for my FCEUX's debugger.

For those that download yesterday's patch, please re-download from the Board 2 uploader. Thank you and have a nice weekend.

ROM Hacking Discussion / SMB3-SMAS odd transparent underwater programming
« on: October 19, 2011, 01:42:29 pm »

Uh Oh! There seems to be a problem when making levels from scratch.

I've been researching this and I find this odd. When I paste levels in the ORIGINAL level offset where you set the layer 2 underwater background, it's position changes. Other level offsets is just set it way too high!

I don't know how it works but change the water with the 16x16 editor does not help. They are completely different graphics bank. Unless I can create it.

So far the affected levels is World 3-1, or even World 8 Battleship for future creations when the layer 2 transparent water background is not supposed to be high.

I even look for the ROM Offset level pointers where it came from but no help unless I or someone can find the main breakpoint.

Original level Water BG list
World 3-1
World 3-3
World 3 Fortress #1 Water Room (Not sure)
World 3 Fortress #2 (Both rooms)
World 3-5
World 3-8
World 3-9
World 3 Hammer Bros.
World 4-2
World 7-4? (Already set too high!)

ROM Hacking Discussion / SMB3-SMAS World Map Panel Tile Behaviors
« on: September 08, 2011, 12:39:01 pm »
I want to create or find a code when the Quicksand panel (Tile $68) acts like a pipe panel (Tile $BC) on the map screen and vice versa. This is required for my project. It's because when a player uses the star in Tile $BC with the timer set, the music plays the roulette/N-Card game. And when a player enters any panel but uses a roulette game level pointer, it plays the star music. The panel tile behaviour RAM is $B3 (7E00B3) for SNES, $E5 for NES. But SNES is more important right now. However, I created a code where you enter levels with all levels panels on the map screen behave like Tile $BC.

Go to ROM OFFSET x118DCB (This is the headered SMAS (U) rom)

Change D9 9A 1E to 20 F0 A4, this jumps the code to ROM OFFSET, x11A6F0. Then enter the following, D9 9A 1E A9 BC 85 B3 60. This experimented code I created had all panel tiles act like Tile $BC and ignores MARIO/LUIGI START when you enter the level and plays music from another bank.

Another experiment is when I simply replace to the code x118DB6 by putting A9 68 85 B3 replacing the original and can enter all level panels INCLUDING spots where the hammer bros lands with Tile $68. When you enter pipes, mushroom houses, and spade panels will have MARIO/LUIGI START.

The main thing is how do I create or find a code that acts as 1 tile with Tile $68 with Tile $BC and vice versa? This is required so players won't be in confusion or encounter bugs in my project.

It's been 2 months of this project and this is the project I've been doing so far.


What is Frank's 2nd SMB3 hack?

It is based on Frank Maggiore's 2nd SMB3 hack for the NES which was originally made in 2004. Official release of this hack was April 23, 2005. Of course for somewhat reason, it was named "Strange Mario Bros." when downloaded the demo release from Zophar's domain after Acmlm discontinued the project. Of course Frank Maggiore officially named the hack after himself which is called Frank's 2nd SMB3 hack. Since after the 1st one, it should not be difficult, frustrating, or unfair. Today, this full completed NES version can be downloaded at ROM-Hacking dot net.

The SNES version is a remake from the NES version along with new changes, such as new added sounds when they slide down hills, Buster Beetle throws, and including Thwomps. Other changes are coming soon.

What's Done

Text editing completed (Including Princess letter)
Title Screen remodeled
Matching card game remodeled
MAJOR Graphic changes and some Palette changes
World Map designs done and pointers for World 1 only
Sound added with basic ASM coding
16x16 tilemaps completed in all World Maps
Removal of 000 timers from all Mushroom houses
Leaf and Fire Flowers Power-Ups skips Super Mario
White Mushroom houses has items other than Anchor
All sprites placed in World Maps including item placement
Some 16x16 blocks are edited in most levels
NEW! 1-UP item now goes in your item box replacing useless anchors.
Corrected the palette swaps for suits that are picked up from small treasure chests.

What's not done

ExGFX in levels with glitched graphics.

Updated August 16, 2011
Updated September 23, 2011

More ASM suggestions to the project, help if needed. Suggestions are welcome but I don't take requests to add on my project!

Please check my readme.txt file. Suggestions currently unavilable.

Current Bugs you need to watch out for!

Read the Readme.txt! There is a list of bugs and glitches there.

Volunteers are Welcome to this project!

Only ExGFX and Luigi's Jump/slide code is needed. It's strongly hardcoded.

Download & Installation

Download from Board 2's uploader

You need the Super Mario All Stars (U) ROM with HEADER to apply the IPS Patch with!!! It comes with Super Mario All Stars + World. It does not work with Super Mario All Stars (E), any Super Mario All Stars ROM without header. or Super Mario Collection (Japanese version). The game is meant for testing purposes only, not for the entire gameplay. Also, while you load the ROM with any SNES emulator, you will notice that the SNES checksums are fixed.

Also, download my ZSNES savestates from my Mediafire uploader for people that want to play around with it or contribute with the ExGraphics project for SMB3-SMAS.

Have fun!

Personal Projects / SMA4 Thwomp AI in SMB3
« on: August 05, 2011, 10:35:50 am »
Just a short term ASM project I've worked on! This YouTube video has proof that I coded the Thwomps to act like SMA4 for Left/Right and Diagonal.

IPS Download:

I simply JSR'ed the code where the speed position is into an empty bank and added additional codes to it.

I've been researching this for a week and still have not proceeded the source. However, I found the palette set located at ROM OFFSET x10D976 if you use the headered SNES rom, when I edited the hex value, it won't change the palette set for each overworld level. Then I started seeking RAM or a Pointer location to see where it came from. Which is found in ROM OFFSET x14C0AA started at the LDA location BD XX XX followed by the STA location 8D XX XX where the palette code came from.

I don't understand why BD XX XX in x14C0AA would point to a x10D976 and does not make sense. Even if I try finding where the unused slots in the x14XXXX location, it's still not functioning unless I have to find the bankswitch or something.

Now I've been forced to create a custom palette for each overworld level and it's going to take a whole lot a space plus hardcoding stuff which I have 0% knowledge of and I don't know how custom palette works when I'm hardcoding 65536 ASM.

I'm still trying to seek the main palette sets for each overworlds.

I've provided ROM OFFSETS for World 8 Overworld palette and I used vSNES by savestate to find them in the ROM.

x1E2280 - World 8 Palette 1
x1E22A0 - World 8 Palette 2
x1E22C0 - World 8 Palette 3

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