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ROM Hacking Discussion / Memory map software
« on: October 31, 2012, 06:57:39 pm »
Do any of you guys happen to have a good program for working with memory maps?

I am looking for something that both allows you to review the hardware memory map as well document as how specific software (like games) use the memory.

Preferably something advanced enough to understand banked memory, mirrors and other fun things found in real consoles.

I have been working on implementing DS fileformats with ActionScript 3 lately, it is getting decent now.

Today is mostly centered on my personal needs for my GK2 hacking, but I keep everything DS related here.

I have some sort of support for the following:
  • nds, including the filesystem
  • SDAT
    • SWAR
    • STRM (including playback!)
    • SBNK
    • SSEQ
  • Graphics (with display)
    • NCGR
    • NCLR
    • NCER
    • NANR
  • GK2 specific:
    • Archives
    • Subarchives
    • Script files
I keep my repository on assembla.

Right now I am having some difficulties with getting some of the GK2 files to display correctly. I am talking about the jpn/save_local.bin/3 to 1 series. I seem to be drawing the wrong tiles for that file. I wish that I could explain why, but I can't. Solved.

Personal Projects / Henke37's SDAT reader
« on: March 05, 2011, 03:10:32 pm »
I've done some work on making a SDAT reader myself. But I gave up rather quickly because I couldn't figure one thing out: how to deal with ADPCM data. All I got out was something that was 99 % ear bleed.

If anyone feels like pointing out my mistake then I would be grateful. But I doubt that I will do a lot of work on this one.

Find the WIP here. It's in actionscript 3.

Personal Projects / Henke37's Ace Attorney fangame engine
« on: January 16, 2011, 10:42:16 am »
I am making a game engine for Ace Attorney fan games. I am using Flash for it.

I have gotten quite far in the project. I have enough to make a working case. It is mostly a matter of refining the GUI and importing character animations right now. You can check out my WIP here.

However, I do have some issues with it. While a lot of the graphics have been ripped from the game roms, noone has published any tools for the job. And in fact, some details remains unripped. I would appreciate any related help there.

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