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Programming / AlgoTalk
« on: January 11, 2014, 09:01:43 pm »
I’ll be the first to confess that I really don’t know much about compression algorithms, but I came across this supposedly new form of entropy coding. There is also a companion article explaining the algorithm itself, but it’s at least slightly beyond my current understanding. The author claims that one of the goals for this is to bring something like arithmetic coding with a performance level acceptable for “retro” CPUs (such that decoding no multiplication or division; only shifts, adds, and masks). It sounds very enticing, doesn’t it?

So, seeing as to how some ROMh ackers (who work with these sorts of algorithms on these sorts of systems somewhat closely) prowl these forums, would this sort of algorithm be a help given your limitations (on, say, the SNES)? Or is there some hidden restriction that he has not quite anticipated? ... or would you have to take a lot of time out of your busy schedules to bother reading his code and test an implementation in the first place?

Because if it is worthwhile, I’d rather it come to your attentions sooner than later.

For bonus points: educate me on common compression techniques without blowing my fragile mind to bits and I will have an improved opinion of your didactic skills. Surely there is no greater prize than this! :laugh: (You do not have to do this, of course; it’s just that beyond a very vague sense of how the most popular ones work, my eyes kind of glaze over when I try to get deeper into the details.)

For extra bonus derailment points: Once the above has been adequately explained, talk about algorithms that you like or new ones you find interesting, especially if they are related to the craft. I say this because this stuff is a bit too deep and slow-moving for IRC, but I think having an algorithm chat thread would produce some fodder for the documents section and leave a record of the questions that come up concerning the tougher points. Well, as long as it’s okay with the administration. (You will not hurt my feelings if this is considered more appropriate for the Newcomer’s Board).

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