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Personal Projects / Mega Man X2 & X3 Wireframe Model Editor
« on: February 02, 2020, 10:28:30 pm »
I'm working on a program for editing the wireframe models in Mega Man X2 and X3, inspired by falchion22's Mega Man Z2 project and DarkSamus993's disassembly of the model data.

There's a downloadable version of my first attempt available here.

It looks nicer than it actually is, I think. It's not super user-friendly (clicking in the viewports does nothing, you have to use the controls on the right to edit everything), and it probably has some bugs (the perspective rotation doesn't behave quite like you'd expect because I don't know jack about 3D math), but it does work. This version can only edit the title screen "X" model from MMX2. It comes with files for the "Z" model seen above, and a model of a cube.

Right now I'm working on adding support for the rest of the models in both games.

I've managed to get them importing alright for the most part, although the viewports are currently offset to place 149 on the Z axis near the center because that's where the center of the "X" model happened to be. That's a relatively easy fix. I've also run into a bit of a problem with the X3 models.

In X2 the models are all stored separately, with the vector data for the model first (which consists of a bunch of 16-bit pointers to the vertex data), followed immediately by the vertex data (X,Y,Z positions) for that model. In X3 the vector data for a bunch of the models is stored one right after the other, and then there's a big block of vertex data at the end that seems to be shared between them. This is throwing off my vertex count, but more importantly it means that editing one model might cause changes to another model if they happen to share vertex data.

I don't know for sure yet if any of the models actually do share data. I'm just guessing they do based on how the pointers jump around. It's possible the vertex data just happens to all be mixed up together, but none of it is actually shared between models.

I'm not sure why they did it this way. If some of the data actually is shared I would assume it was done to save space, but it looks to me like there's a bunch of empty space at the end anyway. I wonder if maybe I should try to split all of the models up and provide an IPS patch or something to apply before using the editor.

Help Wanted Ads / [Japanese to English] Go Go Ackman 3
« on: January 05, 2020, 11:26:03 am »
On the hacking side of things this game is basically done (see my project thread here.) I tried my best to translate the game myself, but I don't really know what I'm doing in that regard. I'm pretty sure I got the basic story right, but I wouldn't be shocked if there are individual lines that I totally botched. I'm looking for a translator to at least go over my script looking for anything I got obviously wrong. I'm also open to rewording things just to make it flow better. I just figured I should take it as far as I could by myself before asking for help.

Here's a link to a zip file with two patches and my current script file.

gga3_script.txt is my script file with both the original Japanese and my attempts at English translation.

Go Go Ackman 3 (English).ips is the full English patch.

Go Go Ackman 3 Improvement.ips is a small optional gameplay improvement patch. See the other thread for more details.

Personal Projects / Go Go Ackman 3 Translation Hack
« on: January 04, 2020, 08:22:06 pm »

I have foolishly decided to attempt another translation hack, despite not knowing much Japanese. I was never able to find an interested translator last time, so this time I tried to take things as far as I possibly could by myself. Here's a link to a zip file with two patches and my current script file.

gga3_script.txt is my script file with both the original Japanese and my attempts at English translation. I would love it if somebody who actually knows Japanese could go over it and point out any places where I've gotten anything obviously wrong. I tried my best, and I'm pretty confident I got the gist of the story right, but I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to this part.

Go Go Ackman 3 (English).ips is the full English patch. Even if you don't know Japanese it would be good to get some feedback on the English script itself, since up to this point literally nobody but me has seen it.

Go Go Ackman 3 Improvement.ips is a small gameplay improvement patch that I figured I should make optional. It will work with or without the translation patch. In the unmodified game if you attack in mid-air and you hit the ground before the attack animation is over it just gets cancelled in favor of the standing animation. For me at least this was causing all kinds of frustration as I'd be jumping around attacking enemies and maybe 20% of my attacks just... didn't happen. This patch prevents the animation from changing until the attack is finished, which in my opinion makes the game FAR more enjoyable to play. I highly recommend at least trying it out.

Things the English Patch Changes:
  • 16x16 Japanese font replaced with 8x16 English font.
  • Text routines modified to use 8x16 characters, and to only read one byte per character instead of two (effectively doubling script space).
  • Text speed increased to compensate for generally longer dialogue.
  • All Japanese background graphics have been translated.
  • All stage names (which are actually made of 16x16 sprites) have been translated.
  • Game Over/Continue screen has been translated.
  • Minor formatting/spelling issues corrected in end credits
    • "GOGO ACKMAN3" changed to "GO GO ACKMAN 3"
    • "SUPER VISOR" changed to "SUPERVISOR"

I also created some compression/decompression tools for the graphics and tile maps. I'll probably try to clean those up and submit them when I'm done with the hack. There's an additional form of compression I had to figure out to fix "EXECTIVE" in the credits, but I did that one by hand so I don't have a tool for it.

Uhh... I guess that's it for now. I never know how to end these posts  :D

Looking for a Japanese to English translator for my hack of Shounen Ninja Sasuke for Super Famicom. I wanted to do as much as I could by myself so there wouldn't be any worries about flaking out and dropping the project, but I've pretty much reached the point where there's not much else I can do without a translated script. I have a thread here in Personal Projects if you want to see my progress so far.

My script dump can be found here.

The hex bytes in square brackets are control codes. You can pretty much just ignore them.

I tried to add some context where I could. The characters all have little "voice" sound effects that play when they talk, and I've replaced the control codes for some of the known ones with names to indicate who's speaking. If more context is needed I'll do my best to provide it.

Any underscores you see are actually just spaces.

Personal Projects / Shounen Ninja Sasuke Translation Hack
« on: April 28, 2019, 11:28:29 pm »
Shounen Ninja Sasuke is a neat little Super Famicom beat 'em up by SunSoft for one or two players. It has a "quest" mode that features saving and mild RPG elements (kind of like River City Ransom). There's also an "action" mode that strips all of that out and basically makes it an arcade game.

I've been interested in this game ever since I found out about it, but my Japanese knowledge is pretty limited and the game is fairly dialogue heavy for a brawler, so until recently I had only really played around in the first couple of screens. It seemed ripe for a fan translation, but as far as I can tell nobody's working on one, so I decided to take a stab at it myself. I've mainly just been getting things set up, figuring out how things work, and "translating" some things myself as a proof of concept. Ideally I'd like to find an actual translator to work on the script.


What I've Done So Far:

Inserted a complete English font.
The game already had an all caps English font (actually two, one 8x8 and one 8x16). Everything else was (8x16) hiragana. The new font is kind of a custom hybrid of the existing all caps font (shortened vertically) and lowercase letters from some old computer font I can't remember the name of, plus some modifications of my own to tie it all together. I've also used some of the extra hiragana characters for some additional graphic elements like buttons on the equip screen.

Expanded some stuff.
I didn't expand the ROM. there's actually quite a bit of empty space in there already. What I've done is expanded the dialogue boxes, reduced the line spacing, raised the character limit on item names,  and figured out how to repoint everything. 

The dialogue boxes (the ones with borders) used to hold two lines of twenty characters, for a total of forty. Now they can hold three lines of twenty-two, for a total of sixty-six. The narration boxes (borderless) could hold two lines of thirty, or sixty total. Now it's three lines for ninety total. I can also add more boxes if needed.

Item names were nine characters max. They can now be up to twelve.

Increased the number of visible items in item menu/shops.
The reduced line spacing caused all of the items to be moved closer together. At that point I had to either find a way to space them back out, or find a way to increase the number of items loaded on screen at once. I went for the latter.

Moved the little Ninjutsu balls in the status menu up.
This really isn't a big deal, but I'm totally psyched that I figured out how to do it. The little Ninjutsu ball icons are normally part of the 8x8 font, and they're locked to the tile grid so no matter where I put them they were either too low or too high. I ended up using the game's control codes to switch to the 16x8 font (only in the menu) which produced blank spaces because those characters weren't meant to be used. I found where the game defines which character corresponds to which byte, overwrote the graphics for two unused hiragana characters with new two-tile ninjutsu characters, and voila! Properly aligned balls!

"Translated" all of the items and main menus.
This, while technically done, is still kind of a work in progress. Especially the item names.

There are special attacks called "Jutsus" that I'm really not sure what to do with. Rather than translating them directly I've sort of been naming them based on what they do. You can see a few of them in the screenshots. The one with the little log icon, for example is called "kawarimi no jutsu". When an enemy attacks you automatically quickly jump out of the way, leaving a log in your place. It basically lets you get hit once without taking damage. I'm currently calling it "Quick Change" because that's somewhat descriptive and fits within the character limit, but I'm not sure I'm happy with it. The other jutsus are the same way.

I've translated the food items ("Rice Ball" instead of "Onigiri", etc.) but I'm half-tempted to just use the Japanese names. They're Japanese foods, and it's a very Japan-themed game, after all. This might just be my inner weeb getting the best of me though.

There's probably other stuff to mention, but I feel like I'm already writing too much.

Stuff I still need to do:

Find a translator.
I have dumped the script. Despite saying it's "dialogue heavy" it's not really that long. It's no RPG.

I'm not sure if I should make a separate post in the help wanted subforum or not. I made this post first because I got excited and wanted to blab about what I'm doing. If I can't find a translator I'll try my hand at it myself, but my script probably won't be great.

Figure out the graphics compression.
This is going to be a tall order for me, and any insight is appreciated. The fonts and UI graphics are uncompressed, but just about everything else is compressed as far as I can tell. I've done some (very minor) ASM stuff to get some of my modifications working so I can mostly understand what's happening in the code, but working through and understanding a decompression routine is uncharted territory for me. Not to mention figuring out how to recompress. I'd like to at least change the title screen graphic. There are also a bunch of background elements with writing on them. I'm pretty sure the end credits are compressed as well. They use a different copy of the all caps English font, mixed with a bunch of Kanji that doesn't appear anywhere else. I'd like to romanize the names, and fix some spelling errors (like "EXECTIVE" instead of "EXECUTIVE"). I think both the graphics and tile map for the credits are compressed, and I don't know if they use the same routine.

Again, there are probably other things to mention, but this wall of text is long enough.

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