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ROM Hacking Discussion / (ASM) Text Routine for SNES hack needed
« on: June 07, 2012, 07:13:23 am »
Is there / can someone an example on how to really do a Byte-to-Byte Incremental Text system for SNES, like Hebereke for NES.

If anyone asks, It's for a possible SMW hack

- uses NameTable #0 With Status Bar usually enabled
- ASCII 8x16 font @ Layer3 CHR $120-$17F (basically 128 bytes of CHR used at least)
- 16x16 Faces of Layer3 Characters in $000-004/$010-$014 with Flipping and Attributes (No Sprites) using Codes
- up to 1-4 rows of text possible
- Seperate Addresses for Text Position
- Routine to Use and Erase Dialouge Box
- Modes for Faces ($004-$007),  Dialog/Overwrite (003), NextLine ($002), StoryText ($001) and Erase/EndDialog ($000)

Before returning, (because parodius is dying) I am going to PM tepples and NE7!, then when authorized. download and upload a couple of utilities:

Kami's FC2SFC example converter
(NE7! from NESDEV saved this for me to archive, No Source)


Tepple's FDED map editor and example COUT uploader
(Based off of Apple 2's Monitor routines, uses Allegro, source code included)

But first, I am going to apologize to everyone about me lashing at this community, I was very stupid. From now on, I must be VERY careful on youtube.

*blames Anime fan-dubbing communities for me getting the warn*

EDIT: Got NE7! to authorize the FC2SFC utility by Kami, Waiting on Tepples for his authorization on his example utility!

EDIT2: NESDEV is gonna be moved, so only Parodius hosting is dying

ROM Hacking Discussion / BankSwitching Values - Number Conversions
« on: December 25, 2011, 01:27:41 am »
I am still working on a couple of ROM Hacks, And there is a question about banking:

Is is formatted like this?:

08k - 0,2,4,6,8,A,C,E
16k - 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7
32k - 0,4,8,C,10,14,18,1C

Is it correct?

The bank sizes has to be documented because Disch's Mapper docs does not explain the bank sizes and limits!

James ''Pepsiman'' Thomas and I are making a translation of HEBEREKE, But he is not responding at least until later, so its on hold currently!

And other news: Yes! I finally coded a PRG mapper emu from FME7/SunSoft 5-b/MMC3 to MMC5, And used it in Hebereke!

+Bank Emulation with actual JSR, CMP, Branching, ect.
+Extended CHR Banks used, Slots filled if needed. (the Status Bar made from sprites is now completely revamped and better)
+O-Chan uses no IRQs now on Title, now uses actual sprite extention,
+I also (partially) modified the IRQS and revamped CHR, IRQs are 8-bit, and Converted to almost-exact locations,

Not Done

-Need to have certain Scrolling in the Story from the Title
-Some CHR functions, like Game Over when transition through Title, makes CHR not restore, because it's not implented yet
-Different Passwords? Prevents further Tests compared to Ufouria (Need JP ver. Final Boss-Unyo code)!
-I had yet to test it in full, but it currently works like a charm,
-Change Title to prevent copyright issues (easy):
''(C)1991 SUNSOFT''
''MMC5 HACK BY H126''

Since It is not a release thread (yet?) No Screens until the patch is done.

Thank you for helping me hack, as well as in other forums.

EDIT: Even though ZZT can be hackable, and many people do hack it, That ZZT and SuperZZT is a Hackable Freeware, Tim Sweeny and Epic allows it because of no source code. And therefore, using utilities like UNLZEXE and TSRs are allowed.

So that means that it is not a bad thing to post help here for ZZT and SuperZZT, Hopefully...


I'm using the pseudo-code for hacking ZZT to graphics mode as a TSR...

Code: [Select]
; Arguments: cx = character-cell X, cy = character-cell Y
; c = character code, f = foreground color, b = background color

videooffset = ((cy * 80) * 14) + cx; base address of the character cell on each plane
videobase = $A000; the start of EGA memory
characterseg = (? >> 4); where ? = the base address of your character set
characterbase = (? & $0F) + (c * 14); as above

for i = 0 to 13
DEF SEG characterseg; or however this is represented in x86 assembly
load A, (characterbase + i); the register names are all dummies here, use whatever works
DEF SEG videobase; set to write to video RAM
for j = 0 to 3
out $3C4, 2; a bit of voodoo programming to select the plane to access, since low-level EGA documentation
out $3C5, (1 << i); seems very hard to find
if (f & (1 << j) != 0) and (b & (1 << j) != 0) then store $FF, (videooffset + lineoffset)
else if (f & (1 << j) != 0) then store A, (videooffset + lineoffset)
else if (b & (1 << j) != 0) then store (A XOR $FF), (videooffset + lineoffset)
else store $00, (videooffset)
videooffset += 80

First, What (free) BASIC for DOS can combine Basic and ASM in one source? Need to have a way to convert both.

Second, can use DIM on the equals signs, but I must know how to convert it,

Third, This utility can be modded for better color palette options and SZZT support...

This is concerning my thoughts on how I will upload the official NES2GB(Color) Document in PDF Format,

It is by R&D2, It was version 0.5 BETA and was leaked in 200x for a website with NES and GB dev info, and according to you guys, since you have these types of official documents, have SNES and Gameboy Docs from Nintendo.

Should I upload it?

this, along with some others here on RHDN, may have been part of the Document leak in the late 1990s-early 2000s.

Hello. I need some assisance for a Proof-of-Concept hack of Hanamaru, Since GRDI and Myself know that Wagyan Land was hacked into Hanamaru, and then Yo! Noid, It will be redone as Yo! Wagyan (may change, it is WIP!)

I can't find the sprites in the hex editor, And it should consists of Tiles, Attributes, Cooridnates, and possibly Priority, and I can only do CHR at this time!

Can credit the person if the format is found, Good luck finding it out!

I am trying to make a version of CTM to work with Super Mario World, since MSU-1 is hard to implent,

Three main problems:

#define ROM_POINTER 0x00759F78
#define RAM_POINTER 0x00759F74
#define APUOP_POINTER 0x0043EF42

These are pointers to SPC, RAM and ROM memory, The difference is they are PC Addresses used by a specific debugger, But it's too hard on me to use one, other than go to you guys,

If you have CTM and a Super Mario World ROM, Can someone find a simple solution?

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