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ROM Hacking Discussion / Harvest Moon - FoMT GBA Hack?
« on: March 04, 2019, 06:51:45 am »
I'm a newbie modder that currently trying to mod Harvest Moon FoMT.
I read some thread about HM-FoMT and some people leaving this series because it's too complicated to hacking this ROM since we can't find the pointer table for dialogues. I face the same problem. I think ASM knowledge is required to mod the story.

What I found just some adjustable parameter listed here.
-edible items (id, drink/eat, stm recov, ftg recov, pointer for name and description)
-non edible items (id, pointer for name and description)
-shippable items (id, sell value)
-horse race medal exchange (adjustable amount of medal)
-shops (buying price, buying item/tools but not all ex: I can't mod ore needed to upgrade, making jewelry, switch cow and chicken buying, and other non-direct item/tools buying)
-NPC displayed name and their birthday
-Recipes (id, stm recov, ftg recov, required utensils, ingredient sets)

anybody have same interest to mod Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town?

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