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ROM Hacking Discussion / Hacking "Mortal Kombat II Special" for NES
« on: May 08, 2020, 04:13:12 am »
There are currently two separate hacks of "Mortal Kombat II Special (Unl)" available on the net, both of which are highly impressive.

The first version is by Lomax and Yur. It translates several screens to Russian, improves the controls, improves the character portraits, stylizes the text and health bars during a match, and changes "Goro" back to "Kintaro" as it should be. Originals on the left, fixes on the right:

However, there is second hack by szemigi and RealGaea which improves the palettes for some stages and players, fixes a typo on the difficulty screen (which has been translated in the other hack), and removes the ugly "JY Company" urchin logo from several stages:

This hack also does an admirable attempt attempt at adding Kintaro's name back in, but it's squished here, however it is not squished in the first hack.

Here are links to both of the hacks in question:

Lomax/Yur version:

szemigi/RealGaea version:

I am able to import the improved portraits/font from the 1st hack into the 2nd hack simply enough, but then you don't get those crucial control fixes (the game is very cheap without them) and have Kintaro's name squished.

Conversely, I can import the palette fixes from the 2nd hack into the 1st hack, but then you end up with a difficulty & character select screen in Russian, which is just less convenient for English and most international players. It's easy enough to understand of course, but I think it would be nice to have it in English to more closely resemble the SNES/Gen official versions.

I was wondering if someone with some more knowledge than myself could assist me in "merging" these two hacks into the best of both worlds? The ultimate goal is to have the control fixes and graphic fixes from the Lomax/Yur hack, but without the Russian translation, but to also have the palette fixes and fixed typo on the difficulty screen from the szemigi/RealGaea hack.

I'd of course be willing to do palette editing and merging of the difficulty screens to use the improved icons if it will assist in getting a definitive version of this game made.

I know this technically counts as a "hack request", but I am absolutely willing to make my own (slightly incomplete) version if no one can help me - this is more to raise awareness that the first hack even exists as most people don't seem to be aware of it. I hope this is different enough to not break the rules in any way.

Thanks in advance to anyone who reads/responds to this!

Greetings folks, I just wanted to show some WIP stuff and ask for a bit of help as well.

I'm taking two popular NES bootlegs and attempting to make their colors/general appearance closer to the actual licensed product. In the case of "Super Fighter 3", a SF2 bootleg, here's what I've got so far

It's coming along alright, but I'm having issues changing the actual palette definitions for individual background and sprite tiles. On the Ken stage (the one with the boat), you can clearly see a row or two of the ship that's blue which would definitely look better if it was using the grey range present in the background instead. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to change this and what little info I can find out there is above my level of understanding.

I'd like to learn the same for sprites as well. A lot of pirate games employ the trick of stacking sprites to allow for the appearance of a greater range of colors, but sometimes there's a tile using one color scheme that would look so much better if it was simply modified to call the other one. (Mario's face in Kart Fighter is a prime example where the other palette should have been used:

I know it would make his hand appear gloveless, but simply swapping the white in that range to also be skin color would result in a much nicer looking sprite.

Thanks for reading my long semi-unfocused ramble - The long short of it is, I'd like to be able to change what palette is being called for certain sprite tiles and certain background tiles. Any 'beginner friendly' resources would be super helpful. Cheers  :)

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